3G License Auction to be Approved Today

The policy for auction of 3G licenses has eventually reached the federal cabinet, likely to be presided by Prime Minister of Pakistan today, for the final approval of the bidding plan and further execution of 3G rollout in the country.

As we discussed earlier, Government of Pakistan desperately needed to auction 3G licenses in order to meet it’s fiscal targets. Government is aiming to generate at least USD 900 million dollars from the license auction.

On other hands, cellular operators have consistently shown reservations over the 3G License auction in order to avoid further investments. They say that further fund injections isn’t viable for a market like Pakistan where Average Revenue Per User is as low as USD 2.48 per month.

However it now looks like that the 3G auction will be held in less than 6 months to make the required money to meet budget deficits.

Reportedly, government is working on two options for auction of 3G licenses. The government under option number one will offer up to 10 Mhz frequency to telecommunication companies with license and minimum USD 420 million and maximum USD 800 million revenue is expected to come through the auction.

Under the option number two, the government will offer frequency ranging between 20 Mhz and up to 35Mhz to telecom sector with licenses through open bidding and minimum USD 749 million and USD 1.2 billion revenue is projected to come.

The federal cabinet in its today’s meeting would be requested to approve the modalities of the auction of the 3G licenses with possible decision on any one option.

It is learned that government may invite international telecom companies to bidding, in addition to 5 local companies already operating in the country.

This is a developing story and more updates are to arrive after today’s meeting!

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Yaar, Aamir Bhai, Tell me in simple words, Normal Internet consumer ko Kiya Faida? Aur Companies ko bhi faida hoga keya? Cause aaj kaal tou halaat kharab hai.

    Internet 3G on Mobile kitny RS per Month parRy Sakta hai minimum?

  • pakistan was the first country to introduce GSM in this region but thanks to the pathetic loser good for nothing govt. we are still waiting for the 3G technology, suck you ghatiya govt.

  • Here we with the 3G hooplah again!! From what I know, the government cannot force investors or firms to invest money in a market which does not show any viable returns. 3G I am afraid is one such venture in a country like Pakistan.

    Kudos to the goverment through, for coming with the most innovative form of beggary. Don’t really see it happening though. Business is always give and take. 3G is all about giving and getting nothing in return in a $2.5 arpu market.

  • just like to share with the readers that inorder to have 3g and to meet the IMT-2000 standards the providers should be giving u the data rate of above

    200 KB/sec

    which means after we have 3g in Pakistan

    every user whoz opertor is providing 3g service will be having above a internet connection of above

    1.5 Mbps.

    which will be a dramatic change in the live styles of Pakistani people .

  • will there be any impact on unemployment or controlling inflation or its just another step towards consumer investment

  • damn these local companies if they are not willing to invest in 3G here!!! C’mon Vodafone, 02, Orange, Three, T-Mobile aap log hi ajao yahan!! :P

    • Y would they come here?
      If the existing companies are not making money, how wud a new entrant make money?

      • Go through the modalities of Business and you will know why they MIGHT enter the market, its not investment thats holding them but the political instability thats holding them back from investing.

  • what if no company comes for bidding ?? company concerns are very appropriate. 2.48 apru is very low. interesting is the fact that people still want lower rates

  • @ProPaki there is no comparison between 3G and Broadband. Broadband is 4th generation technology.

  • @Deja Vu: Ppl here are not really concerned about 4G, LTE etc..what they want is ‘SPEED’ with ‘MOBILITY’. No need to carry a dongle when you can just stream on/with your phone.

    • exactly
      no need of dongle and no need of poor ptcl dsl and no need local cable net dealers :D

      mobility with speed.

  • loading

    3g is also coming in afghanistan also.thats y the govt was forced to make these meetings and call these companies for bidding.
    I hope k ye biddings successful ho.

  • guys don’t worry about country situation still many telecom companies are earn alots of money frm here. and still there good need innovation in telecom sector. so slowly but gradually 3g will take there first step in pakistan soon …we HOPE.don’t discourage stikll many well known companies want invest in pakistan .problem is government policies for investors .

  • monthly 2.48 usd in pkr 215 hote hain.
    to kiya itney main 3G availble ho ga pakistan main
    i think ye bohat kam hain ???

    • Oh yeah, which 4g? And how many 4g phones are there in the market? Any that can compete with Rs 8k Nokia phones with 3g support??

      Most 4g phones you see are really only WIMAX.

      • 3G phones can also work on 4g technology. you just don’t need to upgrade soon after installation of 3g equipment. consider it a VAS to customer and the operator. C:

        • — 3G phones can also work on 4g technology.

          Can they? Show me true 4G phones (not 3.9G) that work on 3G. How much are they?

  • Another reason we need 3G is because we get 12 hours of power failure in a day which voids us to use internet even if we have laptops the battery drains and loses capacity after months of turbulence hence having mobile phones with additional batteries and 3G connectivity can bring about a huge change.

  • wow Dr. Jasmine is going to finally bring revolution in Pakistan after doing literally nothing for the last 3 years.

    3 yrs for 3G announcement and still there is no announcement after today’s cabinet meeting.

    I think due to the cable maintenance of undersea cable the 3G policy couldnt be downloaded by MoIT and peeti ai.

    That makes the 3G policy more important as propaki blogger want to “enjoy” 3G as if it will be within their reach after the Govt collects 1.2 bln USD

  • Sms packages needs to be made expensive by operators.people mostly use sms rather than calls so in this way they can generate revenue.also operators should focus on blackberry services as they are not provided completely.me paying rs 1000 per month but cannot use applications. [email protected]$hm!ri Thakur!!!

  • Yahan sub apni apni boliyan bol rahe han.latest news ye hai k 2013 tak 3g auction again delay.qayamat aajane hai.3g ni ani.

  • young generation abhi se mobile ka ghalat use ker rahe hain.3G anay se video call aur pata nai young generation kya kya karein ge. We pakistanis don’t understand the use of technologies and always misuse especially in mobile technology.

    • Waht a useless remark on a techno blog.

      Lack of understanding requires intellectuals and elders and influencers to play a better role.

      btw video calls athanni ke tau haun ge nahin kay younger generation iss par lagi rahai

  • internetwalay, bara aya tu useless comment de k. mobile jitni tezi se pak main phel gaya tumhari soch hai. pakistanyon k pas khanay peenay ka paisa nai hota lekin 5-10 hazar ka mobile jaib main rakhe ga. un k liye video call ya 3G use krna aur apna shoq pura krna bara asan hai. yaqeen nai ata to waqt anay per dekh lena. I know apko meri baat buri lagi thi q k baqiyon ki tarah apka b bara shoq hai k 3G ajaye. at least ap ne b to apna shoq pura krna hai :)

  • pyari pakistanio SALAM yar jub sub countries technology mi devolep kr rahi hai to pakistan pi why objection mai on logo k hilaf hoo jo pakistan ko low rate country banana chahti hai 3g pakistanio ka huq hai nepal botan india bangladsh,oman,arab emarates jub yi sub 3g service di rahi to pir yaha q nahe pakistan poor country nahe hai alhamdulillah hamri zameeni sona ugalti hai hmri politician hard work karti hai.3G bad tecnlgy nahe hai bus ub aap k hath mi hai aap isi correct use karti ho ya aap isi incorrect karti ho..pm gelani and pr zardari pi zor dita hoo 3g technology pakistan mi introduce kari agar aap govt mulazmeen sahe hai to pakistan painda awr tabinda rahiga..ILOVE YOU PAKISTAN KISS OF LOVE..TAKE CARE

  • Agar aap k mobile main 3g hy to aap skype to skype aur google talk to google talk free call kar sakty hain.pher kisi ko ufone aur kisi doosry network ka card load nahen karna pary ga.sirf 3g k charges pay karna parain gay aap ko phone aur net aik sath mily ga.Ham dubai main 3g technogly sy free mobile to mobile call karty hain.3G technology bohat gi usefull hy.Allah kary jaldi jaldi yeh introduce ho jay pakistan main.

  • hey why we all critisize govt or telecom sector just be happy that 3g and 4g both are coming in pakistan

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