Rehman Malik is Back with his Tech Blunders: Bans MNP

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vigilante-justice-burnt-alive-karachiMr. Rehman Malik, our Minister for Interior, now formally having a doctorate degree from University of Karachi (only Allah knows for what reasons), is back with more tech blunders – something he is notorious for.

Now, as we have learned through APP (state news agency) that Mr. Malik has ordered to ban Mobile Number Portability (MNP) claiming that it poses a risk for national security.

Here’s what exactly APP said:

The meeting (chaired by Rehman Malik decided that in view of the grave complaints, Mobile Number Portability (MNP) by the service providers is banned in future and anybody found violating should be booked under Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997 as it is against the national security.

I am short of words to describe this nonsense from the government. I mean, terrorism act for using MNP? and MNP is a serious threats for national security? I would rather not be surprised if Mr. Malik orders banning cell phones, using laptops, emails or even having breakfasts as they can suddenly sound risky to one minister.

Believe me if it was in my hands I would have thrown this government into a bus to get rid of it, for good.

Just remember what PTA did with SMS filter thing, now they want to embarrass us again? Are we left for this in our lives? Come on Minister, it’s 2012 – we are not living in stone age.

We need a break Mr. Malik.

And by the way PTA didn’t get any orders as of now, I have confirmed. Cellular operators are clueless on this too.

Committee Formed to Examine misuse of electronic equipment

You know what, this was only half the blunder. Keep reading to know the rest. APP notes:

Anybody misusing, sending threatening emails or tampering with email address, mobile phone via SMS, MMS etc shall be dealt with under ATA and other relevant sections of law.

The meeting also decided that the service providers shall have to have their own monitoring system to block such detrimental communication as mentioned above in coordination with the PTA.

The meeting decided to identify “obscene words” or anti state wordings, being used by anti-social elements and they shall be entered in the system to be blocked.

I am expecting another comedy show happening soon.

Please keep reading:

Rehman Malik constituted a committee to examine draft bill regarding misuse of electronic equipment i.e. emails, SMS, MMS in anti-state activities detrimental to the national security.The committee headed by Secretary Interior would brief the Minister within one week regarding the proposed legislation.

This is nothing more than what they call “Topi Drama”. I am not harsh, believe me. This minister has a habit of coming on media to give vague, useless and nonsense statements, and he can’t live without this. Check below instances for example:

This is an example of how he tries to drift the nation from the issues to non-issues. I wonder how media and people of the country tolerate all this. I simply can’t.

Tech and telecom reporter for over 15 years

    • yes yes he is…I guess he thinks too much after getting “Degree” from Karachi University, may be he think he is a real PhD. But the way he talks and answers questions I really feel sorry for ourselves, we are an intelligent nation, and a person like him usually have a shop in “Sabzi Mandi”, how come he is interior minister?

  • The sheer madness of this lunatic minister has no bounds. I myself wonder how people and the media manage to accept whatever nonsense this man blurts out every other day to divert attention from important issues.

    • Rehman Malik, a corrupt Government employee turned Minister, who has been granted pardon for his crimes against the state of Pakistan by the President using his special powers. His conflicting statements when BB was dying are shown on TV by Dr. Shahid Masood. This man is nothing but an American agent.

      • And sorry I forgot to mention, He was unable to recite Surah Akhlaas properly on TV even after three unsuccessful attempt. Whole world saw it. A person who calls himself a muslim and a Minister of an Islamic State is unable to recite Surah Ikhlaas. No more comments are required to disclose what he is.

  • hahaha rehman baba ko MNP word interesting laga hoga tu socha iss bar NATIONAL SECURITY k lye iss word ko use kiya jai.. cho___

  • Well, he knows everything, and he will tell you on the “right time”
    “وقت آنے پر بتاوں گا”

  • asal mey kisi nay Rehman Baba ko bataya hay k MNP say banta hay “Mujhay Nahi Pata” … bhai sahab bura maan gaey … simple !

  • Rehman BABA is totally MAD. Har waqt kuch na kuch bagta rehta hai.

    Ask by Rehman baba (Phd Holder) what is the meaning of MNP?

    Rehman Baba please block Mobile, Internet services etc so terrorist will not use these services and believe me our country totally Save. -:)

  • “Mr. Malik has ordered to ban Mobile Number Portability (MNP) claiming that it poses a risk for national security.”

    ROFL !! Having tears of smiling in my eyes.. Rehman Baba ;) You are our hero.. Don’t say anything about Rehman baba, He is only the person who has the responsibility to make laugh his country people.

    Hats ophhh to em ;)

  • Next statement from our PM;

    MNP service JAMHORIYAT ko DESTABILIZED karne main EHAM kirdar kar rahe hai, hum iss service ko BAN kar daingay ta k JAMHORIYAT parwan charhay hahahaha

  • may be he is say “MNA” the movements of MNA (to and fro) is threat to national security. just chill he is just a joker who want attention each day.

  • Sahi tu keh raha hai baychara MNP ki waja say he saray masalin hain go ban it Sir , Doc Rehman Malik takay pakistan main ata , cheeni ,gass aur bijli ki shortage kahtam ho sakay

    Jea Bhtoo
    Kadam Berhaoo Nwaz shreef ham tumhray sath hai

    WTF man i am sick and tired of these Bull S*** leaders

  • Well, do not punish us for the Memogate. Furthermore, Mobile Number Portability is only allowed when you have an original NIC. How will it be a “security threat”?

  • Saaray Rules Sirf Pakistani Awam Kay Leeay Hee Bantay Hein ….. Baqi Politicians Aur Terrorists Ka Jo Dil Chahta Hai, Kartay Pher Rahay Hain Khulaay Aam.

  • Hi Aamir Attaa, I have a request for you.. Can you please highlight the biased way PTCL is blocking websites in the name of porn?

    For example: When PTCL started blocking porn websites in December 2011, also got affected…. We can open on PTCL EVO but the pictures cannot be seen anymore.. They are coming BLANK. This is a huge problem for those Pakistani photographers who have Photography websites and blogs, as their pictures are all blocked.

    Why are flickr pictures banned now?? Why is PTCL doing this?

    Please highlight this issue in your Telecom blog if u can, or show us some way to access flickr pictures safely. Thank you in advance.

      • I was talking about PTCL blocking the pictures on FLICKR.COM, which makes no sense because its a photography website.

        • Huh, you are right! A few days ago I tried to view someone’s photostream on flickr and it didn’t work. I thought maybe it was a problem with the site because I have never had problems before and I did not even imagine PTCL would block it.

          Same as that someone who was complaining about vimeo being blocked last months. Unbelievable what these idiots in charge of our internet will do.

          Today I tried and its working but I am not using PTCL right now. I’ll check again when I get home.

        • traceroute confirms that which is is blocked at PIE. Interesting if you use a nameserver in the US (like Opendns you get a different IP which is not blocked.

          ali flickr is owned by Yahoo and no way it is like a porn site.

  • When would we be able to get rid of this person from our Interior Ministry. This person Rehman Malik doesn’t even know how to recite the verses of the Holy Quran, how would he be able to run and handle the affairs of our country.

  • Jab Tak Yahan Jahil0n Aur Luter0n Ki Huk0mat Chalti rahy Gi, Tb tk Rehman Malik Jesy Log Pakistan Ka Kabadha Karty Rahen Gy.

  • I work for a Telecom Company and i unfortunately do agree with Mr. Malik this time, its very hard to track the Mobile number’s which have been ported out of any network. It serious is a very big threat to Pakistan National Security as theses numbers cant be located (ownership / others things) and this services must be stopped at the earliest. All the fraudulent activities has been reported / observed recently are from the numbers which has been Ported out the network.

    • Next, someone will ban using cash because it is very hard to track and is a threat!!!! We should just use bank accounts and bank transfers and cheques and debit cards!!!!

    • Mery bhai, PMD ka database kis liyee hai… ???

      All the numbers ported-in and out are stored in a central repository which is maintained by another company reporting to PTA. Secondly every company has information about the current network of the number otherwise the call cannot be routed.

      I don’t agree with the ownership issues as well, because before MNP came into scene, fake sales and CNIC law was already implemented and secondly PNR request cannot be initiated without CNIC verification.

      Government officials need to study and understand the technology …instead of just blocking everything,…

      I think this is not a fault of Dr. Rehman Mali (Gardner), government is already reporting to a kid (bilawal zardar Bhutto malik chaudry butt alvi subhani qadri chisthi naqshbandi………………………………) what do you expect?

  • تمام دہشت گرد دھماکے کرنے کے بعد اپنا کنکشن دوسرے اور دوسرے سے تیسرے نیٹ ورک پر پورٹ کر لیتے ہیں ، بیچارہ عبدل رحمان ملک پچا ہی کرتا رہ جاتا ہے .

  • I beleive that a “Ported Out” number is double checked.
    1) First time when the sim was issued by giving CNIC.
    2) Second time, again CNIC is used to for MNP.

    Hence double checked.

    I think “dr. sahab” (hahaha) dr. !!) might be blocking/banning non-MNP numbers????


    waisay dr. rehman likhtay huway hassaa aa jata hai. “Dr.” hahahahaa

  • All pakistan corruption zero.rehman bba,like siberian will end contract soon .here no corruption due to this not speak about him. Sindh minister speaks crore. Subah sham pais.

  • Rehman bba,like siberian will end contract soon .here no corruption due to his effort. Sindh minister speaks crore. Subah sham pais.pas member requested for k.u campus.already all problem resolved only we need k.u campus.

  • Uff Itni Jahalat … Someone please throw this looser out of his office… What about the systems & investments done by mobile operators. Anti Terrorism Act for doing MNP and not shooting people on the streets of karachi. Allah, Please help us get rid of this jerk. & how MNP is a risk to national security. I think is stupid hairstyle is a security risk. What an ass**le

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