Meet Brain Freeze, the Developers of Angry Imran

unnamed-1Muneeb Ali along with his three other friends (Ameed Ansari, Hina Zafar & Waqas Arif), the creators of “Angry Imran”, are rejoicing the acknowledgment that their game has earned so far.

Social media and blogs are already a buzz of the game that is based on satirical show of political personalities of Pakistan.

Mainstream media hasn’t remained behind in covering this unique game that has capitalized the increasing fame of Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf.

Muneeb, in a conversation with ProPakistani, revealed that their young startup, namely Brain Freeze, developed this game as a part time project, and they were not aiming any monetization targets with it.

“We were four friend, based out of Islamabad, involved in different ventures which were later combined under the umbrella of Creatrixe. It’s a fresh startup, the name comes from Latin meaning ‘creative’. Essentially it’s a merger of technology, innovation and usability all under one banner”

Brain Freeze is one of Creatrixe’s brand which specializes in Android games and iOS application development”.

Other than Mobile application development Creatrixe also provide services for Web Development & Designing, ERP and CRM, LMS development & Support, Graphic Designing and Personalized Merchandizing.

Muneeb told ProPakistani that Angry Imran is result of a request from friends, who tipped Brain Freeze with the idea of developing an Angry Bird like game to have Imran Khan as Angry Birds.

“We are not, in any way, associated with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf or with any other political party for that matter. This game was developed just as a part time project and that’s it”.

After gaining positive reviews on “Angry Imran”, Brain Freeze is considering to enhance the functionality of game which is currently released in beta version.

Games like “Angry Imran” clearly shows the potential that local apps and games have got. The entrepreneurial segment needs to be refined enough to realize the need for the development of content for local market, which is well over 180 million heads.

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          Are you?

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  • sorry but graphics are really poor… beheaded politicians… it could have made much better…

  • Dude, please!

    Ripping off a popular game doesn’t make you an entrepreneur.


  • Simple words ” NO CREATIVITY”.

    Changing birds and pig*s with politicians faces and copying more then 75% data from angry birds.

    That’s not a creativity, we pakistani’s are best in copying MOSTLY (i said mostly, so dont argue with me, we some times do creative work too.)

  • All we do is fight among ourselves and bring the topic from something to something else.

    Guys, we are literate and educated people here. For God’s sake stop fighting among yourselves.

  • Very nice work Muneeb you guys have the potential that made this game awesome. Anyways really a very unique and touchy concept. I think its good that you made this game “Angry Imran” on your sole discretion and are no way associated with Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf.

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