Amendments in Telecom Act to Be Finalized by October 2011

Legislators are in process of finalizing the recommendations for proposed amendments in Telecommunication Act with Amendment bill 2010 and are asked to finalize it by October this year.

First proposed in 2010, amendments in the telecom act will be mainly aimed at regulations for controlling Gray Telephony Traffic that costs millions of dollars to the national exchequer every month.

In current Telecommunication Act, Gray Traffic was included but after this amendment, the government (PTA) would be empowered to take strict action against the violators.

PTA would be empowered to take appropriate and strong measures against such illegal activities throughout the country.

In just June 2011, according to PTA stats, 923 million international incoming minutes were terminated in Pakistan, out of which 250 million minutes went unaccounted or through Grey-Traffic, resulting into a loss of around 3 million US $ per month to USF.