Does This 3G Ad (for Afghanistan) Hurt you?


This above ad is being advertised on Google network by Etisalat Afghanistan for its newly launched 3G services. You call it bad strategy that it is appearing in Pakistan (on websites with adsense enabled, such as here on ProPakistani) but it could be a purposeful and planned act by Etisalat to enhance the image of its telecom arm in Afghanistan.

Whatever the reasons are behind displaying this ad in Pakistan, but it might not look that pleasant to Pakistani audience, who are deprived of 3G just because operators don’t find 3G viable enough.

Just in case in you aren’t familiar, Afghanistan has got its first 3G network through Etisalat. This is exactly what the above ad is advertising about: “High-Speed Internet has Arrived”.

ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), economic situation, inflation, law and order situation, internet adaptability, smartphone penetration and all other concerning factors in Afghanistan are seemingly not any better than Pakistan.

In such a situation, how does this AD feel like to you? when Afghanistan has a 3G network while it still seems like a distant dream here in Pakistan.

You can share your thoughts in below comments.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I just lol’d !
    Not because Afghanistan got 3G, because, our Govt. is still thinking how to milk the 3G cow !

    • Yup our Govt. want to get money first from 3G while Operators are interested on 4G because 4G infrastructure already present in the country which is much more faster as well as cheaper too.

  • Afghanistan does not have as many comeptitors to 3G as we do. We have DSL, WiMAX, a few fiber and internet cable providers in urban areas (like Brain, ConnectTel, Worldcall, Wateen and many small ones). So if they launch 3G there, they have a revenue base.

    Ask yourself why PTCL and Worldcall advertises and sells EVO devices? They’re using 3G technology, only just for data. I don’t know how anyone can claim that there is no market for 3G when PTCL is selling loads and loads of EVO connections. At my office at least three or four people use Worldcall EVO.

    • I came down to make a reply but Shahid Saleem was already there to clarify.

      Just to add that 2G network providers (all except Ufone) is building a pressure at PTA/Govt to re-auctioning the 3G, right now there is only 1 license what PTCL (etisalat) had and now at his subsidiary UFONE. Meanwhile those all 2G network provider has started their marketing for Fast Internet, selling behind 2G and then 3G when they get license.

      The Pak telecom companies were scared with the 3G at the time of bidding due to Skype service that would be enabled for audio/video call. That is why UFONE launched a 3G set Ufone Futura without the service of Skype only ;-)

  • Lets not be sentimental here, The Telcos are here to make profit like every business and are not running charity. 3g model has been a global failure so far.

    • Why we are talking about 3G then if its failure, shouldn’t we start working on 4G implementation.What we are gonna get from 3G if a technology latest is available.

    • 3G a failure? Just because the Pakistani telcos are greedy and corrupt, and aided by an even more corrupt government doesn’t mean 3G is a “global failure”.

      Here in Australia, our largest telco (Telstra) now has more network coverage on 3G compared to 2G…same with our 2nd largest telco, Optus. Vodafone Australia is also progressively removing 2G equipment to make way for more 3G cell sites.

      What the morons at PTA wont let the telcos do is use their existing 900MHz spectrum for 3G services…in Australia we have 3G on 850,900 and 2100MHz. Pakistan is still distant from even the very old 2100MHz 3G spectrum allocation!

      Global failure my foot, I am typing this from my Vodafone Mobile brodband that is active at 7.2Mbps, faster than your average PTCL ADSL line.

      PS How’s the internet speed on your GPRS?

      • in Pakistan average dsl speed is only 741kb and how can u compare a develop country with developing one!!!

  • ppp pml n ko do vote ________ logon abi to pakistan k tukre hote dekhna baaki hai live on geo. Zalil ho k geo.

    [Comment Edited]

  • TELENOR , UFONE , MOBILINK , ZONG , WARID … LAKHH ___________ HU … ______________ TUM HEE TU HU :@ :@ :@ :@

    [Comment Edited]

  • shafi vote daynay say kuch nahee hota yahan agar himat hay to bagawat karoo in sab say……..

  • It surely hurting us in Pakistan…its an evil strategy of Etisilat in Afghanistan…I guess we are now too much behind average introducer of 3g tech in any other country…I will strongly suggest to bring out 4G tech instead 3G as bringing 3g first will mean to wait for at least another 10 years for 4g..when everyone will be shifting towards so called 5G tech then.

  • Dr qadeer k sath kia kiya dunia hame kese pukarege hamne apne mohsin ko zalil kia afsos afsos aaj wohi dr qadeer phir pakistan kelye road par hai sath q nahi dete tum logon k maa baap hi hain jo ppp pml n ko vote dete hain ab PTI ko vote dena plz

    • My Request to All Pakistanis,
      Pls rise for your right. Choose the trust-able leadership. Raise a rebellion against old and non-sense system. Vote for PTI. Vote for sincere leadership.

  • I’m surprised that, is it only to generate money for the government or to facilitate the government???? Why not directly go to 4G instead of wasting so much time with 3G. If 3G is taking so long, one can just imagine that how long 4G would take…..

    • I bought a Nokia that supported 3G for Rs 11,000 two years ago. Where are the cheap 4G phones???

      So now you know why no one is going to 4G.

      • Start providing data services, you don’t need a phone for that. You just said yourself that PTCL & WorldCall are using 3G for data services. A move to 4G will future proof you & you can just sell data until people get cheap phones. And you know that cheap 4G phones are coming.

  • Hahahaaa….
    First when I see this post, I thought. 3G Network had Launch in Pakistan…..

    We are still hope for Welcoming 3G Network….

    • Since radio waves do not care about borders, people in Waziristan can now enjoy Afghan 3G!

      • @Shahid, AWCC and Roshan were working here, but now they are also not working. But still at many place they can be accessed on external antenna.

        • Etisalat 3G is currently available just in some places in Kabul. It’s not spread to other parts of the country yet. Curious, how ppl in Waziristan can enjoy Afghan 3G?

  • this is very unfortunate. In no way afghanistan can be compared with Pakistan in terms of revenue generation and technological adaption and so the excuse for not starting 3G services in pakistan given by telecom companies is unacceptable. In additon, i think 4G services should be launches with backward 3G compatibilty as by the time 3G is rolled out it will already be too old.

    • hahahah….nice idea…lagta hai boriya bistra band kar k Afghanistan Hijrat kar li jaye…

    • Bhai yaha 3G technology ki baat hoo rahi ha lakin afghanistan ja kr 3G technology miley na miley lakin 3 Goliyaan / 3 Goley zaroor miley gey :P hahahaha

  • @shafi . I will vote PTI if u give me answer to few questions . WHy Imran Khan didn’t proceed the case against Altaf Hussain ? and Why is he now silent on Nato routes reopening . Infact he went to collect charity at that time .

  • Government of Pakistan is ready to do the auction for 3G, but only NAWAZ SHARIF and party have created a problem, that they only want the auction to be done when if they come in to power.

  • Well, Afghanistan has a relatively new infrastructure. Perhaps, they installed 3G in the last five years and are now enabling it.

    Furthermore, Etisalat Afghanistan flaunts it as 3.75G.

  • Tumhara wo hisab hay Pani milta nahi, khuwaab dekhte hein J.D kay….o greeb qaum Bijli hay nahi tumhare pass besharmo kya 3g 3g ki ratt lagayi howi hay chup ker kay zaleel ho !!!!

    • What is your wifi router connected to? DSL? Cable? EVO???

      Just having wifi is useless. What is your upstream? Afghans don’t have the same choices we do for internet access.

      • Wifi has limited coverage of 50m; what about when you go out of your home, and want to make a video call to your home, or to some one outside of your homeland?
        That’s why ppl need 3G in Pakistan like ppl have it in India and in Afghanistan.

  • Or do Vote…
    Waiting for that day when all the present MNA will be hang in Public and ban their family till 7 generation for not taking part in election…
    All their wealth will go to SARKARI KHAZANA…
    Plz Mery Aziz Ham Watno, Fullfill my wish…:-(

  • Muje lagta hai k wo din door nahi jab Afghanistan …pakistan ko Electricity provide karne ki offer kare ga…

  • NEW DELHI: Intensifying 3Gtariff war, Reliance Communications (RCom) today announced up to 61 per cent cut in rates, following similar reduction by Airtel and Idea.
    RCom’s 3G services users will have to pay Rs 250 for high- speed internet usage up to 1 GB and thereafter have to pay 20 paisa for each MB data used, Anil Ambani Group firm said in a statement.
    Earlier, the charges for 1GB was Rs 650 and 50 paisa for each MB used thereafter.
    “We would like our customers to enjoy Reliance 3G network with the best broadband speedsfor Internet access and uninterrupted data usage at the most competitive price point across all segments,” RCom’s Group head for Brand and Marketing Sanjay Behl said.
    Earlier, Bharti Airtel and Idea Cellular reduced their 3G rates to Rs 3 per MB data download.
    For 2GB usage, RCom’s 3G subscribers will have to pay Rs 450 instead of old rate of Rs 710.
    This new plan of RCom will be available in 333 towns across 13 telecom circles where the company has started 3G services, the statement said.
    The recent reduction in tariff comes in the wake of low 3G penetration across the country. According to global telecom industry body GSM Association, there were only 10 million 3G users till March compared to overall 900 million mobile subscriber base in the country.

  • HUH!!! The coalition 3g.
    Hope Etisalat Afghanistan doesnt packup, after friendly alliance departure. They have generated high revenue in Dollars from poor afghans.

  • I do not think the 3G vs 4G should be such a big issue for our networks. HSPA+, a 3G technology, is capable of speeds that far exceed what the average user gets on their broadband DSL line.
    Given the fact that most existing devices and many upcoming ones do NOT support 4G technologies, why would a network even bother with investing in LTE at present?
    Most devices can support 3G and faster variants of 3G, and honestly that’s where the game’s at. With devices as new as even HTC One X and Galaxy S3 not supporting 4G, I do not see Pakistani market flooding with 4G capable devices any time soon.
    So the entire 3G vs 4G debate is moot. Moreover the speed upgrade from 2G to 3G is vast, which is not the case when moving from 3G to 4G.

  • Aamir, you know very well that the only reason they have 3g is because they issued 3g licenses directly instead of doing 2g -> 3g like in the case of Pakistan. You’re just inciting your community by leaving that tid bit out :/

  • Hmary hamsay ek pass iphone 4g hai aur usy bilkul nahin pta k Iphone kiya hota hai? Ios kiya cheez hai,, aur yeh 3g, 4g kis bla ka naam hai…


    Kb aye ga 3g? bht bra sawal hai… Lakin mery khyal s is bhi bra sawal yeh hai k “Kiya hai yeh 3g aur kiya kr skta hai yeh pakistan mein”..

    Most of my class mates have smart phones and others wanna buy one…. i think we should step forward…

  • 3G is old now. Plan and implement some thing latest. New GSM phones are coming with EVO Technology (configurable with ptcl evo connection)which is way faster…. If any one of you used 3G abroad must know its not that fast as claimed.. not even in UK, Malaysia bla bla

  • Hi All
    now here an afghan my dear pakistani brother’s please do not get jealues now becuase its just a start in afghanistan there are so many other things going on when you see kabul you will reliaze how good afghanistan’s future is inshallah but here one thing kills me from inside we both are muslim countries and we wish you the very best for your country when we hear anything from about pakistan we feel happy and proud that pakistan is muslim country but from your side its opposite you guy’s need to be happy becuase your noibhor is making progress you should be happy for that instead of getting jealus when we were in problem pakistan helped our people and gave us shelter’s if anything happens with you we are ready to help too so your second home is improving please be happy all.

    regards to you all
    afghanistan zindabad

    • Dear Bro,

      We are not jealous with you as such. We are angry with our government and our mobile operators because they are fooling us that your country can not afford 3G. So if Afghanistan which is directly facing a war can afford the 3G we can also. As far as Afghanistan is concerned we wish our Muslim brother best of this world. It is our dream too to see a prosperous and peaceful Afghanistan..Just like two happy brothers..Best wishes..All Muslims are brothers.

  • Janab

    we are not consumer oriented or people oriented or even country orieinted.

    we are just polictally oriented

    So all decsion thig govt takes has a political motive,

    what about kalabagh, Laptop scehme, peace in KHI

    all have political intentions

  • We should talk about 3G cAuse we all now 4g is not coming in Pakistan in coming years. I don’t understand what is the problem that auction of 3G is still pending ?may be political parties want to invest the money from 3G auction in their coming election compaign. But the other problem is if 3G is here who will use it ? The prices of smart phones are way to high that a common man can Afford. With the implementation of 3G the rates should be Also considered specialy for devices like iPhones iPads etc they should be available on installments so it should be possible for everyone to get and have access on it

  • I’m hearing about 3G from 4 year that i will come ib apkistan but still no 3G.

    And this Ad hurted me

  • I am amazed how Afghanistan has 3G. Must be in Kabul only. Is it their own or any company from outside is investing?

  • I think Etisilaat would be f$$$$d up in afghanistan,because adghanostan is far more behind us they have low literacy rate, low internet user, low cellular density nothing. i think they would start service in kabul and get fucked up and then they will gst back to there own 2G.

    • Khan think this time they need 3g because 46 nations are working in Afghanistan as well uae rulers are afraid of us so they will have to heavy invest for them

    • Brother, Now as i see, Afghanistan have a great future because our nation are working hard to bring Peace in afghanistan and MTN also received second 3G license in afghanistan

  • and i think they have got the 3g license otherwise they dont wud have invest in afg

  • We cant get 3G with dis Govt of (PPP + MQM + ANP).
    lets hope we get rid of these and 3G will come in future.

    • Don’t misleading the facts. Biggest opposition party “PML(N)” had strongly opposed the 3G auction process. So, the correct statement would be:

      “We can’t get 3G with this opposition of Muslim League Nawaz”.

      • Dear, 3G is in pakistan since 3 years (e.g. EVO/Ufone Futura/PTCL Cloud/PTCL touch n fly). yes but the service is monopolized.

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