Rehman Malik is Back with his Tech Blunders: Bans MNP

vigilante-justice-burnt-alive-karachiMr. Rehman Malik, our Minister for Interior, now formally having a doctorate degree from University of Karachi (only Allah knows for what reasons), is back with more tech blunders – something he is notorious for.

Now, as we have learned through APP (state news agency) that Mr. Malik has ordered to ban Mobile Number Portability (MNP) claiming that it poses a risk for national security.

Here’s what exactly APP said:

The meeting (chaired by Rehman Malik decided that in view of the grave complaints, Mobile Number Portability (MNP) by the service providers is banned in future and anybody found violating should be booked under Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997 as it is against the national security.

I am short of words to describe this nonsense from the government. I mean, terrorism act for using MNP? and MNP is a serious threats for national security? I would rather not be surprised if Mr. Malik orders banning cell phones, using laptops, emails or even having breakfasts as they can suddenly sound risky to one minister.

Believe me if it was in my hands I would have thrown this government into a bus to get rid of it, for good.

Just remember what PTA did with SMS filter thing, now they want to embarrass us again? Are we left for this in our lives? Come on Minister, it’s 2012 – we are not living in stone age.

We need a break Mr. Malik.

And by the way PTA didn’t get any orders as of now, I have confirmed. Cellular operators are clueless on this too.

Committee Formed to Examine misuse of electronic equipment

You know what, this was only half the blunder. Keep reading to know the rest. APP notes:

Anybody misusing, sending threatening emails or tampering with email address, mobile phone via SMS, MMS etc shall be dealt with under ATA and other relevant sections of law.

The meeting also decided that the service providers shall have to have their own monitoring system to block such detrimental communication as mentioned above in coordination with the PTA.

The meeting decided to identify “obscene words” or anti state wordings, being used by anti-social elements and they shall be entered in the system to be blocked.

I am expecting another comedy show happening soon.

Please keep reading:

Rehman Malik constituted a committee to examine draft bill regarding misuse of electronic equipment i.e. emails, SMS, MMS in anti-state activities detrimental to the national security.The committee headed by Secretary Interior would brief the Minister within one week regarding the proposed legislation.

This is nothing more than what they call “Topi Drama”. I am not harsh, believe me. This minister has a habit of coming on media to give vague, useless and nonsense statements, and he can’t live without this. Check below instances for example:

This is an example of how he tries to drift the nation from the issues to non-issues. I wonder how media and people of the country tolerate all this. I simply can’t.

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