Angry Imran Makes it to Android Store

unnamed (1)Angry Imran, an android game – inspired by Angry Bird – has hit android store.

Game is apparently a satirical work where players have use Angry Imran to kick other politicians out of screen to clear levels.

Scope of game is limited and you might not enjoy the luxury of features offered in Angry Birds, but it is a fascinating game I would say (as far as game is concerned), however, it might get negative reviews from players having anti-Imran sentiments.

Though Brain freeze, the developer of the game, said that they aren’t associate or affiliated with any political party, but fact remains the same that its Pro-Imran game. In fact game intro says:

Imran’s Tsunami in the Android Store!

Angry Imran is a game whose main theme is inspired from Angry Birds. This is the result of a request from a group of friends. It is a tribute to the emerging leader of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan.

Angry Imran is compatible with all Android devices. Developers said that Angry Imran is currently in beta, hence we can expect more levels, features and enhancement in Angry Imran in coming days.

Grab your copy of Angry Imran by clicking this link (Game is free)


Meet Brain Freeze, the Developers of Angry Imran

Check below few screens from Angry Imran:


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