Using SMS with Responsibility

SMS is probably the most widely used communication channel in Pakistan. We exchanged 176 billion text messages in 2010 (last reported stats), which would have doubled in number by 2012.

With such massive usage, there comes a responsibility attached to this medium which every citizen should respect and adopt with essence. If not used properly, this SMS medium can leave disastrous impact on the society to easily cripple down the ecosystem of our country.

Hasb-e-Haal (A show on Dunya TV) recently discussed this matter, and we thought of sharing the video with you to understand the responsibility attached with using SMS. We are presenting the video as it is for our readers:

    • Yes its a very bad habit.
      Our people doesn’t thing before doing anything that what thier efforts wil do.

  • Cellular companies should also think about it,
    why they have provided so cheap/unlimited sms packages, so every one just forwards or i would say spams peoples with wrong news information,
    this is not good, there should be a stand on it,
    i’m doing my part of job, i do not sends the messages to anyone that contains some suspicious information and not even jokes and stuff,
    Peoples Think About It!
    and do your side of Job!

    • According to your theory we should take arms from our forces cause criminals use the same guns to rob,kill people.

      If you get unlimited supply of water will u keep taking shower through out the day and get skin problems? So there should be a limit set for how much water is pumped to your house?

      If petrol is dirt cheap will you keep driving all day? So the price of petrol should be kept high other wise people like you should not keep driving.

      If you do not want to text dont, trying to enforce other to do that as well is pathetic.

      • hehe I was waiting for someone like you to comment “chor ki dhardi main tinka”

        Do you forward SMS to yourself on your own number?
        Are you sure 100% that all your recipients are very pleased by your every SMS?
        Two persons appreciate you out of ten and other seven think “lo vela phir shuru ho gaya” perhay bagair delete.

        aik waqt ata hay apka naam dekh ker he wo message delete ker detay hain. Phir kabhi kaam ka message bhejo to wo bhi nahi parhain gay, ap pocho gay “yaar faalaan sms ka reply nahi kea” aur jawab ayay ga “yaar aisa koi sms nahi aya”

        mujhay nahi pata wo actor wagera kon hay main TV nahi dekhta, laiken bohat achi khaalis batain ki us nay.

        • :@ FAIZAN jaisey loog sirf ye soochtey hain k society main jo masla hai wo mera nahi hai main q qurbani doon,inko itna khayal nahi hota k agar thori si qurbani de do gay tu pata nahi kitnay logo ka faida ho jai ga.bey-hiss loog hotey hain isey jo sirf apna soochtey hain aur country main jo chal raha hai us ki parva hi nahi kartey.Kon si mukamal pabandi lag rahi hai jo Faizan aur Shahid saleem jesay loog tarap uthtey hain ya in se “kahan pani” cheen rahay hain,agar thoray SMS limited ho jai gay tu kisi ka bhi NUKSAAN nahi ho ga.

        • — Do you forward SMS to yourself on your own number?

          Huh? And if I do, so what? Sending messages to myself only costs me money that I know I have to spend.

          — Are you sure 100% that all your recipients are very pleased by your every SMS?

          If I worried “100%” about that I would never send an SMS. And neither would you. But you send them regardless! Hypocrciy.

          — Two persons appreciate you out of ten and other seven think “lo vela phir shuru ho gaya” perhay bagair delete.

          Oh, if only there was a technology to delete your comments from this site… heh heh.

        • And really, despite your stupid idiotic examples, you have given no reason for imposing a limit.

        • I don’t text,neither I make calls frequently, my cellphone usage is limited to letting my family know about my where abouts apart from work.

          And from all your comments ‘chor kind daarhi me tinka’ suits more on you.

          And the person stating that we have to sacrifice,will it be fair if there is a limit impose on how much TV one watches in a day,just because kids are getting bad grades? Don’t get emo on such stuff,I the inter webs is an ugly alley where you will be hammered for such notions.

    • Um, if you don’t want to send lots of messages, don’t send them. How obvious is that?

      If someone (a collegue or friend) keeps spamming you, ask them to stop. How obvious is that?

      Why impose stupid limits? Next you’ll want a limit on how much water people can drink.

      • When ziddi bacha like Shahid Saleem pani kay tub say bahir nahi ata to parents usay zabardasti bazu say pakard ker nikaltay hain.

        Nashai baaz na ayay to zabardasti nasha churdaya jata hay.

        Ya ap sabat kar do keh SMS bhejna sawab ka kaam hay jo log is say manah kertay hain wo gunah kertay hain :D

        • Your efforts are transparent for what they are:

          The only illusion here is your obsession of using mob mentality and populism when it comes to imposing your “limits” on others.

        • bhai aaj k halaat ko dekho tu universities aur colleges even schools main students is ka kitna ghalat use kar rahay hain?din bhar isi main lagay rehtay hain aur parents un meesages pe limit laga hi nahi saktey.Aur doosri baat koi din bhar main zarori msseges 50 tak bhi kar sakta hai?sawal hi nahi paida hota agar isey koi limit lagai jai jis main zarori massages aur thoray tafreeh waley messages bhi ho jai tu sab ka bhala ho jai ga.

          • People were better when they didn’t have calculators because they hard to learn to calculate in their heads. Now they need a calculator to add 80 and 50.

            I propose we ban calculators. Are you with me???

    • Agreed… Mobile Operators are also involved in this and many other misuses of cellular services.

  • Pathaan Pathaan Khaan per mazak.

    Jo log yeh kahain gay (yaar yeh SMS to bus mazak hain Khan baradri to hamain bohat piyari)

    wo log in SMS main apni baradri laga ker SMS forward ker dia karain. mazaak he hain na?

  • We pay too many taxes/extra service charges/network maintenance charges. Companies should provide us free 50 SMS per day and no SMS packages.

    SMS packages only for businesses etc.

  • yes i agreed we are exchanging the messages with lot of care .i aaaammmm facing this problem right now.that’s why i am not mentioning the complete name…stay safe……………..

  • Well ofcourse we have to use messages carefully as their have been lots of misconceptions about it..! even on internet we should use proper language. you never no if some big agencies are watching over you and i ask people to avoid using their personal information on sites such as facebook and if they are they should not participate in activities which may harm them

  • There are many reports published time to time on bad effects of heavy usage of SMS. Some of the reports I found via google search:

    – Research Paper – Mobile Phone: Calling and Texting Patterns of College Students in Pakistan []

    – Research Paper SMS Texting and Its Potential Impacts on Students’ Written
    Communication Skills- [] (also check References)

    If there is no control or monitoring on such usage, various problems like social, moral, behavioral & monetary will arise.

    • Yawn, boring, whatever. Really, your core problem is SELF CONTROL. If you don’t have SELF CONTROL, anything can break you. Can’t stop yourself from watching tv? FAIL. Can’t stop yourself from eating too much? FAIL. Can’t stop yourself from texting? FAIL. Can’t stop yourself from drinking Coke? FAIL.

      but so far, watching tv, eating too much, or texting have also not destroyed our society. Maybe individuals, but not society.

  • There are many reports published time to time on bad effects of heavy usage of SMS. Some of the reports I found via google search:

  • No need to comment…………..
    This is a true massage for all Pakistani……………..
    plz understand the need of unity at that kind critical time

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