State of Mobile Malware [infographic]

Mobile devices have always been under the attack of malwares. Be it a Android phone or some other, there are many sources that can affect your device with malicious code.

Android has always been under the attack of such attempts and Google had to remove some injected apps from market as well. Moreover once your phone is injected with this code, the malwares can work with other applications.

But on the whole it is not just about Android phones, malwares are everywhere in Mobiles and following infographic – made by Bullgard software company, reveals current state of Mobile malwares.

  • So true ,at that time many free version of Android w0rms can be easily on internet ,yet especially many people do this just for income by utilizing premium call option . There was a time Computer walmares were the wanted on the internet but now people are moving to android bots .

    I think OS developers should do something against walmares .

  • i dont think such things really matter in pakistan half of the smartphones owners are kids or youths and most of em dnt even no what the device has in it they dnt even use half of its functions……..

    n mobile malware well its a long shot right now keeping in mind the telecom state that pakistan has right now and the internet networks are not too strong for a hacker too pull out some attack, the most that can happen is that a hacker would be able to get his hands on some financial informations which keeping in mind# wuld be useless if the hacker is from a first world country…..

    n every1 nos that companies like facebook sell telephone nox to telemarketing firms in odder to generate revenue and even the telecom companies do so …. so is there a logic of securing a device when everything is cloud based i.e on the net

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