Is Internet Corrupting the Youth?

Geo TV did a show last night to discuss up-mentioned topic in a program called “Awam ki Adalat”, hosted by Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad.

We are presenting you the show below, to watch and decided if Internet is indeed corrupting the youth or not, but before that, let me put my thoughts on the topic:

  • You can’t avoid internet – just forget about banning it, or surviving without internet in today’s world.
  • Don’t even think of regulating internet, you just can not! It will break the system to chock your economy, businesses and the government.

Instead we must do two things:

We will have to live with internet with all its evilness. What we can best do to avoid its harms is to educate ourselves and those who are near and dear to us. We have repeatedly emphasized the dire need of massive awareness in our society for best usage of internet and other new technologies to avoid harms that we all fear.

Just to mention, other societies (western for example) faced similar issues when they embraced internet in the start, or any other technology for that matter. They didn’t ban it, instead they educated their people to make sure that no one is physically, mentally or morally harmed.

In addition, we need a cyber law. We need to hunt down those who commit cyber crimes, such as uploading your private videos/pictures on internet, hacking into your accounts to steal private data and so on. You will be amazed to know that you can’t do much if someone is blackmailing you on internet. There’s no law to protect you.

This is where media should focus as well to make the government realize that there are more important things in the country to do than just bashing the opponents.

Internet is bad, okay I agree (I don’t but for the sake of argument), but we can make it better place. We can use it well for our betterment to benefit ourselves.

And by the way, its not only internet that’s corrupting youth. We have developed so many other ways to achieve this. Just as an example: Hum TV was showing women in bikinis (Miss Universe) when Geo was telecasting “Awam ki Adalat”.

Here you go now with the show:

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  • Well This is Absolutely True that Youth is some how diverted due to internet but in today’s world a computer without internet is just a useless box!!
    Proper Education Along with a proper cyber Law is A must Now !!
    Those who know how to use Internet are even making their living out of it..and by living i mean a lavish living !! Talking about Freelance community , so it all comes to proper education and educating the people the full use of Internet instead of just telling half stories…

  • I dont get the point ….. Y r they trying to block porn if i want to watch it let me who gave them the right to.monitor it…. plus if they r truly concerned about the society then y dont yu start by banning indian movies and local news channels from broadcasting dramas serials and other news concerning to such stuff which is indirectly promoting defloweration in our society…….. n isnt it funny that these so called moral brigades are all busy looting the country and wwhen they about youth and morales it makes me go lol

    • Dear Anas Saleem:
      Blocking porn for adult can be subjective, but what about minors? Even in western countries its not allowed to sell porno material to minors.

      • Yes but y do ppl always jump off to western countries

        do u know they start teaching kids what sex is at the age of 13 so there curiousity is not as much as a kids here here have and even kids can easily access porn for free thru sites but they choose not to bcuz they follow the law and plus thr teachers tell em about it so they dnt bother

    • i second anas saleem on this..
      blocking porn won’t do any good..
      what needed is to aware parents how to keep a check on there kids..
      because ppl will still watch it by using proxy or by simply renting a dvd…
      the material is easily available ..

      “INTERNET” itself is a tool now the user has to decide how he/she is going to use it..

      and yes a proper legislation is very important.

      • these are dynamic times IT Courses(I don’t know) should include proper cirriculum to guide youngsters to be more productive & Progressive.

        Simple example: If I drive my car at 180 KMH, should I torch the vehicle or learn how to drive?

        But my question is
        ” What about the taboo ‘sex education’ ”
        ” Media Education “

  • If we cannot police the Internet ourselves (every mother and father) then its better to ban Internet altogether in Pakistan.

  • Is program men wasi shah ke ek boht achi bat ki ke western countries men cigarett ke liye age ki limit hy. Hum ko kids ko internet cafe se door rakhny ke liye is trah ki pabandi lgani chahiye kam se kam. Us ke bad youth ko balkay pori scociety ko educate kerna chahiye.
    Is silsilay men mera ye khayal hy ke aur dosry blogs & websites ko internet ke better & useful features ko bar bar highlight kerna chahiye takay youth ko porn ke ilawa b boht kuch internet per dekhnay aur parhnay se mutaliq aagahi milay to wo porn ko khud hi chortay jain ge.

  • And what sort of laws are we talking about give me a break pleasr every1 knows its not plausible to filter the net it only choke up the broadband speed which already is not upto the par

    So please give us a break and stop bothering about cyberlaws they r nothing but shit if yoj really concerned about the youth then work on a dolution to get every1 free access to internet infact make it a need

  • There are few reasons which is actually becoming the reason of Corrupting the Youth that our older is not much aware about computers Technology and its rapid adaptability meanwhile government is not fully functional to promote properly IT activity and don’t implement any Law to check and balance in internet using.
    There must be some rules and regulation and our parents should have to proper guide that how they check their child and generations activity on internet.

  • In Pakistan where you cannot enforce any laws, I find it hilarious that any Cyber Law will make a difference.

  • well it is a detailed topic as i strongly believe that Yes internet is spoiling our youth but then again blocking internet or restricting it is not the solution. Solution to current Youth problem is directly related to the Moral/Social values. If a person is being given strong social/moral values (first of all home, parents, school, college, uni, overall atmosphere) then there is no way that the person gets influenced by such thing as internet or porn or xyz. for example the hype that is being given to VEENA MALIk in our media (sometimes i feel they are protecting her or justifying her acts) is also corrupting Youth mind because they are getting a signal that whatever wrong you do, there is always a POSITIVE side to it. so then Ban media as well (which is actually needed).. so i think GEO should first of all do program on how THEY are corrupting the social/moral values of Pakistani Youth and then look at other topics.

  • In brief, banning all porn-sites is not practically possible, we have to explain our youth that why should they avoid such sites and believe me its not difficult… we just need to spend some time with our kids.

    For me browsing internet is just like leaving your house… it is purely upon individual if he is leaving house for mosque, market, school, office or just to waste time.

    Our parents did educate us properly about what type of places and people we should avoid while walking on streets… we have to transfer same ethics and moral values to our youth in terms of cyber-world.

    Schools having computer labs should cover such topics in their syllabus. Teachers must guide children from very early stage what type of websites they should visit, what type they should avoid and ‘why’. Providing computer education limited to switching on PC and opening internet browser is just like telling your kid ‘how to drive car’ without the knowledge of traffic signs…

  • Excellent suggestion. If i am a parent, and i have no clue about computers, how will i monitor my kids? Same goes of electronic gadgets like mob phones.

  • We don’t have Govt supplied Gyms and fitness centers. We don’t have proper sports facility here if you have to stop young generation from all this then build play grounds and fitness facility for all. Lack of these things automatically diverts a mind toward bad ideas. We criticize youth and kids but who gonna teach them. They are earning from this show so they showed some gossip in their news and talk shows. In the race of winning they also cross limits they should not forget this, which we have already seen in News Channels ( Showing Blood & PG 13 content ). And now they are talking about porno. When i watch some talk show i just laugh at them and recite this word every time ” Bunch Of Idiots”

  • Well it is not just Internet that corrupting the youth. You just start any TV channel e.g Geo TV; they are openly telecasting semi naked indian programs and obscene stage shows; this also could be they major cause to divert the youth’s mind especially growing kids and ladies and young girls who keenly watch such programs. Also if you go for dramas they are very openly showing dramas pointing open relationship of boys and girls, ill-legal relations, rapes, crimes, murders etc., so we cant just blame internet for this. I believe only 15 – 20% people have access to internet whereas TV and other media is accessible to 80% people.

  • ooo bahi PTV pay aur GEO pay advertisements aur dramay wagera deakh lo pata chal jay ga kon kharab ker rha hai.

    Rather than blocking we should educate our children and make them morally so strong. We should trust our children and should be frank with them like a friend.

    ooo bahi buri mei tu waisey hi bhot attraction hoty hai.. bachon ko namazi banao phir dekho burai key asey key taisey…

    block ker gay tu bahi 100 tareekay hian open kernay kay… It will hardly take 2 min to bypass PTA firewall. aur waisey Pakistan mei sare kam juma juma 8 din kay lyea hotay hai… phir wohi purani routine :)

  • I believe the topic itself is wrong!.. You can make a wrong use of knife or you can use it as a utility. Same is the case for internet. I think putting restrictions is not the solution for any problem. You have to go to the root of the problem. If parents put good attention to their children and educate them in a well manner, then those children would make best use of internet. They would use it for knowledge, research and publications. Now-a-days staying away from internet is just like living in a stone age. This is the technology which will be base for any business that will evolve in our era. No one can survive or compete without benefiting from internet. Its disappointing that we are still debating on such lost topics as the one being discussed above. This is not the topic that we put our energies on. We have to come out of conservative cloud that some out-dated people have created around us. Only then we will be able to succeed as a nation.

  • Internet is necessary in today’s world. However, you can never make sure that everyone will use it for the right purposes. We just will have to live with that. But all in all, the benefits of Internet far exceed its drawback.

  • AOA,

    Well thanks for sharing the beautiful things…yes as an engineer i believe so my engineering would never complete if there is no internet..and yes internet should be use for positive purposes but things never happened to be done forcefully.
    There is a reall need and initiative taken by schools as well as colleges to divert the thinking of young generations from these bad signs by creating sports activities and other customs like basant. So if there are no alter native then how we forcefully ask people to go out of this.
    And one more thing people are unemployed and in crisis due to teroorism activities in country and thats why i can yes only these 18 crore people are need of positive works from govt aree aspected as well.

  • Rules & regulations are required, you can’t avoid them, you can take away red light off the streets and say people should be educated to stop for other to go 1st, rules & regulations should be implemented and in forced as well. However; education should is must, our media while playing some good parts is mainly involved in educating our youth negative things which is very encouraging to be vulgar. So both are needed.

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