Official Tourism Website Still Displays Adsense


Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation’s official website is again caught displaying adsense ads. This is not the first time when is found displaying adsense ads to make few bucks – in fact they have done this in past too but had removed ads when we first reported about it an year ago. is considered to be an official gateway to Pakistan’s tourism corporation and having .gov domain it becomes a government property.

It is likely that the webmaster responsible for managing this website is displaying ads on individual level to make extra money other than the salary he/she gets per month.

But it is amazing that top officials of tourism ministry didn’t notice these ads, probably because they never visit their official web page or they don’t have any clue about adsense advertising.

Just to mention, tourism website is suppose to attract foreign visitors, who will get (God knows what kind of) strange impression after seeing this poorly designed website loaded with adsense.

Thanks Junaid for tipping.

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