Is this Mobilink TVC Similar to AT&T AD?

Pakistani telecom sector is probably one of the top niche in the world for producing new TV commercials in certain duration of time. During this ‘quantity race’ we have seen ad agencies often compromising with the quality and creativity.

They are often caught for getting inspired/copying the idea from foreign TV commercials and producing a local copy.

A TV commercial in question today was recently aired by Mobilink, for which it has received positive reviews from critics; but sadly, it is said that the TVC was inspired/copied from an old AT&T TV commercial.

We are presenting you both the TVCs, to review and decide yourself:

Mobilink TVC:


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  • usama khalid

    Shame i oay!!!

    • Qaman

      lo ye bhi Telenor ki tarah cheater nikalay lol.

  • usama khalid

    Aamir bhai,here is another one for your readers.

    Mobilink is good in copying!!!!!

  • Yasir Latif

    Mobilink… simply a copy N paste co. ADs, Jazba logo etc…. yuk

  • Pakiii

    may b mobilink following ” dn’t reinvent the wheel” :P

  • Islam

    Then what happens if they copy?

  • Abdullah Siddique

    lol sham to copy the idea just company name change :D

  • saleet

    Well…. Its hardly a single relevant… Idea behind can be a bit relevant wich is already there in every second TVC of telecom companies but totally a different and much beautiful representation…
    Disagreed with You…

    • waqas

      if this is the case than why mobilink is paying more than a million to VP marketing with 5 series BMW.
      This can be possible with teams of interns as well.

    • Muhammad Ali

      This is not a valid argument to defend blatant plagiarism. Here more than the brand team, The agency needs to be blamed of such level of copy paste job.

  • waqas

    Simply unethical …..

  • Haris Humayun

    So what the presentation of Mobilink is much much better Log tou puri ki puri movie copy ker daitay hia yeh tou sirf add hai

  • Jabran

    With the trend of casting actors who more likely seem to be foreigners, I wonder sometime, will there be time when they show us that Pakistanis are also using those products and are happy with them.

    • Rameez Kakakhel

      Your point needs to be heard.

  • SBukhari

    I’m a visualiser myself and I was too curious to see how much COPIED it is from the AT & T ad. In advertising, certain things could turn out to be similar when you are conveying your message to the same target market. Moblink ad is very touching and their message is the same “Voice that is so clear that it can show you the whole picture”. So….what’s the problem if the basic concept of both ads happens to be the same? Execution of both ads is quite different. Moblink is too good. I hear every other kid and even adults humming the same jingle around me. Learn to appreciate good efforts my dear fellowmen and stop the blame game.

    • a khan

      Even the jingle that you say is “being hummed by every one”, is Barnie’s song from Barney and friends. Did mobilink buy the rights from that studio or are they just praying that the studio never finds it out?

      Shameless stuff.

    • I dont know why but unfortunately copied stuff gets more fame than original idea :S

    • Muhammad Ali

      you here this jingle because this is the most popular BARNEY Song and this whole commercials is nothing but blatant plagiarism.

  • Sweet Dee

    That’s the difference between an original idea and a copied one.

    The original had no spoken words…just facial expressions, and that there was all that was required to bring tears to my eyes. Simply Beautiful.

    The mobilink one was so out of place and cheesy. Terrible ad and terrible attempt at copying.

  • Shayan

    Shame on mobilink… Being a vast network in Pakistan n they copy cant….

  • Ali

    seriously i dnt understand whats the point?

  • ShahAbdul Latif

    This is not the first time Mobilink has done this.
    Mobilink Jazzba is a complete ripoff of the following logo:

  • Ali


    A MESSAGE TO CEO if you are reading this..

  • Red

    “Good artists copy, Great artists steal”
    Learn from this.

    Does it really matter if the ad is copied or not.
    it serves it purpose, that’s what matters.

    Consumers don’t really care.

    I don’t really see the debate in this.

    • Abdul Haseeb

      Awam hi zardari jesi niyat andar rakhte hai andar to zardari se shikwa kesa :@
      lol Orignality is something also.
      I really dont like the ad too cheesy and one of the worst point of this ad is that its CAST is not Pakistani and i think and most of Mobilink’s ads aren’t.

  • This isn’t a fault of mobilink. advertising company is responsible for it. and for logo graphic designer is responsibe.

    • gustad

      This is rubbish. It is the job of the client to do due diligence and make sure items are not pilfered. With your logic if the advertising agency were to steal copyright materials, put unathorized shots of models and use background music without paying royalty, who is to blame? The ad agency? How will that hold in a court of law??
      Oh I’m sorry my ad agency did it… Right.

  • Dr Fauwad

    people stop criticising….
    think n feel how the baby girl actually sings…
    this is something which should be praise.. bt actually we pakistani’s are use to just criticise things… its our normal behaivour…
    the add of AT&T do carry the same theme bt the song mobilink choose is actually the most famous rhyme of todays generation…. most of you might nt know who is barney… search in youtube and you will get to know….
    still i say its just due to that baby girl which will carry more fan of this add..

    • A for Apple

      I agreee!!!

  • dr. Fauwad

    but what actually it hurts is that no one actually point out the cuteness and purity with which the song is actually sang…
    welldone readers!!!
    i do admire you people for it… bt i will like to advise you the love mankind before its too late to do so…

  • Mustafa Hanif

    Its really sad, when I first saw the Mobilink commercial, I was blown away.

    But now I see this … its sad :(

  • Admi Musaffir ha

    Emmmm awesome, pooooooooooooooor and cheapppppppppppppppppppppp :) Mobilink

  • Me

    Come on guys ! cut the crap ! good job Mobilink, a warm heart touching advert!

  • Azim

    I love the Mobilink ad! It’s one of my favourite ones on TV these days – everyone in my family loves it,. Shame on us Pakistanis that we can be so quick to bring down something that is so good. Great work Mobilink.

  • Kashif M Qasim

    Shame on you Mobilink and the AD agency. And the logo of Jazba huh… its funny that designer has just done it with a tutorial :-) Well done man! Bravo :p

    Another thing which is worst in most of the mobilink ‘s ads is that they shoot most of their commercials with Indian models/actors and the whole ad is saying Mobilink Jazz, ‘APNA HAI’. Aaare bhai agar waqaeen apna hai aur itna hi apnapan hai then get our Models/actors to work in it. Its not that they are not competent but its just that you are underestimating them.

    Look at Zong most of the times they used to create ads with a fresh local models/actors and it paid off great.

  • hassan Javed

    In my opinion, it’s a great ad and serves the purpose very well.

    If we look with a critical eye on the ads we’ve seen so far, every 2nd 3rd ad is on the same concept and there are hundreds of ads with the same theme. The point here is the strong tag line which is communicated “Network Itna MAZBOOT k awaz dikhae day” very well. The audience can affiliate with this ad very easily. Copying an idea is not unethical, Indian ads which are often used for reference, do that as well. It’s a bet that no one can switch the channel when the said add is aired caz its worth watching. It’s way better then ZONG and Telenor and specially Ufone pathetic funny ads with no sense. When the target market remains same, things can match with each other.

    Again, the main point of best network and signal strength is communicated in an awesome way. And that’s communicating the message is what keeps on TOP. Logo creation is just a font which is used for JAZBA. Font can be used by anyone anywhere.
    Regards .

    • NY Khan

      what i know is that, criticizing is far much easier, I bet thousands of people and kids like it and I see no point in criticizing where it serves the purpose. Please everybody have already plenty of strains in our country and even if one child or person enjoys and like it then it doesn’t matter whose concept and theme was copied, I bet that any of these friends in the string have nothing to add positive from their criticizing comments but to exhaust their frustration.
      Please be supportive to everybody who add some peace and harmony in any aspect

  • Waqar

    Kuch ni hota G….dil bara kry sb…its routine ki krwai…sb copy paste krty hai…bollywood ki movies to copy paste hota hai…ye to phir b 2 min ka commercial hai….

  • mariya

    supporting that mobilink’s was a better version .. :) a well inspired ad

  • Skare

    Such a shameful act by Mobilink! Thats why i hate all these telcos , they call themselves “PROUD PAKISTANIS” and then rip off ads from around the globe! where is the creativity and the unique “marketing” tactics for which all these marketing people get paid for? Shame on Mobilink marketing & Brands team!

  • sherry

    whenever i read such stories, i wonder why attack the company that sells air time and not the company that is in the business of making these ads? yes, the agency in question. mobilink or telenor or pepsi, whoever airs these copies doesnt intentionally do it (or so i would hope!). they listen to the concept and approve it. they arent adveritising geniuses who would know an ad by the concept kay yeh kab kisnay banaya hoga. BUT, the guy or the team who pitches the idea does cos he or she is the one who copies. secondly, they always try and copy old ads to get away with the theft hoping kay no one will find out and each time this happens, it gets outed. yet, it happens all teh time with various companies. why? cos only creative ppl can be so naive thinking kay we would do such a good improvisation that no one will be able to tell. i can bet if you ask the guy whose brainchild thsi tvc was, he will deny any copying. yes, advertising people are that do number! they dont lie, they are in denial themselves. but seriously Aamir, attack the right person / organization.

  • Usama Ahmed

    Now ProPakistani will blog over TV Ads.