KESC will You Stop Spamming Me? Please!

We are a tech blog; hence we don’t speak much about other (humongous) social problems that we face in daily lives. For instance we never said that this KESC, IESCO or any other electricity company are worst possible businesses that exist on planet earth.

They won’t provide you electricity for hours, for unlimited hours in fact, and now look at this KESC guy who is spamming every email in this country.

Allah better knows, from where he has gotten the email ids – but ever since he has them, he isn’t sparing anyone. Even worse, there’s no unsubscribe link; meaning that I will have to bear this crap from KESC whenever the guy responsible will feel like sending the spam emails. BTW, I live in Islamabad – and I got nothing to do with KESC at all.

Apparently, they are trying to spread the information to those who use their services. But, will someone please ask the power houses the meaning of “Service”? They are exploiting the nation, that’s what I would say.

Either President Zardari, Nawaz Shareef or IMF, non-taxpayers or whoever is the responsible for this state of country, they all should be thrown away from this land.

Our government, they don’t know a thing about management. I doubt if they can even manage their colonies, whom we have given away our country to manage – and this is valid from top to bottom.

# End of rant


Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK