Google+: Weekly Google Plus news updates and changes

As Google+ team is rolling out new features, almost every other day, we thought of updating our readers with few of the features they might consider interesting.

Google+ for Android available in more countries:

Google+ application for Android smartphones is now available in the Android Markets of more countries, including Pakistan.

Open your Android Market and search Google+ to download it. If you were using APK file for Google Plus on your android phones earlier, then install this fresh copy – which incorporates many new and useful features.

Invitations accepted notification on bar:

Now users will see notification in notifications bar when their friends join Google+ using their invitation.

Google+ recent posts in Gmail people widget:

Gmail people widget is the contact information box at the right side of email conversations.

Now you will be able to see recent Google+ posts in people widget of your contacts. Google is planning to display statuses from other social networks in this widget too.

Who else the photo album is shared with:

Now you can see the sharing status of an album, to know who else can view the album. This feature was already available on posts but now it is available for Albums too.

If you look at the top of the post/photo you’ll see either Public, Extended circles, or Limited, and clicking on that shows you more details and sharing options.

Share on Google+ as you press +1 button on sites:

Google +1 button has been updated with a new feature which lets you to share your +1’d content on Google+ easily.

When you click +1 button on some blog or site, you will see Share on Google+ box. Click in it to start typing and it will expand to Google+ post. This is the first ever official Google+ sharing tool for blogs and sites.

Google+ for Android updated to ver 1.0.6:

Google+ application for Android has been updated with reshare post feature, multiple languages, few UI changes, performance tweaks and other bug fixes.

See all people you have been tagged with in one page:

Now you can you can see all the people you have been tagged with on one page. Click on Photos icon in the top bar and choose Photos of you on the left. From here, click View all next to Photos of you with. Example profile

New notification, Added you back on Google+:

When you add someone, if they add you back you will see Added you back on Google+ notification. Makes it easy for you to know that the person adding you is already in your circles.

New option to ignore people:

Beside Blocking someone, now you can ignore people. It is like hiding them from your Google+ life. When you ignore someone; They’ll be removed from the list of ‘People who have added you.’ New content from them will no longer be delivered to your Incoming stream, and content they’ve already shared will be removed from Incoming.

Their mentions of you won’t appear in your stream and you won’t receive a notification for them.

Several other web performance and gui tweaks.

Please note that some updates may not be available yet for all users.

    • I have been using G+ for quite a while and it has been a great experience so far. Much better than FB in many ways: catchy GUI, better privacy, and most of all much sensible and mature users than FB.

  • Why ppl are so against google. Giving it a try won’t bother anybody. Atleast google has shown a lot of support for religions after blocking lots of anti islamic materials on their servers.

    • — Atleast google has shown a lot of support for religions after blocking lots of anti islamic materials on their servers.

      No, they haven’t.

    • Google is the biggest racist company. More than Microsoft, Facebook. All of them are and you have seen facebook in action. Google does without shor sharaba.

      In Google region settings Israel is listed but Saudia isn’t listed. Asked to a G+ developer he told that those region settings are according to active users.

      How many active users you can expect from small occupied land of Muslims, israel?

      And many of us still aren’t noticing that we are having cross christians sign with our names on Google Plus. A @ tradition changed by only Google.

      If you search Cross on Google you will get these

      Don’t forget google owner is also jew, his friend a dirty boy.

      Google always promotes Islam against, Arab countries against news through google news, searches, youtube for brainwash.

      Russia once accused that Google is collecting people’s thoughts and other data from searches to help America build such a supercomputer which would predict about future. It will help America change the future of the world according to their liking.

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