PTCL Offers Double Up Unlimited Package

dblup_pbPTCL today announced that it has enhances its triple play packages with unlimited on-net calling, waiver for IPTV charges, waiver for line rent and more. Keep reading to know complete details.

This offering incentivizes double play attractiveness and encourages triple play subscribers by:

  • Unlimited On-Net Local & NWD calls
  • Unlimited Broadband downloads*
  • Mobile calls @ Rs 1.25 per minute
  • IPTV service charges waiver
  • PTCL line rent waiver
  • Free Wifi Modem
  • Package starting from Double Up Unlimited 1Mbps @ Rs 1,999


Fixed Monthly Charge (Rs.)

Line Rent

Mobile Call Rate

IPTV Service Charges

Unlimited On-net Voice & 1Mbps broadband


Included in fixed monthly charge

Rs. 1.25 per minute

IPTV Service Charges Waiver

Unlimited On-net Voice & 2Mbps broadband


Unlimited On-net Voice & 4Mbpsbroadband


Unlimited On-net Voice & 6Mbps broadband


Unlimited On-net Voice & 8Mbps broadband


Just to mention, PTCL charges all customers Rs.1000/month for greater than 50 GB downloads. This is applicable on 4 Mbps, 6 Mbps & 8 Mbps packages.

  • i think this is a double game. because a person who only want to use internet he is also compelled to pay 1999 instead 1199.

    • Bro,
      This package is not mandatory to choose you can use any other broadband only package also.
      This package is for the people who need to get unlimited onnet calls to PTCL.

      Really a nice Package it is.

  • If some knowledegable person can give us the rates that the customer will have to ACTUALLY pay i.e, after taxes etc for this package?

    • im using 2mb double package if i hv no mb calls thn the bill ll b including all taxes 2350..these are realy cool packages frm PTCL n upr se jo net ki speed ha outstanding

  • is this poromotion for new telephone connections ? or new users? or existing ones ?

    What’s the setup / connection charges etc??

  • anyone to answer this :-

    is this poromotion for new telephone connections ? or new users? or existing ones ?

    What’s the setup / connection charges etc??

  • guys this is lumpsum 1999/- after tax it would be 2389/-,

    but the question is what did they waive in IPTV charges, the monthly 300/- or IPTV unit price which is 5000/-

  • I got 2mbps on this connection, i was charged for local and nationwide PTCL calls in the first month, i wonder what unlimited calls mean there… im sure i didnt exceed the 1100 minutes limit.. barely 300 it would have been for me.
    Overcharged in the very first month.

    Rs.4290 my first month’s bill. I confirmed each and every detail before i got connected, but they charged me in both line rent, OTHER charges, package charges, settop box charges, misc charges, special service charges, dsl charges. thats CRAP! fraud hai PTCL ka.

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