Wateen Offers Free Connection for Warid Post-paid Customers


Like we told you earlier at it’s re-launch, Wateen had this plan of involving Warid to boost it’s sales. As an outcome, company is now offering free connection, i.e. all upfront charges waived off, for all Warid postpaid customers.

All you need to do is to get your copy of Warid postpaid number to any of Warid’s service center or franchise to claim your connection.

Just to mention, monthly rental will be applicable, based on your Wateen package – obviously its free for lifetime.

If you are wondering about what packages Wateen does offer, then here’s a link you need to visit for complete details about packages.

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  • waqas

    This is what warid and wateen can do it will boost the their market share in urdan areas only and warid is working hard to capture rural market by 10 paisa offer

  • Still bad luck for WATEEN. They must decrease rates comparatively to Other WiMAX providers in Pakistan!

  • Just update your post because they are taking RS 4500 (monthly rant) in advance for all these things

    • waqas

      for CPE 1500/- not 4500

  • Rehan Mughal

    I was purchase a wateen divice. Mr. AAMAr is the sale agent in gujranwala. he miss guide me and i return divice back. Mr. AAMAr told me thst he will return my money back and i coud no get it , i think it was april 2011 when its happend

    • djay

      This is because you illetrates dont know what Marketing means.. they are just selling them to save their jobs, they have to misguide people in order to satisfy them.. If you yourself had a little bit of knowledge or u already had done some research you wouldnt have to face these problems!

  • Yousaf

    I got free cpe from my warid postpay connection. I only paid 1020 rs for line rent telephone rent and insurance.

  • Yousaf

    Line rent means 7GB package charges.

  • Qaisar

    Can anyone send my internship report on Wateen telecom. my id is [email protected]