Facebook Advertising for Nude Girls in Pakistan

Facebook has gone this much crazy for getting new subscribers in Pakistan that they are attracting youth by advertising for nude girls in Pakistan. I won’t say much, but Google’s role in display such explicit ads is objectionable. It also raises the concerns that why Adwords still hasn’t blocked Facebook’s account.

Above this, for whatever reason, and for whatever way these ads are appearing; why Facebook would need such dirty words to advertise its platform? Totally out of mind.

just check below screens:



Screen via Talal Masood


  • my dear brother check the links in detail ye facebook nahi… ye hamare he chahetey bhai hian joye kaam karte hian… ye hamarey se age pehce hian jo paisa banane k chakar main nah jane kia kia post kar dete hain.. aur ye nude wala message bi uni ka hia… jo facebook link hia tu wo main website ka link ata hia iss liye… jab k us k beck end pe koi page hota hia… so facebook is not publishing this ye hamare apne he log hian…

      • You are right……. but the thing is see you posted two examples ok do one thing search in Alexa “Pakistani Larki”…. ok no u will see facebook in ad list what is it saying “Pakistani is on Facebook” it means there is any profile or page with name “Pakistani Lakri”…….. ab ye page ya profile kiss ne banai hogi???? Facebook ne nahi…. this is created by Pakistani they named it Pakistani Larki and iss add main Facebook ye keh raha hia “Paksitani Larki is on Facebook Singup” so ghalti facebook ki nahi ghalati hamarey apne ander hia…. got the point………!!!!

          • Aamir, i have researched about it and found that facebook have not did this knowingly. Actually facebook is being promoted on web adverts by the keywords that people may search for facebook i.e names of people. There is some algorithm set when someone enters the word which have something to do with facebook, that keywords is considered in the Google Adword advert. Suppose “Nangi Ladki” is the name of many facebook profiles and pages. So, it is considered by Facebook algorithm for adwords. If you write “Aamir Atta” you may find your own name on the advert. So it wouldn’t mean that facebook is advertising specifically YOU, knowingly!
            I think this post is spreading wrong rumors about facebook. It should be edited and true fact should be written.

            • I totally agree with Bilal. This is an algorithm which automatically choose keywords.

              @admin If you dont have any knowledge about how google adwords and there algorithm work than please dont post a dumb article with false information to get attention. I was a regular pro pakistani blog reader but after reading this post I have changed my mind. I am now unsubscribing from propakistani feeds because your blog is not worth it anymore.

              • OK champions, then please explain me why these porn keywords exist in Facebook ad-words campaign or their algorithm, they are the leaders in social web, they should know what to show peoples.

                Admin great work..

                • Had you bothered to read the other comments, you would’ve known why. 1. they’re there because people search for them. 2. they’re not in english or not obvious phrases that might be blacklisted (shoud “girl” be blacklisted?).

                  • @Shahid Saleem – Bro “blacklisted” is not the concern, the words “Nangi ladki” is search 40,500 globally according to Google and when you advertise for this keyword you will pay some money on every click made.
                    Now please tell me how can you just pay the money without knowing what you are paying for?
                    I & the author just telling the same that Facebook is well aware what they are advertising for and they are advertising porn.

  • Do you seriously expect Google and Facebook to know such translated words in every language, and to check them for ads? If they started doing that, A VERY LARGE PERCENTAGE of ads would be rejected automatically. Reason? There are many languages, and many words that you think are “okay” or “normal” in one language are offensive or bad in another.

    I am sure you have heard of Linux Gnome. Well, read what “gnome” means in translation in korean: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100325102831AALmBdO

    You should be reporting the ads and making this post about the PEOPLE who posted the ads, not the sites they posted them to. After all, the people posting the ads know what they are doing, and that is why they did NOT use the word “nude” in English: they know it will be blocked.

      • The writer of the post, obviously. Facebook DID NOT CREATE the ad. The writer should have focused on the people who DID create the ads.

        Again, there’s no way to create a block list of every swear word or anything like that without censoring good posts. If Google blocked “nanga”, could a Pakistani mountaineering tourism company offer ads for climbing Nanga Parbat?

        • Its hard to believe that Facebook didn’t create this ad. Why a thirdparty would create and pay for advertising facebook?

          • — Why a thirdparty would create and pay for advertising facebook?

            Hypothetical case (because I believe they created this particular ad referenced by poster and not talking about that): To make them look bad.

            Think of how easy it is. Ad targeted for certain cities in Pakistan, with title like “Meet atheists in your area”, or “Islamabad girl phone numbers”, set url to facebook, set cost limit to Rs 100/day, run it for just one month. Think of how many people will get upset when it gets noticed.

            And yet, it will be 100% factual. There are about 5 million people from Pakistan on Facebook. Statistically speaking, at least one girl from Islamabad will have her number in her profile. Statistically speaking, at least one person who has atheist leanings in Pakistan will be on Facebook.

            Rs 100/day for a month is probably less than many people pay for cng or petrol. But with the right kind of day it is enough to get people protesting on the streets and in blogs, yes?

            • Shahid Saleem is always like this.

              Look at his comments on other posts. If somebody says A, he will say no its B, If somebody says B, he will say no it should be A.

              Facebook is not some small shop. Before a step they must know what they are doing.

              • Aren’t you the guy who uses adsense and happily takes Google’s money but when they shut you down posts anti-Google messages? Sounds like sour grapes to me.

          • Bhai Jan,

            things are simple, As far as I know,

            Facebook is now advertising it as the dating website. Facebook does not care about the keywords, as their staff has no issue with what “Nangi” means. Their keywords research and advertising alliances believe that the word “Nangi” is among the top searched keywords, so they focus on this keyword. Have any one ever notices how you tube exactly using artificial intelligence to keep record of their related videos list ?

            • If I were to search for old friends from school days, maybe I might see an ad for them from Facebook. Does that mean I want to date them?

              Facebook values connecting people. That is all it is about. It’s not Facebook’s fault you’re searching for people of opposite gender. Do you think they won’t show you an ad for male names?

      • Oh, and to precise: what proof do you have that Facebook created the ad? I have in the past created ads for OTHER sites, as jokes. With the right targeting, it only cost me a few cents a day, but people got my message.

        Right now I can search for the phrases in the above screenshots and I get no ads at all.

          • — Do you have proofs that facebook didn’t create this ad?

            You are working backwards. When you publish a post on your website that claims that Facebook made an ad, then don’t you think you should do a little bit of fact checking and figure out if YES, DEFINITELY made by Facebook? I mean, asking someone who COMMENTS on the site to PROOVE the assertians made by a POSTER is not really fact checking.

            Anyway, see my other comment. I figured it out.

            • Ye Facebook, most searching terms ko utha kr Ad list mein daal leta hai, Agr Ap koi name search karain tou wo bhi aa jata hai ‘Looking for Aamir’ Iss tarah random names ky aa jata hai, ab Facebook ky bots ko keya pata ‘nangi Ladki’ keya hota hai, baqi rahi baat ye Indian Style hai, Pakistani Ladki nahi Larki likhty han.


              • Samajdar Ladki he likhta hay kion kay Urdu say lafaz Lardki ya Ladki hay. larki nahi.

                Wo to likhnay walay Katchehri Bazar ko Katcheri bzar bhi likh jata hay. isi wajah say logon main Urdu talafaz ki galtian bharhti ja rahi hain.

  • Why Exactly were you searching for this search term, Talal Masood.
    No wonder people like you made Pakistan come up in Google search trends for Sex. SHAME ON YOU & YOUR MENTOR!

    • Omer, from screens i can see the ad was appearing on his gmail page. that’s even worse about google, i would say

      • I was looking for a small car few days back and I did a lot of search for “Nissan”, “Nissan Pixo” etc. and now on many sites (even on jang.com.pk, facebook,etc.) I get ads like “Looking for Pixo”, “Pixo reviews” “used pixo” etc., so Omer is kind of right here ….Talal might have done lot of search for such words and now facebook and google are making him offers :-)
        such kehtay hain jo botay ho wohi ugta hai :-)

      • and it could be that author is innocent and he did not do search for these words but google/facebook presented him with these ads based on searches made from his area (Pakistan) … I am sure google is intelligent enough to figure out from where you are connected and whats is the most common search from that area was made :-)

          • I am not proving any one innocent …just saying what might have caused these ads to be displayed on author’s screen …. my logic might be wrong but just answering few simple question you might reach the same conclusion … simple rule of business … do not waste time selling a comb to a bald head ….woah kia bolte hain gadha kia janay adrak ka sawad …. as I wrote earlier, why I am getting “Nissn Pixo” ads because google (statically thinks) that there is a good chance that I will click on them ….. rest I leave on you :-)

            • Okay fine, author searches for girls and every bad thing possible, which has resulted into a profile preference according to which adwords displayed these ads.

              But does it mean that Facebook can publish such ads? We are actually questioning Facebook’s character, not individual’s.

  • Did you actually click on the ad to see if it’s the ad of the facebook or some facebook fan page ?

    Because AdWords shows only domain in the URL not the actuall location.

    Assuming if I was advertising my fanpage on AdWords which is created on facebook.

    So please before making such bold statements do some research. Else you are making a fool out of yourself.

    I am hoping this comment wont be published, but I’m sure the author will read it before deleting my comment :)

    • Jee i have said before, clicking on the link will lead you to facebook.com and not on any page/group or any other link, but strictly to facebook.com

  • Aamir, you ought to post a clarification. It’s not what you think. It actually is a part of Facebook’s new advertising campaign where it assumes names of the people based on the names of people and pages on facebook. It’s because facebook must have plenty of pages/people on facebook called Nangi ladki and facebook might have assumed it as a person’s name.

    Generally what it does is, if you’re searching for a person in Google, facebook ad will show with that keyword suggesting to find him/her on facebook. Now your writer got this ad because apparantly he might have received a spam email from some user called “Nangi Ladki” which led him to search it in Google.

    Google has a report button for its ads and it can always be reported. I agree Google should have more diverse team for moderating ads.

  • I agree with the writer if the links are really leading to Facebook.com.

    I also respect many Facebook addicts who don’t want to listen any words against Facebook but this post make sense as it’s so easy to hire marketing guys in India or Pakistan that can use this kind of ads to get traffic on facebook.

  • Ahha, figured it out. I searched for “nangi ladki” on google and did not get the above ad. However, I did get an ad for “desi larki”. And guess what, there ARE people and groups on Facebook with that name. Using that info I tried searching on Facebook, and again, guess what. There are groups and interests and pages named “nangi ladki”.


    So, all Facebook is doing is the same as targeting famous searches they get on their site, without regard for meaning.

    • and if you look closely to the actual link in the add then you will notice that it points to
      – some google ad
      – with adurl to some re-director site
      – which then lands to some private campaign on facebook
      so creator of these ads is doing “aik teer se 2 shikar” …. i.e. a hit for google ad and hit for facebook campaign ….. why would facebook create such ad …FB does not need google ad hits to generate revenue …. :-)

  • i feel extremely dejected while admitting that we Pakistan as Nation have surely become ‘Sex Freaks’ and this is the truth.

  • jab google adwords ke zariye ads teyar karney lagen to wahan 2 options hoty hain,like this, 1: url to display , 2: url where you want to direct your customer. to is ad bananey wale ne url to display mein facebook likh diya ho ga, simple.

  • There is a large possibility there was a mention of “ladki” or “nangi” somewhere on the pages that the person visited.

    It may be on the previous pages visited, you know flash cookies, google tracks everything, so that may be the reason.

    or another reason may be the specific KW must be converting the best of all so they ramped up their operations.

    I doubt that the ad team in Facebook actually know the meaning of the keyword.

      • well what big ad spenders do is scrap a big list of popular keywords for a specific country in this case I’m sure “nagi larki” would be a well searched keyword. They don’t go through each of the 1000’s of keywords before running them, they just test and optimize, that’s how it works.

        Anyone who’s ran a significant amount off PPC would understand this.

        I believe it’s an unintentional mistake by facebook, which I’m sure if taken notice of facebook will remove.

  • unbelievable… on IT fourm we talk about sex way too much… maybe topics like these can increase the number of visitors to ProPK…. don’t see any other point for discussing these topics

  • Dear Writer

    First thing first. You might don’t know how on-line advertisement works. IF you google particular stuff frequently, you will get similar items on web advertisement. In my case I search electronic and cameras, I get similar thing in pages like face-book, Jang paper side ads.. Now You can get the idea why you getting these sexy ads on you browser.

  • Please have a look at the following :-


    I will not be voting in favor of either facebook or google, but when you are advertising or trying advertise on large scale you choose broad matches.

    And it does make sense that facebook have used their own statistics to analyze which names are searched with some frequency, and after anlyzing they may be linking it with their adwords campaign automatically/dynamically through any script etc.

    Beside all that, I still cannot proof anything as it can be only proved by either google or facebook themselves.

  • Aside from my previous comment, I would like to add ,”No matter if facebook is intentionally or unintentionally advertising on that particular keyword” but propakistani being a good resource shouldn’t be promoting or publishing such stuff.

  • Now just what to say, this is horrible….. :( Its the problem with people as they go for and make such ads on Facebook, just in order to generate clicks for their website. Honestly speaking Facebook wont even be knowing the meaning of any such word….

  • aj bat samaj nahi ati ham apana waton k bura bhala ku=iun bolty han???
    kud achy bndty ho but market main uni,collage main to khoob dekhty ho..
    agr facebook na kia ha to yaqeen kro kia hoga jasay aap logon na yaqeen krlya k Pakistani sab sa zada Sex ko search krty han.

    Btw ak report or be ha world main sab sa zada Quran & Muhammad P.B.U.H ya search be Pakistan sab sa top pr ha

  • Good Lord !! This is “Telenor Supporting PTI ” Once again …. Accusations without any Solid proofs ..ProPakistani Need to put their act together ..It is not a good impression at all…Looks like irresponsible and some times Veena Malik kind of Attention seeking stunts…

  • Being a webmaster, and keyword researcher i am totally agreed with Shahid Saleem. there is a new algo behind Facebook advertising might be discussed by some big seo blog on web. The new algo simply checks the best “targeting” keyword and replaces it in the title of ad. Couple of times i have seen such ads. Zardari Kuta is on Facebook. join facebook”. Its all happening just because of keyword authority, a large number of people talks about zardari on facebook, even phrases the keyword like “zaradari kuttaa……” That’s these kind of ads are appearing. In the last few weeks, Facebook has increased their ads amount, and added a wide range of keywords into list therefore, facebook ads are also come on the page targeting Apple, or Orkut.

  • Google doesn’t know about “Nangi Larki” its our fault as a nation that we still not suggesting lots of Urdu words to Google Translator.

  • that’s funny . “nangi larki” lol :D

    yeh kam facebook ka nai, kisi pakistani ka hi hy, is keyword sy pata chalta hy k kisi pakistani ka karnama hy :p

  • Actualy! it is not the issue of Facebook/Google it is the issue of auto-snippet used in Google Adwords which shows random advertisement on every keyword. Most of times you also often see name of people with find “abc” on Facebook. Facebook should add these keywords in negative list to save some money :)

  • OMG!
    Whoever has written this article is clearly an internet n00b. If you search for any name on google and facebook has an account with that name, the ad appears with that name in the text.

    For example: if I were to search for Chandler Bing on google and facebook has an account named Chandler Bing, then the following text will appear in the add:

    ” Looking for Chander Bing?
    Chander Bing is on Facebook. Sign up now! ”



  • Here we go again… Jumping the damn gun without “any” solid proof. Keywork algorithm has nothing to do with the actual fb owners. I can leave a well detailed comment but it looks like some of my Paki bros have done it already and they’ve explained it in detail.
    Honestly, the quality of ProPakistani articles is declining and gibberish speculation is one of the main reason behind it.

  • Jis tarha pta na porn website ko block kiya ha ap phir pta ko chahiya ka facebook ko bhe ban ka

    Magar nahi pta facebook ko Q band kara ge Q ka Facebook ka sath pakistani People ha 1 to hum khata ha ka hum muslim ha or dosri taraf Hurmat Rasool (S.A.W) ke hormati kara wali website ko bacha raha ha. Ya kaha Ka muslim ha Mujha yaad ha jub Facebook pakistan ma band hoyi the tub PTCL or dosra asa edaro ko Unlimited Calls ka samna karna para ka Facebook Q band ho Gayi ha or bhe bhot kuch

    At last Agar Porn website block ho gayi ha To ma ya bhe Chata ho ka Facebook Bhe band ho Q ka facebook ka 70% Hand ha pakistani Nation ko Kharab Karna Ka?

  • Adwords won’t ban anyone untill it sees Nude Pictures on their Advertiser’s compaign,
    using these kind of words by advertisers to attract users to their ADS is considered to be legal by Adwords,
    i can give you a good example of this,
    there is the world #1 Mobile phone website (zedge.net) using adsense since it established and there is a massive amount of sms messages there totally based on nudity/porn but still they haven’t been banned , WHY ???
    because this is totally legal to use such kind of words, the only thing that google thinks is illegal , is Pictures/Videos. they don’t care about words !

  • It seems to be an Indian propoganda, atleast no one in Pakistan spells out the word as mentioned in Adsense. Thanks to the media and fashion blogs that they have presented the better image of Pakistan. for instance search pakistani on google image and you wont find any nuisance images.

  • Wow. You really need to check how Facebook advertisement works. They don’t provide the creatives – it’s the advertising agency who handles that. I’m saying this from experience as I work in the digital media industry myself.
    Sure, Facebook should have someone checking this but since it’s not in their own language, I would give them the benefit of the doubt and not blame them at all.
    Again, it’s not Facebook’s OWN ad.
    You should really change the title of this post to avoid mis-communication among the mass majority of your readers.

  • i am not agree with this new coz its not fault of Facebook its mistake of advertisers which use page of Facebook and advertise on Google adsense or Facebook with title of nude or sex, so add will show you how advertiser attract to take traffic for his site or page.
    Shahbaz Mughal.
    Web Xpert.

  • Haha busted. You were typing in sex words in search and the auto generated advertisement thought it was a first-last name. No wonder you blurred out the search. You know, it’s worse being ignorant than a sexual human.

  • well we are deciding to make pakistan own social network but main thing is that people are addicted to facebook.

  • Yar google adwords me campaign chalai hui hai k page ko scan kare, us me se jo common keywords hon un ko utha k looking for “KEYWORD” bna k daal de.
    So nothing serious. just programming issue :)

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