Wateen Re-launches With Some Major Announcements

WateenLike we told you earlier, Wateen Telecom today marked it’s re-launch – dubbed as “Rebirth of Wateen” – during a press conference in Lahore.

Company is calling it new corporate identity, i.e. new logo, revamped website (though its not up as of now), new packages, new customer support, new sales network, new everything and most importantly the new spirit brought in by the new management.

Mr. Naeem Zamindar, CEO, Wateen and Syed Jibran Ali, Chief Commercial Officer, Wateen were there to brief the press that was followed by extensive question/answer session. Mr. Sohaib Sheikh, head of Marketing was also on stage to participate in the session.

Mr. Zamindar and other officials were clearly emphasizing the new identity of Wateen to essentially make everyone realize that this company today is not what we were previously familiar with.

These promised of new Wateen were coupled with confessions of loopholes and financial crisis that the company has gone through over the years. Claims were backed by some major announcements that we will discuss after the break.

Meanwhile have a look at Wateen’s new TVC

So getting back to those announcements, which I believe are crucial as this was probably the last chance that Wateen may get in it’s life to deliver.

Sales Channel Partnership with Warid

We have heard of Wateen’s possible merger with Warid, but that’s something based on preliminary information that we get from sources and may require plenty of time to get through because of legal procedures involved.

But for time being we can confirm that Wateen will use Warid’s sales and service centers, franchises and retailors’ network to boost sales.

“This is not an exclusive deal”, told me Mr. Zamindar saying that they are ready to partner with any potential partner to attain mutual benefits. His point was that they are primarily aiming to stretch the reach to make it easier for the customers to get and maintain their Wateen broadband connections.

I did ask him about the possible merger, which he obviously denied.

On a side note, I know through sources that Warid people are already training the staff for Wateen devices and tariffs to start selling the connections.

Wateen has also partnered with Easypaisa to enable it’s customers to pay their monthly bills through Easypaisa.

Wateen said that they have 50 franchises and 2500 dealers countrywide for sales, after sales support and billing services. This is in addition to Warid service centers and franchises that will start offering Wateen WiMAX services soon.

Better Customer Support

Syed Jibran, CCO Wateen, was particularly enthusiastic about customer support department, which according to him has been bettered a lot. He unveiled that this is another area where Warid helped Wateen to straighten things.

He in fact bravely asked the press to call helpline tomorrow to see how much they have upped the standards there.

Network Optimization

Like we told you earlier, Wateen has optimized it’s network by transferring resources from less-users areas to populous regions. This way company will be able to put it’s effort on high ARPU cities only, while eliminating the coverage from those destinations where return was low.

According to a source in company, Wateen deployed 240 new sites plus transferred another 100 to populous places.

New Devices (CPE)

Wateen, as we know, has partnered with GreenPacket to get it’s classy devices that offer better performance than usual dongles. Wateen officials admitted that their earlier choice of dongle wasn’t wise as they didn’t offer solid signals, especially in highly populated city areas.

In addition of GreenPacket, Wateen has plans to get WiMAX devices (CPEs) from GemTek and NSN.

CEO Wateen noted that company is taking necessary measures to make local manufacturing of CPEs possible, but no timeline was mentioned for this.

Telephony and TV Services:

Wateen won’t let it’s telephony and TV services go. CEO said that they have plans to target SMEs with their voice services to offer them choice over conventional options.

Wateen said that it will target those home users with extremely low priced international bundles as well.

Connecting each and every University of Pakistan

CEO Wateen announced that company has partnered with Higher Education Commission to connect all universities of Pakistan, regardless of their location, with back haul fiber optic cable.

He explained that this will open new opportunities for academia, that will be enabled with tele-conferences, long distance education, course sharing and what not. Moreover, this opportunities will open the door for local universities to collaborate with international universities at many levels.

Cloud Services

Naeem Zamindar unveiled that Wateen has deployed the infrastructure to offer cloud services to local market, however, they haven’t marketed it yet. They have plans to target government, large sized businesses and SMEs with cloud solutions.

WiMAX Packages:

We couldn’t explore packages as they were supposed to get announced by the website, which isn’t live as of filing of this report. We will probably do a separate post with tariffs for new packages in the morning.


We have updated details of Wateen WiMAX Packages here


Overall the re-launch looked promising with plenty of enthusiasm, claims and promises. However, delivery of service is what Wateen has repeatedly failed at. So only time will tell the future of Wateen based on it’s the execution plan.

Here’s official press release for the re-launch:

Lahore, 1st November, 2011: Wateen Telecom, Pakistan’s leading converged communication services provider is proud to announce its new corporate identity in line with the vision laid out by its new management team.

On the occasion, Mr. Naeem Zamindar, CEO Wateen Telecom, stated that “The new Wateen is focused on enabling its customers’ lives and business by being the most reliable, responsive and innovative broadband solutions provider. Our customers will feel the difference, now, and over the years to come, as we are committed to delivering continuous and never ending improvement to transform our customers’ lives and business. This is the vision we hope to share with the world: to enable a communicative and inter-connected way of life, that will lead the people of Pakistan to a brighter future.”

The philosophy behind the new visual identity represents ‘freedom’, based on the unlimited possibilities offered by Wateen for its consumers to connect, share, exchange and communicate whatever they desire. The main concept for the design is to break free from all grids, rise above all constraints and simply explore the freedom provided through the internet.

With this renewed spirit and a new management team to lead the transformation, the company has undergone a complete overhaul. The turn-around is completely focused on building a dynamic and customer focused organization, investing in upgrading its network and re-engineering its systems and processes to deliver outstanding services.

Wateen aims to become Pakistan’s largest and most trusted name in converged communications, providing the most advanced triple-play services in telephony, Internet and Cable TV, as well as networking and data management. To this end, Wateen has already begun partnering with some of Pakistan’s leading institutions to expand its network and bring its vision of providing the internet to every household in Pakistan a little bit closer.

In the last year Wateen has significantly expanded its fiber-optic network, particularly in rural areas and underserved parts of the country, where people have the most to gain from access to this vital resource. Recently, Wateen won a multi-million dollar bid from the USF to lay fiber-optic cable in Balochistan.

According to recent World Bank estimates, around 68 percent of Pakistan’s population resides in rural areas – around 122 million people. Yet currently only 2-3 percent of this rural population has access to broadband internet; Wateen believes that high-speed broadband can help connect these underserved areas to the internet and by extension to the world.

Wireless high-speed broadband is in fact the ideal stepping stone for launching any development campaign in rural areas, as it is not only the perfect tool for generating employment and literacy, but it also brings investment opportunities, which translate into sustainable economic growth. The company is also expanding its network into Afghanistan, providing VSAT services to Roshan Telecom Afghanistan, amongst other innovative and ground breaking projects.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • وتین – جو چاہو – جو چاہو کر لو، اس نے نہیں چلنا۔۔۔

    3-4 weeks ago, my Wateen connection quality in Abbottabad dropped from ‘acceptable’ to ‘pathetic’ – these days (after the ‘relaunch’), my Telenor Edge gives me better speed than the supposedly 1Mbps Wateen connection. Their ‘improved’ call center told me that their management is ‘aware of the problem’ due to ‘too many users’ but don’t know when it will be solved. I have a feeling it happened as part of the ‘Network Optimization’ efforts.

    • True… This is a critical problem & one of the helpline guy bravely recommended me to change the ISP as he told wateen cannot do anything for me.. I was shocked at his comments.

      I don’t know whether to appreciate his straight forwardness or to regard this as Pathetic customer care of Wateen.

  • They have launched their website with new looks Just now.

    I hope their service will improve too.

  • The packages have been launched on the website but I was very disappointed to see the tariffs and the speed they are offering. Plus they have introduced a fixed monthly line rent also. Wateen will always be a failure as their services are always bad. Just by re-branding it does not make the service better.

  • A long awaited mystry…. started and finished.
    I just checked the website and didnt get anything amazing there. Then i came to propakistani they may b you people have explored or detailed about it. but nothing here too. first of all didnt get anything about there packages. dont know they announced or not.no big change in displayed packages. or i can say not upto the expectation. may be i m wrong but i searched the site and get “some” packages only. there was no 256, only one package in 512 with 7gb download 600/month. 2 in 1mb slot. 7gb and unlimited with 899 and 1400/month. two new packages 1.5 mb with 12 gb in 1300/month and 2mb unlimited 3000/month. as per shown, these are the lowest price as compared to wi-tribe and qubee but if after this you are also charged by tax and rent of cpe then it will be not much different from other.For example, 512 with 7b in 600 is very good if compared with 512, 8gb of witribe and qubee but after tax and rental of device it will be 800, higher then both mentioned earlier. i found only one package more affordable and economical. 1.5mb 12 gb. there is not such package from other competetors with high speed and low limit and price. it will be the hot favourite. but wasnt able to find out where are the other packages? they have called the new greenpacket device as BOLT, after pocket modem from wit-ribe and shuttle from QUBEE. What ever, a mixture of confusion or i m not able to get em. i hope Aamir bhai will explain.

    • I have also a question
      Currently I am using a Package “256” for “Rs.600” and in new tariff “512” for Rs.600
      then what can i do for upgrade?? selfcare.wateen.net is showing “256-5GB” and i feel download speed is also 256

  • We’ll i am very disappointed with wateen new packages i though they will give such good packages high speed in low price per they had done nothing just change there logo, website design and the content only.

  • Their website is up now. Nothing new or exciting.

    2MB @ 3000 Rs :D

    Its disappointing after all that hype.

  • I have facing very poor service of wateen from last 2 months, browsing speed is almost like dialup and downloading is between 10-12 kbs. I complained at wateen help line and replyed that your area is out of coverage there for we doest not provide any help.
    I ask from wateen officials, that if you are not commited to provide help services on out of coverage areas, then why to providing connections.
    Just for increasing market share of users.
    Today i hear that wateen launches some new packages and etc. ect.
    I decided today to switch off from wateen and now joining PTCL for next experiment.

    SHAME TO WATEEN, for pooooooor services.

  • Price of 1mb unlimited is still same was paying 1608 before new tariff 1mb unlimited 1,399 + 99 cpe rent + 90 telephony rent + 20 tax = 1608

    Thought they said their 1mb package will b cheaper!

  • It indeed is appauling that they claim to have revamped everything yet thing are the same as old.

    The website has a couple of broken links and spelling mistakes.

    Claims are being made against products that do not exist yet

    Though they have the right kind of approach yet claims only are not worth a single penny!

  • very disappointing package… nothing for old customers, especially for those who are using 1 mb package.. still cpe rent.. and no reduction in price…

  • anybody noticed ? please open this URL


    here in Multan coverage table you will find “Covering Clifton, DHA & Malir”, i am living in multan from last 26 years and realy i didnt heard if there are any places like these in multan :P

    hope they got some good QA expertise

    • This is due to COPY PASTE to timely complete the website… they just copied the locations of Karachi instead Multan… :)

  • thats pathetic, i dont need telephony, sorry Wateen u r still Useless WiMax Internet Service of Pakistan

    QUBEE and Wi-Tribe are much better, Qubee doesn’t take CPE line rent.

      • i dont know about that but i m using Qubee since April 2010, and apart from 3 to 4 times, thr’s hardly any kind of issue and Speed is constant every time.

      • Interstingly Qubee is using the Wateen back halu in Lhr and Ibd and looking to replace other companies with Wateen in Karachi too

  • Impressive..they sought help from Warid to revamp their support department….
    and there is no second opinion that Warid’s support is bad enough…

    Impressive indeed.

    i Play ONLINE GAMES LIKE BATTLEFIELD BC2 , BATTLEFIELD 3 i need atleast 100 to 150MS Pings From Servers will I be able to get on this CONNECTION
    or it is still SHIT ?

  • Just a website changed and nothing else. Wateen is worried with expansion of Qubee and Wi-tribe so they thought to at least renew their old website. Service gets worst in peak hours and I get back to dial-up era. :-( Get up Wateen, service matters not a new website & commercial ad.:-p

    • One of my friend refer me to Wateen after their relaunch. i opted for 2mb connection as being the user of ptcl. Now wateen has nice small smart USb. As of yesterday it works fine. I am getting good speed and even in late nights hrs i have tested the speed upto 1.6mb. thats great if they keep the same

  • These firggin people have limited my torrent speed to 15kb/s for past few days because they are relaunching??what a fucking joke

      • Why go through all the hassale? just get PTCL DSL. their customer support sux but at least there are no limits on downloading and you get the speed which you are paying for….

          • I am not sure if this comment will ever get approved BUT dstar101, contact me via my blog and I will give you access to my server in CA to download stuff

            • thanks for your offer but I guess i am gonna wait for nayatel and gonna soon rent seedbox btw your web site is totally cool

        • What use if they(PTCL) come to you after 3 months after you order the connection. And keep calling on your cell twice a week to get connection that you ordered last year. This is my personal experience.

          And btw their so called customer service is the worst I have experienced in my life.

          They can’t get landlines to work set aside managing a network and responding to problems.

          Back to the point. Wateen failed me badly.

          Wateen: Hello Again!
          Me: STFU

        • PTCL sucks big time i applied for DSL in ramazan 2010 and waited for three months, then i moved to wateen on the bright side i got PTCL learning card for online campus worth RS 4000 for free

    • Yes true, most often Wateen restricts torrent speeds on day times which gets turn back to normal after 12 a.m. WTF

  • Wateen……..running with the support of its owner Shaikhs group with financial injection time to time,…actually one of a reason of downfall of any organization is Lobby or Grouping and in wateen it has been influenced two years ago..Firing of regular employs for the sake of hiring of Favorite persons Specially if some one has Experience of Mobilink…..wateen has lost its image in Public Sector (IPO), telenor switched for its Back haul from wateen, Zong is also not satisfied and Multinet has become another Competitor, only colorful aid and website can’t fill the Lacking capacity but OWNER should think about the management what they are doing.

  • New Wateen Logo is copied by Google Wave logo.

    search on google for google wave logo. and see it

  • I am using PTCL Evo with Student Package. 1300/- for Unlimited usage.. and bandwidth at my home is 2 Mbps on average.. and while using it at various locations, I get reasonable speed.
    No comparison with such costly and limited internet packages… I am just Enjoying…

  • Wateen Sales Pitch……..let suppose 1000 sales matured in a day but very next day near about 700 to 800 sales are being returned,its mean that….do they think that these sales are giving a profitable amount, but beside this a customer paying Ransom after purchasing… Management of wateen….the Pioneers have either been fired or they have resigned just because of New TOP MOBLINKER management.from 2004 wateen is working with its Fiber Optic and Vsat applications and till current its has been injected financially so many times by its Owner, where the earnings have gone? no one has answer, we can say PROUDLY that management of Wateen is running on the pattern of Government Style.
    For God sake save the organization because it is surely a profitable company if the Management think about it, not only for them selves or their Bank Accounts.

  • As i was continously using the Wateen service from last 6 hrs. I am experiencing really good speed and downloads with my 2Mb connection. May be this is the reason that Wateen have just relaunched and they have ample capacity at this point of time. I have not tested torrents yet but with the current speed i think it will work.

  • I am using Wateen with 1Mbps connection in Johar Town since Nov, 2010. I called helpline once when my data cable got faulty and support was provided next day.
    I don’t use torrent but through mediafire (multi session DL) I get 1.3 Mbps constant DL speed as I monitor it through DU Meter software.
    I think its the best I can expect specially when I compare it with PTCL.

  • Shame on Wateen Service. They are nothing but big cheater. Making fools to Pakistani Customers.

  • Now a days wateen service is very poor
    wateen lanched new device bolt2 is also very poor service
    shame on you wateen جو چاہو،،کر لو میں نہیں چلنا………………

  • A.O.A i want to ask u that plz tel me , i am using motorola wimax cpe. Device , plz tell me that is wateen bolt 2 or thunder bolt is better than motorola cpe, ???? Plz tel me i want to buy new connection ., anyone plz tel me…….plz.

  • close