Telenor to Launch App and Game Store

djuice_thumbThe desire of having different applications on one’s handheld phone-set has further increased after the advent of Smart phones. To cater to such demand of users, telecom service providers have been observed rapidly increasing the availability of different applications.

Mobile apps have been used to a larger scale in developed countries, particularly in Europe and North America. One’s use of apps may have a multitude of purposes i.e. playing games, get traveling directions, news, books and weather news etc. Mobile apps are easy to download and can be used anytime anywhere. Some of companies also provide free apps or trial versions which can also be fun.

Due to growing interest in computer games provision of gaming apps and suitable platform is also, now a days, a parameter of market competition among cellular companies. Apple’s iPhone and iPad have revolutionized such customer centric industry. Smartphones claim to have everything a user demands. However, it needs a super fast internet within easy access of each and everybody.

After Mobilink’s Jazz Banana another initiative about developing app store has been taken by Telenor, Pakistan. Just yesterday, Telenor joined hands with 24MAS for application and games store. The agreement signing ceremony was held at Stockholm and the core-services for store will be provided by 24MAS, a European-based international mobile advertising and application development company.

On the occasion Telenor’s Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Aamir Ibrahim said that the provision of games and app store will satisfy thousands of customers who are longing for it. He further added that it is first time for Telenor Pakistan to start a game and app store and 24MAS has got both quality and innovation.

The representatives of 24MAS shed light on their achievements in emerging markets and marked the agreement an ideal partnership to succeed in a nascent Smartphone market.

This agreement marks the start of a new chapter for Smartphone market. According to experts, Smartphone seem to witness considerable growth in the region.

App and Game portal will be launched under Telenor’s djuice brand and will be platform independent, meaning that apps and games from all operating systems are likely to be hosted on store. We are expecting more information from Telenor Pakistan on this to keep you updated.

It merits mentioning here that Djuice announced an app competition for students and developers in Pakistan, in a bid to promote local app development.

  • they r catching up to Jazz Bananas App store after such a long time. How slow are these guys?

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