Twitter Redesigned Massively with New Features

Yesterday Twitter launched new design and new features including changes in Twitter web/mobile site, new Android, iPhone app and changes in twitter logos and buttons for blogs/sites, so its massive redesign as it looks. This re-birth is aimed for easy and fast navigation and usage of the service.

New Twitter web layout: 

Twitter has now new web layout with right-hand twitter sidebar while moving the streamline to the right.

Popup profiles summary:

New Twitter web offers popup profiles, as you click on any twitter username it will show you his/her profile summary instantly in a small popup box.

 Embed tweets easily:

From new Twitter web you can get twitter statuses HTML code or link to easily embed it on your site/blog. To get embed code expand the tweet which you want to embed by clicking Open, click Details and then click Embed.

New conversation features:

New twitter comes with new conversation features which make it easy and fun to use twitter. Once you open a Tweet it will show you how many people retweeted, favourites or replied to this tweet.

#Hashtage feature renamed to #Discover:

#Discover tab is old Hashtag searches feature with new changes such as top stories with images and sometimes with sponsored stories.

New beautiful messaging conversation: 

New twitter have new messaging conversation is like some Android iPhone messaging which makes easy to remember previous messages to continue conversation.

 Mentions and Activity tab is now @ Connect tab:

Check all your twitter interactions in @ Connect tab. See who is adding you to lists, who is mentioning and who is following you etc. You can also filter mentions only. This feature works on Web/mobile web/Android and iPhone twitter official apps.

View videos and photos without going away from Twitter:

Click on View photo/View video if a tweet has photo or video in it. View photo and view video link will only appear of photos/videos are from twitter supported sites.

New Twitter profiles for businesses:

New Twitter has special profiles for businesses. Profiles for brands allow a profile banner which can be logo or some other cover. Also the ability to pin twitter status which will remain at top of the other statuses.  Example profile

More details on Twitter for brands will be announced later by Twitter.

Twitter for phones:

Twitter for Android and iPhone have also been updated with a lot of new and common features which are available on Twitter Web. Get new Twitter apps from Android market or Apple Apps store.

New Twitter for Android and iPhone users is available. For web users it will be rolled out to everyone soon.

New Tweetdeck changes are also available with new Tweetdeck web version. (Tweetdeck is also official twitter application).

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