wi-tribe Launches Buy-Sell Software Portal

1wi-tribe has launched beta version of this software portal with an aim to offer local developers an opportunity to sell their software to local as well as global audience.

With first of its kind initiative, wi-tribe is seeking developers to get themselves enlisted with wi-tribe to start selling their software in following categories:

  • Anti-virus & anti-spam
  • Business
  • Communication
  • Games
  • Graphics
  • Internet & Networking
  • Mobile Applications
  • PC Widgets
  • Systems Utilities

How to Buy Software from wi-tribe Bazaar:

Anyone can buy/download software from wi-tribe Bazaar, by paying for the software by using wi-tribe scratch cards, available within Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi and Faisalabad, in denominations of Rs.100, Rs.250, Rs.500 and Rs.1000.

Software cost could be: FREE, Rs. 100, Rs. 250, Rs. 500 or Rs. 1,000.

Currently the Bazaar is in beta and has limited software available on it. But sure you can go ahead browse the categories and get a software you need.

Here’s URL: http://bazaar.wi-tribe.pk/

How to Register as a seller:

If you are a software developer (company) then simply head to this URL: http://bazaar.wi-tribe.pk/store/pg/9-Seller-FAQs.aspx and fill the form to get registered at the portal.

  • One time registration price is Rs. 1,000
  • Developers will get 65% revenue share after tax deductions
  • Payouts will be made after
    • your software is downloaded at least 100 times
    • completion of 3 months on the Bazaar

  • wi-tribe kay single tu atay nahi apni product par dahan day. Single tu pahlay pooray kary pher lunches par dahan day…..wi-tribe .. wi-tribe…wi-tribe

  • It is a very good attempt to promote local Software Developers. Hope it pays out.

    The currently listed software is mostly free. Looks like someone spent an hour or two on download.cnet.com and randomly picked up free software. Interestingly, he even copied the comments by CNET Editor’s, which is a copy right issue, as stated on CNET website.

    “Thank you for your interest in reusing our content. Since all our editorial content is copyrighted, permission is necessary in order to reuse. Our partner, The YGS Group, will walk you through the process and present the many custom products available. ”

    Here is an example from Wi-Tribe;


    And original link on CNET


    Copied Content as displayed under ‘Details’

    “The freeware CCleaner hasn’t seen many major revisions since Piriform launched it in 2004, so when you do see a major update, you can be assured that it’s going to come with impressive new tools. CCleaner 3 doesn’t disappoint on that front, introducing two major new features that make it worth the upgrade.”

    • Pakistani apni trade mark harkatun sy baaz nahi aa saktay. Will Propakistani please point it out in this blogpost?

  • Well this is an excellent initiative by witribe. But I wonder if they have set up any quality assurance department to test and verify the legitimacy of software submitted to the portal.

  • Ek teer se 2 shikar ka to suna hoga, wi-tire is here for “Ek teer se 3 shikar”

    1) Off-course, apni market bhi to barhani hai, nice way of gaining attention of internet users
    2) Developers hazraat ki dilchaspi
    3) 35% mehnat karnay walay ko, baqi wi-tribe ke account main

    Amazingly Evil-Genius

  • Service ka tto bora hal hy. Now, Very bed signal strength i am receiving here in i-10/1, Gali 79. this week may be, i will closed relation with Wi-Tribe; because they are not able to provide me average service in Islamabad’s old residential sector.

  • Dear ((Blind)) Customer ‘Care’

    I am still awaiting your support regarding bed signal in i-10/1 from last four weeks. I am not able to receive your service by ‘Indore’ device inside my home. If you think this device is ‘rough & tough’ for out side used; then OK.

    (Sector i-10/1, Islamabad)

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