Official Tourism Website Still Displays Adsense


Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation’s official website is again caught displaying adsense ads. This is not the first time when is found displaying adsense ads to make few bucks – in fact they have done this in past too but had removed ads when we first reported about it an year ago. is considered to be an official gateway to Pakistan’s tourism corporation and having .gov domain it becomes a government property.

It is likely that the webmaster responsible for managing this website is displaying ads on individual level to make extra money other than the salary he/she gets per month.

But it is amazing that top officials of tourism ministry didn’t notice these ads, probably because they never visit their official web page or they don’t have any clue about adsense advertising.

Just to mention, tourism website is suppose to attract foreign visitors, who will get (God knows what kind of) strange impression after seeing this poorly designed website loaded with adsense.

Thanks Junaid for tipping.

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  • Usama

    Ye sub Pakistan may nhe hoga to phr kidhar hoga.

  • Nice Update

  • fezy

    @admin why r u jeloused??? Mind on ur own business

  • Saad Hamid


    What makes you think tourists coming from foreign will go to :/

    We live in sad times, very sad times indeed.

    • admin

      If not, I’d suggest dumping the website. Why waste resources on it? I can bet the ministry would be spending at least 200,000 per month on this piece of crap.

      • Lazarus

        Don’t think they’d be spending 200k on some pages of html and a $48 per 2 year pknic domain registrar cost

        • Radz

          Website ka Budget 2+ lakh hoga… I am sure. per webmaster bechare ko hardly 30000 mile honge.. baqi opar sb ka hissa hota hey.

          I am web developer myself and made a Govt website.

  • junaid

    amir atta tum bhi to google adsence say hi paysa kama rahay ho posting kartay ho jabhi to traffic barhta hay tumhara amir yah sab harkatain chor do. main tumhain maaan jata hoon k wakai main tum propakistani adsence k liyah nahin chala rahay ho to apni propakistani say google adsence k ads hata do dekhtay hain kitna dum hay tumharay andar.jawab lazmi dayna

    • admin

      jee yeh meri apni website hay, iss pay zahir hay jaisay main chahonga karonga – kisi sarkari website pay ads nahi chala raha main.

      • Ahmad

        If they Govt. spending many buks on that site, then why you have any issue if they earning through adsence, Wo Govt ki site hai jesay wo chala re hain unhain chalany do phr, jsy tum apni chala re ho.

        • Faisal Raza

          Aamir bhai waqai chor do, yeh bhis qoaam hai ata jata kuch hai nahe bilawaja ki tanng dalte hain, yeh woh log hain jinhay goray 10 jotay ser per maaringay aur 1$ daingay tab khush rahaingay yeh.

          Tax chor logon ko koi farq nahe parta hai k govt k paise kahan ja rahay hain aur kahan se a rahay hain. Nangi bhoki qoam k youth hain woh. Hungay ink papa bhe kisi govt institution main islye bura lag raha hai inhay

    • hassaan

      shame on you junaid bht hi jahil ho tum yr…tum koi apni services free detey ho? jo doosro ko batein suna rahe ho….free mein kuch nai milta ajkal…

  • shoaib

    Site is not accessible at the moment.

  • junaid

    amir jab sarkari ka nam liya hay to sarkari new lagatay q hoo. phas jao gay apni batoon main. yah bolo k main to bas paysa paysa karta hoon or paysa pay hi marta hoon ;p;p

    • admin

      sarkari news kyun lagata hon? matlab? sarkari news laganay main kiya harj hay?

  • junaid

    acha yah batao k fia nay koi illegal exchange pakra 2012 main.


      @ Junaid… I think u r one of those peoples who are getting shares of corruption money from this govt.
      You must be understand that on Govt. Official websites Adsense is not Allowed. Understand ! Adsense is not allowed ! I am also working on Govt IT Project and I better know this than you. As far as it concern about Amir’s website than foolish peoples must be know that its his personal website and he can do whatever he want. But tourism website is govt property, not personal of anybody. Therefore, Adsense ads illegal on all Govt sites. You are talking here just like a child. Get some sense, not share of corruption. ON GOVT OFFICIAL WEBSITE(S) ADSENSE ADS ARE NOT AUTHORIZED. AND ITS ILLEGAL. Webmaster must be put up on Jail.

      • Baaghi


        Enough dose for junaid for his silly and childish comments……..

  • Ali

    Lagta hai dar k marai ke webmaster ne server hi down ker di hai….pity :-P

  • Hasan

    This is awkward and disappointing, They shouldn’t do that, Agree with Aamir that this shit would be costing allot, so should be dumped if considered not to be used by foreign visitors ( at least till the sad times over).

  • A R Khan Yusufzai

    Who cares in this Country??? I was the one who designed this website with a team of students (sitting till 2AM in the dark night). The very next day of my departure from Ministry of Tourism brought me shocks. The whole website was filled with nuisance stuff under the patronage of a Senior Tourism Officer (whom I do not want to name and presently serving in Islamabad) so that he takes Credit of each & everything (…and gets “promotion”). I have lost @[email protected] in this country. What to talk of dedication, loyalty etc.

  • zain ul abad

    i dont know what to say…. why can propakistani use adsense and cant???

  • Pakistan Classified Ads

    The main thing is that they have no idea about these Websites stuff so people do try to take advantage of that.But yes if they are getting good amount of traffic then there is nothing wrong in running ad-sense.

  • Faisal

    Tourism was low after terrorism and war against terrorism in Pakistan. May be, ministry of tourism is trying to earn through Adsense :P

    • Lazarus

      Not sure if they’d be getting more than 0.01 cpc :P Pyari Pakistani Crowd :)

  • Pakistani

    Ager ap log adsense laga skty ho tu terrorism wali site k web master ka kaya kasoor wo be kuch earn kar lay :)

  • lol yahaan b corruption ..:D

  • Avinash

    Its sad to see google ads on govt’s official site, but what’s even more sad is that all these people are criticizing Aamir Attaa for putting ads on his own site.

    Guys you don’t get this! There is a difference between an individual’s website and government’s website! You cant make comparison between these 2.

    It’s a very cheap act for any government to put google ads on their sites..
    In fact you will hardly see google ads on any company’s website or any official website of any organization…Be it Government or non government!

    ^ You guys have cheap mentality..

    • Ali


    • Baaghi


  • Zaki

    Good update @Amir Bhai
    don’t listen other people, in the whole world, there would be not a single official website which is under there government, and running adsence on it, that’s just ridiculously weird!
    and i’m amazed how people are making arguments, that it’s not you’r work, mind you’r business, bhai ic tarhan kar k tou Mulk ka bera garak huwa hai, agar aam awam har cheez ki accountability shuru karden, including there own selves, then dekhen kesa bera paar hota ha!

  • asif shahzad

    q paisa paisa kerti tu q paison pey he marti tu? lol

  • Ali

    Pathetic! Why no Govt. official looks into it. Aamir did you report to any Govt. Official when this happened a year back?

  • Muhammad Anas

    Agreed with Zaki 100%

  • Yar koe adsense master hai to mail kry , mari adsense to ak doo month baad off ho jati hai.

    • mera adsense aj tak cancel nahi howa ap logon ka kesay ho jata hay?

      Aur meray paisay bhi nahi bantay :P shukar hay saal baad 82$ banay hain.

  • Asad

    Amir ap kuch dino sy apny hi mulk ki ste ko badnam krny ki koshish kr rhy ho .
    Pehly me apko acha admi smajta tha mgr ab apki post parhny ko dil nhi chahta.
    adsense ads lgany me kia burai hy. Plz explain kren.
    Shayad ap apni site pr boht maghroor hn…..


      Govt of Pakistan ki official website per Adsense Ads nahin lagaey ja sakte… Its illegal. This is the main reason why Amir highlighted this issue. You have to understand this.

  • un kay bhi arman hay $$ bana nay kay.. bana nay dain :p

  • 622091 hits on a crap site like this !!!!!

  • We aren’t that poor country that our Govt should be earning by this kinda means. Sannu thorda lutday :P

  • Pyari

    Admin, you’re quite fair & square on this matter, the site we’re talking about is a gov. Proppety, how can its webmaster use it for his personal benefits? By the way, i’m not quite sure that he’d be doing this without the share of his seniors in it.
    Pity, those people who’re pleading about why propakistani can use adsense and tourism site can’t. Dear gits, their is a diff. B/w govt. & private site. If you’re too thick to knows what it’s then it’s least of your own problem. Sincerely, Me

  • Learn4pk

    Main Btata hon Adsense Lgany main kia burai hai??
    Yeh Site Pakistan tourism ki official site hai.Log Yahan Pakistan tourism ky bary main information Leny Aty hain.Jab Google ads lagy hon gy to jo visiter bhi un per click kry ga wo kisi or website per pohunch jaey is trah us visitor ka maqsad pora nahi simple its illegal.

  • gadgetguru

    sadly the website is still on with the account and the corrupt webmaster is still making money on the expense of the image of our country.

    Shame on this admin… this equals treason in my book.