Average Internet Connection Speed in Pakistan Stands at 741 Kbps

Average connection speed for internet in Pakistan for both broadband and narrowband connections stood at 741 kbps in fourth quarter 2011, slightly down from 763 kbps in third quarter 2011.

According to stats revealed by Akamai in its ‘state of the internet’ report for fourth quarter 2011, 1.2 million unique IPs from Pakistan averaged 741 kbps data rates during the quarter. On another front average peak connection speed was recorded at 5,286 kbps for all the broadband users in Pakistan.

Average Connection Speed in Pakistan


Average Peak Connection Speed in Pakistan


Akamai said that stats are derived from the data gathered from all around the globe through Akamai Intelligent Platform.

Akamai report suggested that broadband adaption rate (for connections above 2 Mbps) in Pakistan was 0.8 percent, lowest since third quarter 2010. At the same time, narrowband adaption rate is on a consistent decline showing that dial-up customer base is shifting towards broadband internet.

Broadband (over 2 Mbps) Adaption Rate


Narrowband (dialup with less than 256 kbps) Adaption Rate