PTA Notifies Draft of Spectrum Charging Rationalization Regulations

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has planned to rationalize frequency spectrum fees and pricing with the objective of establishing a fair and transparent pricing structure in order to promote uniformity, consistency and efficiency in spectrum management.

In the proposed draft of regulations called “Spectrum Charging Rationalization Regulations, 2011”, the authority has set $1,300 annual charges for channels on the account of free to air satellite TV communications.

The authority has set annual rates of $1,300 for channels under satellite TV communication Down Link Head whereas it fixed Rs 10 charges for subscribed satellite TV communication (DTH) for each subscriber of a channel.

These regulations will cover services rendered through various modes including

  • Private Land Mobile Wireless Service;
  • Point-to-point Fixed Links in UHF,VHF,HF;
  • Fixed point to point microwave;
  • AM and FM Broadcasting Radio Service;
  • Aeronautical and Maritime Service;
  • Earth Station and TV/MMDS Satellite Communication Services.

PTA explained that Satellite TV service is television programming delivered by the means of communications satellite and received by an outdoor antenna, usually a parabolic mirror generally referred to as a satellite dish, and as far as household usage is concerned, a satellite receiver either in the form of an external set-top box or a satellite tuner module built into a TV set.

Broadcasting service means a radio communication service in which live transmissions are intended for direct reception by the general public. This service may include sound transmissions, television transmissions or other types of transmission OR “point to multipoint service which is provided using various frequency bands like low frequency, medium frequency, high frequency, very high frequency and ultra high frequency as per the ITU allocations, the authority further explained the scope of service providers.

Mobile Satellite Service is a radio communication service between mobile earth stations and one or more space stations, or between space station used by this service.

Aeronautical mobile service is a mobile service between aeronautical stations and aircraft stations, or between aircraft stations, in which survival craft stations may participate, emergency position- indicating radio beacon stations may also participate in this service on designated distress and emergency frequencies.

The authority upon satisfactory evaluation of an application complete in all respects shall within thirty (30) days forward the application to the Board for allocation of radio frequency spectrum but PTA may reject an application after recording reasons leading to denial.

Annual spectrum charges calculation will be carried out upon allocation of the radio frequency spectrum however the authority may from review the categorization of services and annual charges time to time.

The frequency spectrum charges for the utilization by the Government of Pakistan shall be 50 percent, PTA draft stated.

The authority has sought input of the stakeholders particularly services providers in the radio broadcasting and communication business.

The full draft regulation will be viewed here: