PTI Gets Back Hacked Facebook Pages

332375-PTILogo-1328516622-670-640x480Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s official Facebook pages, which were taken down by hackers on Friday, have been restored, reported The Express Tribune.

“The pages were put back up at around 5am on Monday after hectic efforts by party members in the US and Pakistan,” President of the Insaf Students Federation in Karachi, Arsalan Ghumman, told The Express Tribune.

Approximately 30 pages were hacked, including the official page of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, ISF’s own page and that of PTI Secretary General Dr. Arif Alvi.

“We immediately contacted the National Response Cell on Cyber Crime, a department of the Federal Investigation Agency, as well as the management of Facebook in the US,” Ghumman said.

Since it was a weekend in the US, it delayed the process and made it that much more complicated. “But it worked to our advantage that the PTI is an officially recognized political party in the US,” he said.

Although PTI has a fair idea of who hacked the pages, Ghumman said, they are not willing to disclose the hacker’s identity right now.

“I just want to clarify that this is not an inside job, as some people have been saying on social networking websites. The hacker is not and was not a member of the PTI,” he said, adding that the party is considering holding a press conference to disclose who hacked the pages.

Via Express Tribune

  • wllll that was me catch me if you can. as you say that i m not the member of pti let me tell u that i m very near to ahsan & hashmi uncle my dad was the 3rd person whome hashmi give his book & yo i want the number of

    & many peoples of pakistan still dont gey my point what i want i dont want money mujha pasay shayea hotay to nawas sharif bohat da saqta tha lakin i hack cos i want them to open the wall post of the pages & reply to the Q of the proples which is still not done only as past ik oficial is open & they dont reply on that page how they can reply on pti official jaguthi imran khan PM page so i again say them to open next time i will not hack the page i will hack the peoples in real life thank you & c my wall post in the ik official users section page & contact me their

    • Once again, are you dumb or are you dumb? opening wall to half a million people and you expect PTI to answer to thousands of trolls posting their idiocy every day? what a dumb troll!

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  • @ChiriRoza sorry very l8 comon give me your id or phone number i will tell u what is real & yes a singlr man can reply to even bill peoples on facebook page lakin ya phir b ak teem hayn in say reply nahi hota ma single tha aur more then 1 cror proples ko reply karta tha on my islamic page on facebok comon give me your cell no

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