CM Opens Punjab Technology University

Punjab Technology University (3)Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has set the launch of country’s first IT university, by soft opening the first campus of Pakistan Technology University at Arfa Karim Software Technology Park in Lahore.

Shahbaz Sharif, in his address at the occasion, said that over 1,000 boy and girl students would be equipped with modern education in computer science in Arfa Karim campus while 6,000 students would study in the permanent campus of the PTU at Dera Rakh Chahal on Ring Road.

Punjab Technology University would be set up over 705 acres of land at Dera Rakh Chahal near Ring Road. However, its first campus has been setup at 6th floor of Arfa Karim Technology Park Lahore where classes would be started from September this year.

CM revealed that PTU will be setup with the collaboration of Middle East Technical University of Turkey.

The chief minister said that educational expenses of 500 brilliant students at the PTU would be paid from the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund. Land for the university will also be rendered by Punjab Government.

Shahbaz Sharif, in response to a question, said that campuses of PTU will be setup in other provinces as well so that the project could benefit the whole country.

Punjab Technology University (2)Punjab Technology University (1)

  • Nice initiative!

    Pakistan’s first IT university is Balochistan University of IT, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS), Quetta.

    It was established in 2003 and ranks fourth among the country’s IT universities.

    Thank you.

    • what about comsats insititute of information tech which ranks 1st among the IT universties bro.

  • We should let go of our fetish with First-this & First-that.
    We don’t need no freaking more universities, we have enough of them already churning soon-to-be-teacher/lecture workforce.

    How about setting up industrial complex,s could be semi-defense thing of completely commercial, to absorb the jobless grads.

    Enough with these shallow acts.
    For God’s sake induce some communistic work ethic in the people.

  • A good step indeed.

    But we need more schools and free quality schools so that poor people get educated to atleast matric level. Then they will be mature enough to pursue their career further.

  • What a great Step…. At least someone working for Pakistan.. few Hopes are still alive for pakistan.

  • University isn’t something with a great building but its great faculty. Its just a cosmetic step as already existing universities lack PhD faculties. Degrees from such universities actually bring shame to the nation. No research no university!

  • i hope that this uni will rise up in the world as v v knowable and recognized..

  • Good Step But,

    It would be better if poor people should be able to approach and get education in this new university rather than rich and there must be one education system all across the Pakistan. Same course for all.

  • close