Average Internet Connection Speed in Pakistan Stands at 741 Kbps

Average connection speed for internet in Pakistan for both broadband and narrowband connections stood at 741 kbps in fourth quarter 2011, slightly down from 763 kbps in third quarter 2011.

According to stats revealed by Akamai in its ‘state of the internet’ report for fourth quarter 2011, 1.2 million unique IPs from Pakistan averaged 741 kbps data rates during the quarter. On another front average peak connection speed was recorded at 5,286 kbps for all the broadband users in Pakistan.

Average Connection Speed in Pakistan


Average Peak Connection Speed in Pakistan


Akamai said that stats are derived from the data gathered from all around the globe through Akamai Intelligent Platform.

Akamai report suggested that broadband adaption rate (for connections above 2 Mbps) in Pakistan was 0.8 percent, lowest since third quarter 2010. At the same time, narrowband adaption rate is on a consistent decline showing that dial-up customer base is shifting towards broadband internet.

Broadband (over 2 Mbps) Adaption Rate


Narrowband (dialup with less than 256 kbps) Adaption Rate


  • Azi

    kam ha na :(

    • Ye Speed Mil Rai Hai Es Par Shukar Karo :)

      • This Chart is shows our isp,s failure because yeah paisy to 4mb k lete hai aur dete hai 1mb wo bhi buhat mushkil sai so in future there is no user in pakistan who surf INTERNET

  • Asghar

    Just an opinion, probably based on my horrible experience with some of the ISPs :-) but I believe adoption of over 2mbps internet speeds declined because of poor quality of service from only a handful of companies providing consumer broadband package over 2mbps in the first place.
    Myself and a few of my friends and family have had horrible experiences with PTCL, Worldcall and LDN 4mbps connections. Two years back 4mbps services were good. Past 12-16 months it has been terrible on all of these ISPs. Maybe it is the load shedding or too many consumers.
    WiMAX providers on the other hand generally seem to have consistent service at 1 and 2mbps.

  • Hifzan Yaqoob

    It should be increased anyhow. This is really not enough.

  • Rizwan

    shukar hai itni bhe mil rahe hai warna aksar bill aa jata hai aur telephone dead he para hota hai….

  • Ahmed

    That is because most of the internet service providers in Pakistan have a poorer service quality as we go higher in bandwidth.

    Wired internet is very unreliable and wireless is expensive, still lurking around in the 1 and 2 MB capped connections.

  • Lolx… Meri toh 250 Kbps tk aati ha.. on 2Mb PTCl par..

  • Zaheer Abbas

    It is 750 kilo bits not kilo Btes … small “b” stands for bit and big “B” stands for Bytes.

    750 kilo bits equal to 93.75 Kilo Bytes, which is average internet speed in Pakistan.

  • Zaheer Abbas

    For further information about Bits and Bytes read the following:


  • waqas

    chalo koch ho ya na ho DEMO-Cracy to hai na.. humara kya hai mar he jana hai bas bebe or bhutto zinda rehny chahye..

    ager agriculture ke liye water eik basic hai to services sector ke liye internet and communication means basic chez hain.

    Ager pee pee pee (Allah kabi na kery) 5 saal or guzar le to pakistan ka naam o nishan mitt jaye ga is region sy.

    Aaj province banany ke batain ker rahy hain ye jahil kal countries banany ke batain kerian gy.

    We don’t need any provinces, laptops, rickshaw, taxi or be-zameer scheme, neither we want aids nor donations. bas humari youth ko education de do salo. phir tumhari ulaadon ke khoon se be is qoum ke resources wapis nikaal lain ge.

  • Jany kab ho gy kam…. Is Pakistan ky Gham

    Internet hai to slow, Internet chaly to bijli nahin, Bijli na ho to Internet chalta hia :(

  • maham

    Tum logon k maa baap ki galti hai jinho ne ppp ko vote dia pehle aqal ghaas khane gai thi 1 Zardari ka kuch nai kar sake shame on.

    • Haris

      000.. 0kay n aap k m0m Dad ne kisay v0te kiya tha baby ?? .. un0 ne t0 us se b acha kaam kia h0ga, s0 kr din guxara 0ga Chhuttii ka..

  • Umair

    I never thought someday I would say this but “I am very satisfied with PTCL 4mb connection”

    It gives me consistent download speeds of 450 k/bytes/s and above and hardly goes offline. In the last 12 months I only had one disconnection, which was due to up-gradation at Exchange. It took them 24 hours to fix.

    BTW I am on Fiber optics and it does not go offline because a nearby bank supports the dB with UPS and generator.

    So, the recipe for High Speed reliable DSL from PTCL is; Go for ONU telephone line and make sure the DB is supported by UPS that can sustain our load shedding.


    Raja Bhai aagaey hain… Ab yah bhi nahin milni… :(

  • gamezfever

    Jee bilkul, Ab Rental Internet Providers ayen ge or arbon rupeya le kar 3 sal bad service den ge :0

  • Baaghi

    PTCL is nightmare…….
    So much worst service…..
    So much lazy service…….
    I face disconnection of phone line and internet twice in a month an average……
    I recommend, if you have no strong links in PTCL, Don’t think of getting PTCL Broadband…..
    PTCL is in the hands of very non-technical and non-sense people……
    PTCL…….. Go to Hellllllllllll…………

  • Hifzan Yaqoob

    Who is responsible for this? Who ‘ll concentrate and solve this problem??