A Day in The Internet [Infographic]

Ever imagined how much data is consumed over internet in a day? or how much emails were exchanged between the internet users all over the world in a day? If no, have a look at following infographic which has much more interesting stats to be viewed.

I won’t delay you further, so let’s go straight to the infographic with some stunning facts:




  • Ali

    Nice sharing indeed.

  • saddam hussain



    waste of time ???
    getting information???

    its all depends on internet user. keep browsing to get & share better knowledge and information…

    • Shahid Saleem

      How much do you learn (I mean REALLY learn new things, etc) from comments on this blog? And yet you still read them, right?

      Answers your question for you.

      • Pakistani


      • buddy its also learning :)
        like you argue he also argue you both develop a communication skill & on other hand you both learn or try to learn without knowing your self

  • Khan

    That is why its called Global village.

  • asim

    what is for us nothing just information.only say do some productive work.

  • insight

    very informative sharing. thumbs up

  • insight

    thumbs up for such informative sharing.

  • shakeel

    gud thumbs up!!!

  • Akram

    well this was something new for me i mean i am into internet from early 2000 but never knew it consumes this much …. informative post and interesting facts

  • -W-

    Nice Share.

  • misrar

    i love telecomunication
    and u?