RIM Unveils Five New BlackBerry 7 Smartphones

RIM today unveiled five new BlackBerry smartphones, including BlackBerry Torch and BlackBerry Bold which run on BB 7 operating system.

The launch of these five phones will be RIM’s largest global launch ever with 225 carriers and distribution partners already on board.

All phones incorporate 1.2GHz processors with 768MB of Ram and dedicated graphics processor with Liquid GraphicsTM technology, which as per RIM, will support smooth scrolling, panning and zooming.

New models include:

  • Torch 9810 aka the Torch 2
  • Torch 9850
  • Torch 9860
  • Bold 9900
  • Bold 9930

BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930:

BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 support large touch screen with keyboard. Bold 9900 is termed as RIM’s thinnest BlackBerry, till date. This 10.5mm thick phone integrates brushed stainless steel frame to add more to its beauty.

2.8 inch multi-touch display comes with 640×480 resolution at 287ppi. Phone has 8GB on-board memory, expandable to 40GB via microSD card.

5MP camera with flash support allows you 4x digital zoom with 720p HD video recording.


BlackBerry Torch 9810, 9850 and 9860:

Out of the five latest releases, three phones are from Torch family. Torch 9810 is a little upgrade to torch family with 3.2 inch high resolution display and slide out keyboard.

Torch 9850 and 9860 will have biggest ever display of 3.7 inch on BlackBerry handsets.

Built for extreme gaming experience with optimization for web and social interactions, these Torch phones are expected to be one of the best phones from RIM.

5MP camera with zero-shutter lag also allows you to record 720p HD videos.




The BlackBerry smartphones will begin to be available from carriers around the world starting later this month.

BlackBerry 7 OS:

As stated earlier, these phones will bring new BlackBerry 7 OS to market, with them.

BB 7 OS powered devices are expected to be 40% faster than their predecessors which use BB 6 OS and almost 100% faster as compared to BB 5 OS.

About the new OS, RIM said:

BlackBerry 7 OS also includes a number of other pre-loaded applications and integrated functionality for increased productivity and collaboration right out of the box.

The Premium version of Documents To Go is now included free of charge, offering users powerful document editing features as well as a native PDF document viewer. BlackBerry® Protect is also pre-loaded, offering customers the peace of mind that personal data can be backed up and secured in the cloud.

BlackBerry® Balance (announced May 2, 2011) is now integrated in BlackBerry 7, allowing users to enjoy the full BlackBerry smartphone experience for both work and personal purposes without compromising the IT department’s need for advanced security and IT controls.

And further, the popular universal search capability has been enhanced with support for voice-activated search, so users can now simply speak to begin searching their device and the web for information.

For devices images and more details, visit the BlackBerry 7 Virtual Press Room at: www.rim.com/newsroom/blackberry7

Also checkout the following demo videos:

  • Kollegejeans

    why do all images of BB have a time 12.21

    • BlackBerry’s always show 12:21 in their screenshot. =D

      Check out the previous ones.

      • Kollegejeans

        and y is that so??

        • Some concepts I found online:

          – the aztecs and others say the end of the world is 12/21/2012.

          – 12/12/1901 – Guglielmo Marconi receives the first transatlantic radio signal at Signal Hill in St John’s, Newfoundland

          • Kollegejeans

            some ref from Bible:
            12:21: “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good”

  • LOL, what ever the time in the images would be, we’ve Screen-shots at least =D
    Anyhow, BB 9900 is almost same as 9000 Bold but as said it runs on BB 7-OS so it’d be much better than previous one =)

  • Ahsan

    Whatever RIM do now.. its dead stock in the world of telcom.. PITY

  • I second Ahsan.
    Blackberry is good for nothing, so many issues.
    Crappy phone.

  • faizan

    I have used almost every mobile OS except iOS and the best keyboard and email experience I had was on my bold 9700& curve 3G.
    Yes the OS is done for good but the device as whole is pretty good. As always no smartphone is good or bad at this time, it all depends on what you want/need.If you need best email experience than nothing better than a blackberry.

  • Shahrez Yalmaz

    u all are saying this because you may not have used it properly !! blackberry is a business phone only not a play phone or a simple txt or call phone ..

  • I could have opted if there had been blackberry services in Pakistan….

  • MQB

    BB OS 7 is working in 9700?

  • Ya ..
    BB phones are dead .. Android is preferred these days.