My Poor Texting Nation

120308-texting-while-drivingBy Farrukh

Mobile technology has always been a cause of concern for many in our country. From angry parents of a teenager to ordinary students getting smashed by teachers for texting in classrooms, we all find that missing pride in texting unstoppably.

Technology without doubt has paved easiness for us in many walks of life. However, there are times when misused technology can create more problems than solving. There are only few things cheap in Pakistan and texting is one such facility available to all. Similarly, anyone can text in English or even in Urdu. Today, I am going to discuss what texting is doing to us as people.

Developed nations around the world feel that texting while behind the steering wheel is very dangerous. But unfortunately, this is not the case in Pakistan. People just don’t want their thumbs to rest even when they need to concentrate on driving. It is needless to say that texting while driving is dangerous for the driver as well as people traveling in other vehicles around.

Companies like BMW have tried to aware drivers not to text while driving. Thousands of people around the world die every year because they texted while driving. But this is not where the problem stops. Like many of the other things we do and feel proud of, texting while driving falls into that category.

We really see the fun in texting while being behind the wheels. There is no such concept as embarrassment or shame felt for being caught while texting behind the steering wheel.

Many times people do not even see where their vehicle is heading while they text. I hardly feel the need to be proud of texting while I am driving because I shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. Here is the BMW campaign launched to “discourage drivers not to text while driving” to show people how dangerous it really can be.

I sincerely hope that we as nation would grow out of this texting madness while driving. I would also hope that telecom companies would do some serious brainstorming on this issue and with the help of PTA as well as auto industry launch a campaign telling people that texting behind steering wheel is bad. It is certainly not a thing to be proud of to say the least.

  • Yes hum sab ko care kerni chayee. hum apney sath dosro ki zindagi me khatrey me daal detey hain. Hamey chayee k hum apney friends, family or logo ko is baarey me batai or mana krain..

  • By the way, in video, if the woman would have not texting while driving, even then it would have been very difficult for her to stop this accident. :)

  • That`s what Pakistanis are like.

    Yaani itna bara blog parh ker bhi sharam nahi aai aur baray fakhar say likh rahain hain k “I even text while on motorbike“

    As the leaders are shameless and corrupt so do the whole nation of Pakistan.

  • Well written. This issue needs to addressed indeed. Though ethically it isn’t true at all but here; who cares. According to a source, “About 6,000 deaths and a half a million injuries are caused by distracted drivers every year.”

    May ALLAH help us all, aameen!

  • Thank God I have smartphone! I can’t text while driving.. lol.. By the way I hadn’t text while driving when i had that keypad phone.

  • Texting while drive will do no good to you. Even talking on phone is dangerous. I had truck hit my car while I was talking on phone, also had got couple of traffic tickets due to talking one phone.

    Texting is even more dangerous
    – your eyes are not on road
    – attention is diverted,
    – you dont know whats going on around.

    You may be,

    – Hitting someone,
    – Can get hit by any vehicle

    So say no to texting while driving.

  • Texting ne zindagi azab bna di hy really. Men ne to text ki tone hi off ker di hy. Immediate response on call & late response on text is good.

  • i was caught by the trafic police two times by answering on the cell phone while driving thru Garibabad ,paid the fine 500/each time

  • I also sometimes text while cycling(sometimes even with both hands ;-))
    But we should must avoid this habit of sudden opening and replying to the msgs., rather we should
    1.check them when we are free and reply them all.,

    2. we should also avoid sending non-important and forwarded msgs,

    3. Msgs are not meant to be replied soon after it is received., Msg are texts which we should check on our ease…!

  • If safety is concern, than why don’t these car manufacturers use jammers in their vehicles to avoid such accidents? There are many other ideas to stop these kind of misconducts but who care…

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