Adsense Spotted on #Fail

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation’s website is found to be using Adsense on almost every page with bloopers as smallest possible font, iFrames and Google Translation for different languages. is considered to be an official gateway to Pakistan’s tourism corporation and since it got .gov suffix so with great power, comes great responsibility and that is what they lack here.

If you go through the website, you will find adsense banners at the bottom of each page which are highly discouraged as official website are not supposed to do that and common guess here is, the web developer might have incorporated his/her own adsense code to generate some bucks.

Whatsoever is the reason, concerned department is held responsible.


Also if you notice, website is using iFrames for the content to be shown. Seems like they are doing so to maintain the style of the website but still CSS could have served the purpose here as iframes might have bad impact on browsers which do not support them in graphical way.

The only advantage which they are getting here is the property of iframes to load the document in pre-allocated space and that is how the website is trying to maintain the layout – a non-professional approach!

Above all, website is using ‘smallest font’ for the sidebar menu and context which is once again not appreciated at all since you are supposed to make content/links as much read-able as you can.

Lastly, since the website is considered to be having international visitors as well so, at least, they have thought of incorporating different languages but with Google Translation and most of us are already aware that Google Translation isn’t a healthy practice to be performed on an official website.

Via Sohail Abid