1.80 Rs Mai Poora Ghanta [Punjaagi Videos]

Mobilink has pioneered this idea of dubbing classic old videos in Pakistan to sell their Bari Baat Offer; also dubbed as Punjaagi videos. These short scenes from English and Pakistan movies are dubbed with Punjabi dialogues to spread the message of “Aik Rupayee Assi Paisay main Poora Ghanta”.

Though we aren’t sure about legality relating to reproduction rights of these videos, but Mobilink apparently aims to make these Punjaagi videos viral over internet, as they are well liked by the audience in this country, reference: “Butt tay Bhatti”, and random Aag TV Punjaagi Totay.

Here are few videos that you might enjoy, but first the original ad:

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  • Actually Mobilink did NOT pioneer the idea. This exact campaign was also done for Zong last year by Mvergence Media for their “What’s Your Plan” campaign. You may find the videos at youtube channel by name of Khappu9211. Those videos have been replicated over the web and have garnered millions of views.

    Either mention that it’s a sponsored article (since I don’t really see why else would you be handing out free publicity, unless you’re selling out!), or get your facts right!

    • Ameer hanks for pointing out, but first thing first, we don’t do paid posts.

      Now, unlike Zong’s campaign, Mobilink used shots from movies (just like Aag TV) to spread the word, something Zong didn’t do then.

      • Well that’s good to know, especially in times when local publishers are more interested in pageviews & revenue than their journalistic integrity. Keep up the good work! :)

        As for using movie clips, idea is primarily the same. Dubbing some popular foreign release in Punjabi and taking it out of context to adapt to the campaign, thereby generating recall. Whether you use movie clips or popular YouTube videos, that barely matters since they’ve been tweaked out to serve a different purpose.

  • this is the first ever ‘punjabi dubbed viral ideas’ so … watch it spread it!

    no one did virals on this scale and with these thoughts…cheers!

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