Who is This, Getting Free Promotion on PTCL Website?

After what we learned from official website of Tourism, I am sure it would be the webmaster – though we don’t know whether PTCL is having in-house web development department or they outsource this work.

Chances are that webmaster is milking PTCL’s official website without letting the officials know about it. If so, then this doesn’t mean that PTCL officials are spared from this corruption, rather you can term them ignorant enough that they don’t notice their website closely.

If you are wondering what kind of promotion and corruption we are talking about then see this below screenshot to have an idea:


This is home page of PTCL’s website – having Page Rank 6. Anyone with very little knowledge of SEO can well imagine the worth of a PR6 page. There is someone who has inserted a live, do-follow link on this PR6 home page.

That’s not it. Upon investigate we found more invisible links of same website on internal pages of PTCL’s website.

For instance if you check the source code of http://ptcl.com.pk/index_0.php (A PR 5 Page) then here is what you will find:


Officials concerned should be questioned for letting this to happen because (Just to let you know) the guy is using black hat SEO tricks to promote his/her website which can result into a ban of ptcl.com.pk domain on Google services, such as Google Search and others.

Its about time that government and large corporations should increase the scrutiny procedures for their websites and webmasters.

Thanks Naveed Ahmed and Arsalan Jamshed for pointing this out to us.


PTCL team has apparently removed above mentioned external links.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Aamir BHai!

    kio baycharay ghareeb webmasters kay pait per laat maartay ho :) kal govt kee sites hack howi india say laikin aap ko pata nai chala :P kuch nazar idher bhi rakha karain.

  • This webmaster/developer or whatever, is taking full advantage of ptcl. Any many comments here show that the website has gone offline. Well, that’s not true. I just checked, it’s working fine, and moreover, he’s getting more links (of course, through PTCL) :p

  • PTCL marketing department is full of underqualified and over age prople….the whole team should be sent home including SEVP…and new more dynamic and qualified people should be hired

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