ICT is Driving Force for Economic Growth: Chairman PTA

PTA PHOTO Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Dr. Mohammed Yaseen said that improved quality of telecom system and services has become a critical determinant of competitiveness in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), therefore, the policy makers are focusing on ICT not only as an element of support but also as a driving force of economic growth.

This he said during his visit and address as Chief Guest to 11th ITCN ASIA 2011 international exhibition and conference at Expo Center Karachi..

He said that revolution and convergence of technological platforms will continue to bring even more opportunities, development and growth aspects for market and subscribers. We at PTA believe to remain focused but also tailor a "Roadmap" for securing a win together with the market players and the relevant stakeholders in future as well.

Dr.Mohammed Yaseen said that we are going to deliberate on future of telecommunication, I certainly feel quite contended that this promising regime in Pakistan’s economy will continue bringing in substantial revenues and creating remarkable job opportunities.

This may not only be limited to emerging technologies (3G, 4G) but rather the connected services (e-service, mobile banking) as well. We have been following a technology-neutral model which may prevail in coming era he added.

He said that PTA has envisioned that total telecom investments will reach US$ 2.4 billion by 2020, whereas the Telecom sector revenues would cross Rs. 620 billion by the same year.

He mentioned that in the wake of growing trend of the mobile services, it can be predicted that the fixed line subscribers would more or less maintain the 5 million averages till 2020, while the broadband subscribers are expected to be 19.5 million. The mobile subscribers are likely expected to be around 161 million, approximately 89% of the total population.

He further said that with the advent of New Generation Networks, Internet Multimedia Service (IMS) platforms and Internet Protocol applications, the boundaries between transmission of Data, Voice and Video have vanished by virtue of IP Data, VoIP and IPTV. Telecoms in near future will be simpler while multimedia services are going to be delivered across all-IP broad­band.

At the end of conference Chairman PTA distributed shields among the participants.

  • PTA Chairman doesn’t do anything else, besides attending exhibitions and giving shields.

    Mr. Chairman, I don’t think the people of Pakistan are paying their tax money to you as pay for doing just that?

    Where is 3G?

    Why is the industry stagnated?

    Why there is no growth, no new jobs?

    • So right Saad.

      Everyone wants their cut.

      They already made enough money privatizing PTCL and issuing LDI and WLL licences. I am sure sooner or later they’ll see some good kick backs in here as well. Ovais Leghari minted money on the licenses. He took kickbacks worth billions from Telecom companies. His Mobile conversations are recorded by these companies. Thanks to Pervez Musharraf who made him the Minister of IT.

    • He is busy screwing Kashmala Tariq and needs more money to continue. Now we know what the “L” in LDI stands for. Is it stands at all. Ovaes

  • Dr. Yaseen is also a kela whom Dr. Seb shakes with milk when it comes to grey and black matters.

    He has made Authority into a Show Cause minting machine and has made a mockery of the regulatory powers vested under the obsolete telecom act and its subservent rule and regulations

    Dr. Yaseen should have focussed on broadband proliferation and align spectrum allocation to existing mobile operators as well resolving the issues of Wimax operators.

    But money makes everyone blind and the lust for making money out of auction is the real hindrance in broadband proliferation.

    His time has almost passed as he is left with less than a year ….unfortunately a the simpleton in him could never challenge the oppnonent the way General Shahzada did as chairman PTA.

    Sad story of how democracy has disappointed ppl of Pakistan

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