University of Central Punjab’s Website Got Hacked by Indian Hacker

University of Central Punjab’s official website got hacked this noon and the attacker has stated that he is from India.

Though we are not sure at the moment whether this attack was purely from India or someone else is using India’s name. No confirmation from UCP web-master is available at the moment. Server logs might help in this regard but not for sure.

But there are some other Pakistani websites hacked by this hacker (Mohit Pande aka Toshu). Such as and it also said that database of President of Pakistan’s Website also got hacked by same hacker.

UCP’s website has not been updated yet and the hacked page is still there. Check the following link:




Thanks to Zubair Naeem Paracha for pointing this out.

  • not this noon it is hacked last night. and hacker could not enter into the index page. but he just enter into the new releas section.

  • Irony in the picture. Like everything indian its a copied image and indian flag photoshoped on it. Real image is of american soldiers hoisting flag in iwojima during ww2.

    • if ProPakistani has a like button for comments, i would have hit for yours :) Lol this is what i was thinking how on earth indian soldiers are getting so well shaped :P

  • Hahahahaha On indians. Stupid.
    Pakistanis are always best, they can just ruin all your websites.
    Arry q hath dalty ho sher k muh me.
    You’ll get your answer soon.

  • Frequent attack from Indian hacker on Pakistani educational and governmental website increasing the probability of same response from Pakistani hackers.This is not a solution to remove a chance of terrorism in Pakistan and India,we should remove the factor which creating the situation of terrorism such Injustice,Unemployment,Poverty,Illiteracy are the reason of mindset towards this terrorism in the region and this is the right time for struggle against these matters and we can use this internet to educate and create awareness among the people of this beautiful region.

  • Remember mohit, all of u are big terrorists and america is also….So don’t worry my pakistani brothers …. InshaAllah they wil get response very soon….


  • well i saw pca already got bsnl website in response lol i am a student of ucp just if our government start supporting talent in pakistan and use our own hackers for constructive purposes we can do alot more. we got shjtload of talent in pakistan just no support. well i say it openly welldone pca lol

  • Hi Everyone, Hacking isn’t good isn’t bad. Yes but is something creative I should say.
    I just found one exploit and you can say hacked one Indian E-Commerce site that is Yes I did a deface even on the index. But I didn’t even touched the DB, I got access to everything but being cheep isn’t offending your own honor.
    And btw also compromised 2 more site. From one webmaster also got the mail that I should tell then the security leak.
    The other 2 sites are’ (This is down now) Other two still un-attended. Damn!

    Nuh aka kaka.

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