Telenor Revises its 30 Second Package

telenor_packageIt appears that cellular companies have started pulling the plug for various popular prepaid tariff plans. No wonder the price war had hit its optimum limit.

Telenor has revised its 30 seconds package, in fact the package has been taken back and a new tariff plan with charging pulse of 1 minute will be in place from January 27th, 2012 onwards.

New package will be called Talkshawk Economy, while all existing 30 second package customers will be converted to Talkshawk Economy package.

But if you do not want your calling rates to change, dial *345*15# to stay on Telenor Talkshawk 30 Sec.

New Call Rates

  • To Telenor number: Rs. 1.50 (per min)
  • To other network: Rs. 1.50 (per min)
  • Friends & Family Telenor-Telenor (6am-6pm): Rs. 0.90 (per min)
  • Friends & Family Telenor-Telenor (6pm-6am): Rs. 1.50 (per min)
  • Friends & Family Telenor-Any other Network: Rs. 1.50 (per min)
  • International Call FnF Rates: Rs. 1.50 (per min)

All rates are exclusive of taxes.

  • inayat

    accha nahi hai, soooo bad package. :(

    • naveed akhtar

      zong m9 mai 90 per min har network par,ab batao kon sasta hai

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      kahin ye paisa sara funds ka norway k agents ko tu nahi ja raha ? TELENOR aur easy paisa walon clear karo is baat ko itni zyda funding q ho rahi hai aur paisa kahan lagaya ja rahah ai.Cheif justice ,ISI aur governmet ko is baat ki tehqekat karni chaiye .

    • another chalaki scheme of telenor. they know that only a few customers will try to stay on 30 seconds, others will pay extra money to telenor.

    • Waqar

      inayat tum ko tu fire kiya tha company nay

      • i live at tank. the telenor network is so no working in tank .so request to you that you make the telenor network in dist tank thanks

  • zain

    yahan loog bohat uchaltay thay nahi 7 rupee main unlimited call mehangi hai . 2 rs per hour mehanga.
    abb mazay karo .

  • waqas

    So that means almost all companies are getting expensive

  • Saeed

    Yani ab pora aik min. charge karein gay. Yani ab double munafa :)

    Where are the guys that always talking on behalf of telenor.

    Is this good Offer?

  • pakiiii

    it seem all the mobile operator decided to raise prices and now its ufone turn as per descending order of number of customers.

  • i think k yeh koi khas pkge nai hy as compared to ufone 10 sec ofer and jazz 1 sec

  • Usman Attal

    useless offer….

  • Badar

    Companies are increasing their prices just due to make profit to afford the licence fee for 3g/4g/LTE Technologies.
    And this is true and I am always right!

  • Usman

    I am going from telenor (03006108610) to ufone wher 49 paisa per 30 second

    • Saeed

      Please be careful Ufone packages are limited time.

  • About Telenor

    Telenor has increased charges of free call promo from PKR 7 to PKR 15 Daily, while advertising it PKR 7.
    This Company has loose the trust.
    so sad and bad.
    Mobilink has imposed PKR 3.99 DAILY Charges, Ufone is best, who not charging any daily charges on 25 Paisa offer and 49 paisa.

  • But Telenor has 63 paisa package. you can use it for 30 second billing package. and on 63 paisa package you can avail 20 second per 30 paisa offer. Telenor Rocks
    We Love You Telenor

  • expensive call rates

  • Cheema

    Warid is best. No Cheating, No hidden charges and trust worthy for worthy customers.

  • vj

    plz can any one tel me how to unsub 30 sec packge helpline center is soo bad

  • Good Package for Good People