PTCL Offers Double Up Unlimited Package

dblup_pbPTCL today announced that it has enhances its triple play packages with unlimited on-net calling, waiver for IPTV charges, waiver for line rent and more. Keep reading to know complete details.

This offering incentivizes double play attractiveness and encourages triple play subscribers by:

  • Unlimited On-Net Local & NWD calls
  • Unlimited Broadband downloads*
  • Mobile calls @ Rs 1.25 per minute
  • IPTV service charges waiver
  • PTCL line rent waiver
  • Free Wifi Modem
  • Package starting from Double Up Unlimited 1Mbps @ Rs 1,999


Fixed Monthly Charge (Rs.)

Line Rent

Mobile Call Rate

IPTV Service Charges

Unlimited On-net Voice & 1Mbps broadband


Included in fixed monthly charge

Rs. 1.25 per minute

IPTV Service Charges Waiver

Unlimited On-net Voice & 2Mbps broadband


Unlimited On-net Voice & 4Mbpsbroadband


Unlimited On-net Voice & 6Mbps broadband


Unlimited On-net Voice & 8Mbps broadband


Just to mention, PTCL charges all customers Rs.1000/month for greater than 50 GB downloads. This is applicable on 4 Mbps, 6 Mbps & 8 Mbps packages.