Pakistan Blog Awards, the Concerns and the Future!

If you are a blogger then there are chances that you are aware of recently held 2nd Pakistan blog awards, its results and controversies surrounding it.

We have appreciated these awards in the past (when they were first held last year), and understand that they were meant to promote the community, help build better understanding amongst the bloggers and to reward those who outclass others.

However, none of this was achieved. In fact community seems divided with plenty of rift between elite bloggers (those FnF with organizers) and new/small/establishing bloggers.

Blog awards, on another front, were largely criticized for flawed judging criteria.

Instead of re-writing the whole saga, I would link few blog entries that have discussed Pakistan blog awards already:

  • Pakistan Blog Awards – Unfair? (Awab Alvi and Faisal Kapadia)
  • Open Letter to CIO / PC World (Pak Tea House)
  • Blog Awards – My win list (Faisal kapadia)
  • A question about Pak blog Awards part 2 (Faisal kapadia)
  • Real Winner of Pakistan Blog Awards (Jewairia Q)
  • A critical comment on Pakistan Blog Awards 2011 (Mureed Bizenjo)
  • Pakistan Blog Awards: From A Blogger’s View (Kinza Tahir)
  • 2nd Annual Pakistan Blog Awards (Farhan Janjua)

For those who don’t want to run through all these posts, let me list few things that community is concerned about:

  • Judging criteria was flawed, as there are blogs amongst the winners having less than 10 posts/entries.
  • Many believe that awards were influenced by sponsors, for instance won best blog award in “Current Affairs” category, which according to many was a biased decision.
  • Imran Khan was invited as chief guest, though his participation was not announced before head and hence many think that organizers politicized the event.
  • Many believe that Blog awards are hijacked by group of few elite bloggers (FnF of organizers) who uselessly get mentioned during the events, while small/establishing bloggers are usually pushed to the corners.
  • Judges were not announced before the event – and bloggers are so valid to question the organizers about this.

To know organizers’ view point, I called CIO Pakistan, and spoke with a lady which was reportedly part of organizing team. She asked me to email her the queries, which I did but never got back the response even after 48 hours.

This is not the first time blog awards are being criticized, even last time, 4 winner awards in one same category were announced, meaning that there were four winners for one category. [Only in Pakistan].

At this point of time, we aren’t certain about Blog Awards’ future. We saw many bloggers not participating in second blog awards due to controversial results of first blog awards. Given the situation has reached this level in just two annual awards, we aren’t sure if third blog awards will be held or not.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

      • Dear Ahsan
        I think there is no jealousy here. Though I have won best award in regional category but I am totally disappointed after Islamabad ceremony. Moreover I will not take part next year.

  • I really don’t agree with you man, I participated first time, and won award, and mera door door tak in Blog awards walon say kuch laina dena nahi, Its obvious kay jin ko award nahi mila wo cheekhen gay to sahi!!!!

  • اگر جیت گئے تو صیح
    اگر ہار گئے تو یہ فراڈ ہے
    یہ پاکستان بلاگ ایوارڈز ہے
    یہ پاکستان بلاگ ایوارڈز ہے

    • farhan very funny yar, bohat acha sheir likha hai tum ne, tum to hush ho gaye na kion ke tum to urdu blog ka award jeet chuky ho.

    • فرحان آپ کو پتہ ہے کہ میرے سندھی بلاگ کو ایوارڈ ملا ہے مگر اس کے باوجود میں پاکستان بلاگ ایوارڈ سے مایوس ہوں۔

  • I believe it is very fair of you Aamir to highlight this issue.

    Personally, I don’t like to complain about the whole program and how it was managed but yes, I do have questions and concerns about how they selected their judges?

    I have been into tech blogging for past 6 years now, and maintain a lead in terms of experience when it comes to design, wordpress, seo, content and a couple of other things.

    I applied as a judge for tech blogs for PBA since I have relevant experience and could help them with it.

    Not only I never received a reply, I got a call after PBA happened that “we didn’t reply to you because we thought it would be rude to reject you as a judge”. Like not replying to my email wasn’t already rude enough? Also, as they said and I quote, I “wasn’t senior enough” to be considered as a judge. That speaks volumes! :)

    On the other hand if you see the panel of judges they have, they are all representatives of the companies which partnered or sponsored PBA in one way or the other.

    Also, what’s been kept in veil for long is that judges are all international Lol? They weren’t. And even if they were, where are the names? And then how exactly do they think intl judges can judge us better than our own mentors from Pakistan.

    Also, the Unconference session that I attended and even led in Islamabad was not done out of heart :) and when I say “by heart” most of you would understand what I mean.

    Last time, I was not nominated but even I got the award for my contribution to the blogging industry. This time, I never nominated myself so never won. Why do I mention this? Just to tell you people that I stand on a neutral ground here and whatever I am saying is regardless of my participation.

    I don’t have anything against anyone but it’s time we start doing things by heart, not just because a lot of moola is involved.

    Gandhi said and I quote “Be the change that you want to see in the world”

    My concerns and issues are not just for PBA. It’s for everything in Pakistan. We have to do a lot and trust me we don’t have much time. A lifetime is not enough but whatever we have, we should use it wisely.

    I hope everyone will take my feedback in a positive manner.

    • hum ne Pakistan is liye nahi banaya tha k aik Hindu ki philosophy ko follow karein. Kabhi apne Quaid ya Rasool ko bhi quote karlia karo.

      • ^^ Simply ♥ trolls like this

        He misses the entire comment and focuses all his energy on my quote by Gandhi. Lol!

      • Does it matter if what a hindu said is actually sage advice? I see no reason why a fuss should be created over that.

        Besides, what Saad has pointed out is very valid; there was not much transparency, and the winners might be at the very least, questionable. I sincerely hope we can have much more clarity for the next time!

      • “hum”? You are a founder of the country? Ha ha.

        Remind me again, how religious were the founders? And what about the religious groups that opposed the country?

  • Why would he be jealous? Whatever amir said is true and that is what happened there, these awards were rather discouraging instead of encouraging the bloggers, never mind sh*t happens

  • When I sent my nominee in the PBA 2nd Awards I was not confirmed for two weeks. Similarly I know few others who were approved in last couple of days. In the 1st Awards I was not even approved. ok now talking about others, seriously most of the people don’t even know who the winners are and on what rules the winners were announced? What was the formula? 2+2 or 2*2/2 ?

    I agree with most of the points mentioned by Aamir and Saad. When I wanted to apply this year I was told by few of my blogger friend not to participate because they are going to be fake. Most of them didn’t even apply. One of my friends who is running a company providing social media marketing to the clients was told that their blog does not qualify for the Awards :) 80% of the bloggers I know are not going to participate in any next such event,and the numbers increased since last year. A well established organization CIO is being criticized by tons of well established bloggers, “daal mein Kuch to kala hai” :)

  • One more thing that bloggers said about last year was that they were not PAKISTAN blog awards rather KARACHI blog awards. This time I’m surprised even the top bloggers of Karachi were not even close to winning. The same fight like journalism started in bloggers? I don’t want to see that, rather no mature blogger wants that.

  • SAAD, you are absolutely right. I agreed with ur points. M never expecting such result…. Especially in “Tech” Category….

    But kia krain bhai… ye Pakistan hai….

    We have to do……..

  • biased decisions in whole awards, most the winners are mutual friends with management and one thing more, this is Pakistan where these kind of things are normal, so accept this as we accept everything.

  • I spoke with CIO marketing manager last year in a Nokia’s conference.!

    And he particularly mention to ask YOU (Aamir Atta) to give his feedback, i,e, to give them feedback, even if its bad or good, about this blog award!

    So not replying in 48 hours – Means asking for feedback was a bullshit try and purely diplomatic!

    If they are so serious about the feedback from ProPAkistani – they should now call and at least register their comments

  • I did attend 1st Pakistan Blog Awards with such big hopes that it gonna be something great, unique but alas I was disappointed big time.. you can read my experience here:

    For 2nd Blog Awards, I didn’t attend because I thought I had enough last time.. being into blogging since 2005 I don’t think they are being fair to bloggers. that’s all I would say. thanks Propakistani for the post =)

  • This is the Pakistan that is ladies and gentlemen. Things get worst with the passage of time. That’s pretty much inherited to the nation.

    • I don’t think anyone who blogs seriously should care for these awards, or any other awards. If what they were is helpful, useful, makes people think, etc., that’s reward enough.

      Ignore the popularity contest, focus on producing the best output you can.

  • First nominating Pakistan’s most trafficked blog in the ‘humor’ category, and then removing it after 1 day. Well, that explains that these awards are a pure waste of time. Frankly, PBA team you know nothing about blogging. And then, when I was selected to speak on a ‘social media’ workshop, they called me one day before event to switch my workshop. Real professional.

    We don’t need you PBA.

  • :D – JEO Pakistan :D .

    Guys Chill. Don’t even participate or promote such things, it was just rubbish. The more you talk about them is good for them because they get free publicity. So let them do there stuff. I am sure mostly netsurfers have already realized how genuine they were. LOL I never heard about most of the blog award winners :D. So stop thinking about them. Let the rookies chill :D and celebrate their alo tamatar awards :D . I think thats what we should call them Aalo tamatar awards :D as i didnt see any professional blogger their.

  • @Aamir Atta. @Saad Hamid. @Talal Masood. @Awab Alvi.
    An open and transparent Competitor to Pakistan Blog Awards??

  • I didn’t participate in awards and after announcement of awards, i feel satisfy because awards were distributed on favoritism.
    I’m totally agree with 5 bullets of Aamir Attaa.

  • I also want to participate in this Award Competition….Any one will tell me how to make entry in this competition?


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