Mobile Subscribers in Pakistan Reach 118.3 Million

Cellular mobile phone subscribers in Pakistan have reached 118,316,916 by adding 2.1 million subscribers (2,107,176 subscribers to be exact) in March 2012.

According to latest stats issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, the teledensity for mobile phone subscribers in Pakistan reached 68.2 percent, up from 67.2 percent a month ago.

At the end of March 2012, Mobilink remained the market leader with 35.8 million subscribers, followed by Telenor with 29.35 million subscribers. Ufone had 23.1 million subscribers while Zong contented with 15.66 million subscribers to stand fourth. Warid cleaned up another 296,510 subscribers in March 2012 to end the month with 14.40 million subscribers.

In March Zong added most number of subscribers to lead the new subscription race. It added 711,609 subscribers. While Ufone could add 697,388 new subscriptions during the reported month.

Telenor added just over half a million subscribers while Mobilink was able to grab 491,321 subscribers in March 2012.

Warid is apparently keeping up with the process of cleaning the data and reported a negative addition of 296,510 subscribers in the month.




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  • guloo

    there are lot of problems in these mobile telecommunication companies.

    1 . Not properly Registered Subscribers.

    2 . Have not coverage in rural areas and low signal strength .

    3 . Not well customer service ..

    4 . We subscribers don’t know .. how we are losing our mobile balance/load ..

    5. Lot of tax on load 20%

    other problems are also ..

    these companies are earning billions .. but they don’t give enough service .. . hope they all are accountable to some 1 .. bye

  • RizwanYaqoob

    ‘LOL’ at WARID!!
    Seems another Instaphone is on its way (Company Band) =P

    Why the hell they are not delivering competitive packages or changing their f**kin policies? I already left WARID because of lack of Data Packages, day by day decreasing quality and foremost their Minimum Balance Requirement policy sucks! :-/

    • zain

      their zem prepaid packages are almost 5 year old with not a single change

      • RizwanYaqoob

        I’m confused for what and why they had implied ‘Minimum Balance Requirement’ policy? What’s the f**kin benefit of it?

        • Dumb

          You know you love Warid and already using it. But you get pissed off when its subscription level appears lower than others (Totally unreliable data). The same impression is shown by all the regular users of WARID.

          dont wory baby WARID is above all such gimics used by all other players in the industry. fake connections fake MNPs in millions since years is a common practice lead by Mobilink and followed by rest of the companies except WARID.

          Dont you see the postpaid customer base of WARID and the quality service of WARID…. WHY IS IT SO?

          Its obvious WARID is here for long…. perheps for LIFE.

          • RizwanYaqoob

            Don’t you feel decreasing quality of Warid rather its Voice or Data and I’ve already left WARID :)

            • Telecom

              This is because of shifting of main MSC in Lahore also add is in all leading news papers.
              @Admin: kindly share this.
              Only warid is working on E-Edge and Voice will be fixed till 18th of May

  • Telenor Rocks
    We Love u Telenor

  • Subrat

    ‘LOL’ Pakistan main total 118.3 Million subscribers hain aur India Har ek company ke pas itne subscribers hain. Shame on Pakistan.

    • Furqan


      Population of Pakistan is 180 Million and out of those 118.3 Million subscriptions.

      India’s Population is more than 1.21 BILLION! obviously they will have more subscribers.

      Shame on you for being so SICK!

      • Stone

        hahahah Subrat you moron…. we can’t help it if you breed like rabbits over there :D

        • Furqan


        • lol. They just breed the babies and do nothing else. How can we help you mate in this regard? :D

          Grow up!!!

      • Azi

        hahaha agreed, yah bahi soye hovy uthy thay comment kar dia,

    • ahmar

      beta ple sochte hen phir bolte ha…har kise ko moka mat dia kro k vo tme dhakan kahe…

  • Furqan

    I am seriously amazed why people are leaving Warid. I remained Mobilink user for 3 years but was in trouble because of my monthly bill that was never less thn 6000/- and 2 years back from now i decided to shift on Warid.

    Now that i have been using Warid for last 2 years I can say this with full confidence that Warid’s:
    > Data service is good
    > Voice quality is good
    > No call dropping
    > No SMS delays
    > Gets through with CS within seconds
    > Better call rates and packages

    On Warid, I am getting following:
    > Unlimited SMS(es) for month (300/- PM)
    > Unlimited internet for month (500/- PM)
    > Unlimited call time on 5 FnF numbers (666/- PM)

    and my Warid Bill never exceeds 2200/- per month.

    I think it is pretty weird that people are leaving Warid. I wonder what wrong are they doing! May be they should stop hiring lame old Pakistani Lollywood actresses in their commercials and try to get hold on more fun loving celebrities in their advertisements and come up with some different ideas in their commercials.

    P.S.: I am neither a Warid employee nor any of my friend or family member works here.

    • Sleepless

      Warid service is pretty good, no denying that. But the management of the company, the marketing department especially products & services as well as VAS suck.
      and between FYI:
      Unlimited SMS (limit 7500 SMS)
      Unlimited internet (limit 2 GB)
      Unlimited call time 5 fnf numbers (limit 5000 minutes)
      The negatives:
      Package plan/VAS can only be activated on bill date (SMS packages/fnf packages)
      No promos for postpaid users
      No discounts/points for postpaid users
      They dont have any handsets besides Blackberry nor are they launching any…

      • faisal

        warid mobilink aur telenor se bhot achi hai but marketing bekar hai

      • Furqan

        You are absolutely right but Everything in this world has limits!! And for a normal non-spammer user these limits are way to high and are never crossed.

        These limits on daily bases gives you following:

        1) SMS
        7500/30 = 250 SMSes

        2) Internet
        2048/30 = 68 MB of Internet

        3) Call Time
        5000/60 = 83 Hours
        83/30 = 2.7 Hours of Calling

        Warid needs better minds in their marketing dept. They should get rid of old folks and bring young blood to introduce some innovation.

  • waqas

    Totally agreed and second you furqan.
    Working in one of MNC and using Warid all our 600+ user as satisfied.

  • farhan

    Furqan i am using mobilink from last 5 year no problem i have faced i also use WARID as my 2nd Sim but i not use for 3 month and i known they took the my golden number from me and send to other and argument if you not use the no from 2.5 month the sim is not your more that’s why WARID is so low subscriber

  • Hassan

    Good to see that Zong stats are improving There location based service gave them a great boast

  • rayyan

    warid has got the largest postpaid subscriber base and the only network showing their real stats of active subscriber base as warid consider last 90 days active user

    • Sleepless

      another fallacy…
      – Warid have never provided any figures to prove that
      – my estimate would be that out of the total postpaid subscriber base of warid, around 30 – 35% numbers are not being used
      – Even if the postpaid subscriber base is the largest or larger than Mobilink, they ARPUs are way lower.

  • Suchmuch

    I wish that admin could provide us the complete revenue of all MNO. There you’ll see a huge difference and might be Warid would be at number 2nd in it.

  • Askani

    I wonder why does only Warid Clear it’s database????

    Why don’t our companies do the same????

    In each network there r thousands of numbers which r not in use…………

    • waqas

      Millions not thousands

      • rock

        mobilink and telenor are cheaters under same administration.telenor cheated in india too.

    • khan

      Its the first time that Warid is clearing its database. Please search for past subscriber statistics posts at ProPakistani. Similar trend was shown by Mobilink, Ufone and Zong during different time spans in last 3 years. Only Telenor has never shown its net additions in negative.

  • 1. voice qulity sub se UFONE ki hai..
    2. coverage MOBILINK achi hai…
    3. Internet speed ZONG ki achi hai..
    4. SMS Serves achi WARID ki hai…
    5. CallerTune serves TELENOR achi hi.

  • rafay

    the reason is simple for warid downfall. lack of packages.
    they ve introduced 10 p/min but ve not marketed it properly like 10p package works in whole of sindh except for khi i.e but it is advertised on website as hyd region wtf.
    they ve quality network but they re not cashing it cz of lack of good marketing.
    Postpaid and prepaid packages are not revised regularly both are years old.
    wake up warid.

  • Ohhh… Thats true spirit by Pakistanis…

  • FMK

    Warid is on Move ppl, one of my friend told me that they have saved millions of Rs. by issuing re-cycle sims to market instead of paying Rs 500 per sim to govt. They actually put off more than 6million numbers last year to save Rs Rs 30 million and then re-sell these numbers to the market.
    Smart Move Warid. I have been using Warid for years but their new data and SMS packages are awesome. GLOW ROCKS…..

  • fek

    mobilink and telenor looteri compania

  • hassan

    please share the source of this info is it from
    PTA or other do share the link

  • asim

    its good

  • bilal


  • bilal