Newest Internet Celebrity: Hina Rabbani Khar


Pakistan’s new foreign minister, Hina Rabani Khar is topping the news in channels and the digital media trends lately.

34 year old and mother of two, Ms. Khar, is termed as Pakistan’s youngest foreign minister. (Few say she’s world’s youngest foreign minister)

Soon after her promotion from junior minister to full minister-ship of foreign office, she flew to India where she became the center of attraction for the media. Be it her winning smile or her Rs. 1,700,000 birkin bag – Hina’s charm and pricey South Sea pearls shinning at her neck has greatly impressed the crowd.

Her this attractiveness, keenness in her outlook and brand consciousness has made her to top the digital media as well. Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus – everything is abuzz with Hina Rabbani Khar and her visit to India.

People are keenly discussing her as we have incorporated few updates and a short documentary as well.








  • MaXiM

    Common guys (specially indians),
    be professional. dont talk about her personality. thought her personality is far more better than others, but why to create hype on it. Exaggerate & promote her if she’s good with her job. there are lot more chicks, havent u seen them earlier?
    everybody is focusing on her personality, especially her bag.

  • Just Asking

    What does this have to do with Telecom and IT :S?

  • sdfasd

    she should not have been promoted to be a foreign minister she is too young for that. indian foreign minister has 34 year experience and our foreign is 34 years old.

    • A for Apple

      So what …. you should also look at the profiles of Bill Gates,Mark zuckerberg…. and the list goes on…

  • Aaliya

    she is being admired as if it was a fashion week entry…lets c how favourable talks she had done, if any!

  • @Ahsan Javed

    Bro – She deserves that kind of bag ;) Besides its no news :p

    The big news would be if you could find out the ‘Amount of Gifts’ she received in India :D

    Now I regret why i never go for CSS exams :p

    • Bro even if you were Foreign Minister, you wouldn’t have received such gifts. ;-)

  • Pakistan Koo Phleee hi Hina koo Hazeerr Bana Dena Chahiyee ha :P

    [email protected]

    • hamayun khan

      Pehle wo choti thee na :p
      ab bari ho gai haha

  • Promote Islam

    Being an Islamic country, it is very shameful for us to present our women to other countries for our leaders’ own benefits.
    This is really an anti-islamic step taken by HRK.
    Highly disappointed!

    • Pakistani munda

      I agree, it was the way yahoods were known to grab their enemies…
      Pakistan is a Muslim country and our way to handle enemies should be like true Muslims..

      • pakistan

        sahi kaha, sharam ani chaiye hum logo tarah ki harkatein kar k zardari apney aap ko america k agay “roshan khayal”sabit karna cha raha nahi pata usey kiamat main ALLAH ko jawab dena hai america ko nahi.

    • farrukh

      what do u mean by ”present our women” what do u think she was appointed to be foreign minister to visit india ? she wore decent clothing always scarf ”DUPATA” on her head , she presented a good image .

  • zain

    that’s why zardari made her foreign minister. and i can bet on that .zardari made her foreign minister because of things like above

  • zain

    zardari you are master in diverting people attention.and making khar foreign minister was part of that.
    good news is indians are happy

  • Adil Mirza

    The bag is for 170,000. Not 1,700,000. Please confirm it

    • Adil Mirza

      oh sorry, its 1,700,000. you are correct

  • Samz

    According to the clipping its 17 lakh “indian rupees” if its true then its pakistani value much higher than this…. kindly confirm and then correct it.

  • She is good looking until she speaks…
    everybody knows army is looking in all foreign affairs through foreign secretary and she is just a puppet.

  • whizkid

    Get a life kids, shes beautiful and i like her why the hell you feel ashamed of her beauty?
    <3 her

  • Nadeem Ahmed

    really so shameful and sad that our people are highlighting the beauty of our muslim woman in front of world ! she is our minister , a muslim country’s minister and media is highlighting her beauty ! please let her work !
    remember she is not a celebrity she is a minister of ISLAMIC republic of pakistan .
    have some sense.
    may ALLAH bless our nation and media too .

  • Tan

    Why is she being referred to ‘Ms. Khar’. Shouldnt it be ‘Mrs. Khar’?

  • Bubloo

    She is not eligible for foreign minister, _____________________

    [Comment Edited]

  • samone

    Killer is always cute……
    be care full india……………. :)

  • Nauman Afzal

    If it was a fashion statement she went to make, then off course she’s succeeded very well. Frankly you have to have a very good understanding of International Relations or Foreign Affairs to be Foreign Minster. Charm works in other places but not on table talks, specially between India and Pakistan

  • ay si baat nahi karni chahiyeh kisi ladies ke bar main ay si shahram nahi aati agar koi tumhari maa bhen ya biwi beti ko bole to tumhain acha lage ga aaj kal ke larkey buhat khrab hai

  • asad naveed

    Indians are always in a situation to degrade Pakistan, if you send HRK or any other. personalities do matter, just like MR.Z.A.Bhutto he owned a charismatic personality and won many table talks over Indian, that’s why, he USA was his enemy. so, HRK should not show leniency over any matter that harms Pakistan.

  • Patrick

    Get a life Muslims.

  • Patrick

    The Int media is challenging Muslims sentiments,Wake up!!!

  • Khan

    I read so many comments like she is a minister of islami jamhouria pakistan blah blah. She is decent and always wore scarf. Etc

    Why did she had to shake hand with male minister of india?

  • Shame on her.
    She is a representative of Islamic country and look what is presenting, false image of Pakistan in other countries.


    she is good foreign minster and she is good hardworkin

  • Khalid Malik

    Foreign office is a serious in nature. It need seriousness not fashion and beauty.Hina Rabani khar look like as actress. Pakistan should have to take senior person for this difficult task.