Jazz to Go Bananas with an Online App Store


Mobilink has prepared itself for the upcoming 3G era, when millions of mobile phone users will be looking for mobile apps and other mobile related content.

Named as “Jazz Bananas”, Mobilink is today evening unveiling it’s online app store that is aimed to bring localized mobile apps and more, exclusively to Mobilink customers.

So basically idea is simple, there’s this website: http://www.jazzbananas.com/, which will offer mobile apps, games, music and more; primarily for Android, Java and Symbian phones. Most apps are free with some priced between Rs. 5 to Rs. 100.

Mobilink says that they are up with at least 5,000 apps to start with, however, thousands of more apps are in the pipeline to be uploaded on the store.

Mobilink is officially announcing the launch of Jazz Bananas today evening, for the purpose they have setup this event page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=224457297609236

More details to follow after the event, meanwhile here’s how you can download apps from Jazz Bananas.

How to Download Apps:

This service is currently exclusively for Mobilink users, so anyone with a Mobilink number can go to website, set his/her mobile phone to view filtered list of apps compatible with his/her phone.

Step 1:

Browse through the website to select app, music video, game or whatever content you want to download. There would be a “Buy Now” button – click on it to proceed.


Step 2:

After clicking “Buy Now” button, a pop-up like below will appear. Here you will need to enter your Mobilink number and to click the continue button.


Step 3:


Send displayed short code from your mobile phone to complete the purchase.


  • If you are purchasing a paid app then charges will be deducted from Jazz Account.
  • You will be given a link to download the app
  • GPRS charges for downloading the app will apply

Here’s official promo for the service:

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  • First from any mobile operator in Pakistan.

    • admin

      I know Telenor had such plans too. On another note, after confining this service to only their own customers – Mobilink probably missed a large chunk of user base and largely missed the idea of online store that can rock local market in coming years.

      I am sure entrepreneurs are eyeing this closely…

      • FYI

        Yes Telenor was working on it and had some understanding with a hand-set company also.

        Agreed, restricting to own customers is not a good idea. Let’s see how things unfold ahead…

  • SilentPlay3r

    http://www.jazzbananas.com/ throwing system errors. :-D

    Strange, they should put a beta label or at-least shouldn’t go live before doing a proper SQA & penetration.

    Crappy stuff!!

  • Kollegejeans

    lolz….chek out music , games n wallpapers link…nothing available..
    funny actually

  • Timmy

    The website is working fine….and there seems to be a lot of stuff there….looks like a brilliant first step!

  • Rem0te1

    5000+ content? where? what a load of useless content !!! I am sure Telenor will be coming up with better content from develoeprs such as gameloft zmobile etzz

    Lame/useless stuff.

  • Saad Awais

    The name is so crap.


    Is Mobilink planning to give Kailas to its customers?

    • Aamir Zafar

      hahahaha ****Kailas****

      • Zee$han Ahmed

        hahaahha what a paki:)

  • Timmy

    @Rem0te1: They have Angry Birds, YoNinja,PigRush, Hungry Shark, Youtube, Flickstr, Street Fighter, Need for Speed and a lot more….you should probably check it again…the content is pretty good…

    If Telenor had to do an app store they would have done it by now! :)

  • Zulfiqar Mirza

    Array Baba

    Yeh kia zulm kar dia May-be-link waloan ne,

    Ab to Rehman Malik is ko JazzApples.com he bulaaye ga

  • Rehman bhai

    Good collection of apps/games !! Even some apps which are expensive in USD currency are available on jazzbananas.com with afordable prices in local PKR currency:) cant wait to see more n more content. Mobilink please put on blackberry content too!!

  • hsk

    nice attempt but it doesn’t contain lots of apps i wish they could add more in short time

  • zulfiqar ali

    can u gve sme apps 4 my n73. . ?

  • hsk

    i saw the add of this new banana store and i have noticed that the have copied a character of gear of war game the character is called dom

  • Timmy

    Oh please Dom and that odd guriella guy are miles apart….HSK do you work for some telecom company? :)

  • Decent

    Go to “www.Gamezmob.tk”…A free wapsite of Gameloft games for every screen resolution.

  • Observer

    Here is the message I am getting since last 30 minutes:

    Sorry system is not responding

    We are sorry as the system is not responding right now to process your request, please try again later. Go back to Homepage.

    Banana! isn’t it?

  • catty

    Just checked it is working just fine….downloaded a couple of apps as well for android


    well it is going to be start of a new era


    plz give me adobeflashplayer for my mobile QMOBILE E900 soap

  • Willsmith

    gamezmob.tk is kewl thanks you alot decent! …mybe jazz ppl need to learn tht good games and apps are everywhere and thy need to come with better content to estblish but why wud they care for quality its Maybe-link who only know how to steal and cheat instead deliver something of value

  • Rayna Malik

    Great effort from Mobilink. There’s still room for improvement but I guess that will come with time.

  • Raja Azmat

    Well done Mobilink. Its a start and Mobilink took the lead. Good stuff will show up as soon as these things gain more ground. Trend actually needs to be set, step wise, right now all the operators are bringing around the smartphone revolution – apps was the next step…

  • Mumtaz

    Very nice to say that it is good job of jazz to open things for viewers

  • Engr Junaid-ur-Rahman Memon

    Mobilink is a besten besten network.
    may mobilink network remain dwell with us

  • Sharjeel

    Best service

  • Well done jazz please make softwere of non android phone Like N s

  • sami


  • i like jazz bananas

  • Raja junaid


  • saad

    Such a comfortable and entertaining pkg. Keep it up Mobilink..B)

  • PakTech

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