Country Head of Microsoft Pakistan Joins PML(N)

Kamal Ahmed Microsoft PML NKamal Ahmed, Country General Manager for Microsoft Pakistan, has joined Pakistan Muslim League(N) to formally step into Politics after completing his service term of six years at Microsoft.

He made this announcement during a meeting with Head of PML-N, Mian Nawaz Sharif. On the occasion, PML-N Head, Mian Nawaz Sharif welcomed Kamal Ahmed in his party and appreciated his spirit.

Mr. Kamal Ahmed is currently serving his notice duration at Microsoft Pakistan as Country General Manager, a post which he had for last six years.

Microsoft allows a maximum service term of six years for its country GMs. At completion of his tenure, Mr. Kamal was reportedly offered a position at regional level, which he denied for personal reasons.

Microsoft Pakistan is yet to decide the name of upcoming country general manager, we have checked.

After Asad Umar—former president of Engro Corporation—kamal Ahmed is the second working professional who has joined politics in recent times, a trend which is largely welcomed by the community. It is anticipated that inclusion of professionals in political ecosystem is going to help both the industry and the people of the country.

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    • I think now politics requires more than TAQRIRs and NAARAs and that’s what Mr. Kamal has got. Politicians should arrange professionals like him who can meet the requirements of new tech world.

  • I think he should leave microsoft head seat and then start his political career. It would be better if he had joined pti. But no problem. It was his decision and he knows better.

    • LOL,

      when i was doing marketting for PTi ,i even didn’t imagine the output of our efforts but now when i left i can see that people are blindly following the man ignoring all the facts ,charges ,history (maybe our youth didn’y hv the time to study the playboy khan)

      well usaman bhai agar aap ko pata hoo tu ,he’s already left his job ,agar aap ghor se ooper likh aparhtay tu aap ko pata chaltaa k is banday ko microsoft ne regional level (means southasia) Offer ki thee but he refused

  • PTI is much Better place for Professionals aspirants of politics. I would have really loved if he had joined PTI.

    • count me any of them plzz ,4 se ooper tu nahii jao gay i bet chahay jitnii research karloo ,face the reality plzzz ,saaray corrupt aur duffer,musharraf k saathi hain ,haan professional keh saktay hain

  • Come on Mr. Ahmed :S I always used to think that why our awam still vote for PPP & PMLN knowing how corrupt these parties & their leaders are. And the conclusion which i always got was illiteracy. But literate people doing the same mistakes deliberately, out of my understanding. Speechless.

    • Jo ap ko theek lage wo theek aur jo doosron ko theek lage wo mistake…. Broaden you vision & tolerance level man…

  • PML (N) idher bi naqal karnye say bazz na aye we know kay Asad Umar nay jab PTI koi join kia tha it was welcomed by whole Community and PML (N) ko Tanqeed ka bi thora samna karna para tha kay .. Chalain jo bi hai we appreciate this at least khuch parhye likhye log is mulk ki siasat ka hisa Ban rahye hian

  • Sorry but there is no comparison to Asad Umar. Kamal Ahmed may have headed Microsoft in Pakistan but he doesn’t have the experience or knowledge of a master such as Asad Umar.

  • that’s the man who know the real truth ,many of the pti trolls here didn’t know they r being used ,see from above and you will know who’s the B’team of zardarii ..much respect for Kamal Ahmed .NS only hope off pakistan ,ty

  • This is a good sign. Politics left to traditional politicians has damaged us too much. Now accomplished professionals from the real world should step in. Good luck.

  • lootoon kee party PTI join karta tu theek PLM (N)join kee tu no comparison with Asad Umer. Wah kya nazar aur aqal mndana baat kee.

  • PTI walo kuo tum logo ko sukoon nahi araha. Wajah saaf zahir ha Tsunami khan sirf baatain kerna aur uchalna janta ha. He is not worth to Nawaz Sharif. Aur PML N hi is time wahid party ha jis ma acha perha likha log hain. aur new ana waley bhi isi ko prefer kertay hain kuo k inka party decipline thek ha. IK ka tou apna dicipline bigra howa ha.

  • PTI walo ki hat gai. Aray bhai PTI PML N k samne pani bhi nahi bharti. yeh tou zardari ki sheh ha bs jo tum nojowan nasal isko apna mustaqbil samajh bethay. Jald tum logo ko andaza ho jae ga.

  • Admin why you are publishing such type of comments where pti and pmln workers are fighting against each other.
    Come on guys move a head. Don’t discuss ur politics here. It’s a place for telecom news not for political news.

  • More of these people should from my point of view should join politics as they are clearly much more educated then any other leader at the moment.

  • PMLN is the party of true professionals and mature peoples and having the good team they have true and fair peoples while imran khan is “Jawari” playing “juwa” admit in his own book, so ma apny mulk ki dori 1 “jawwari” k hath ma nai dy skta

  • I think politics is a game which requires alot of mental exercise.there are some true spirited people who really want to do something for the country.its not about politics its about all the fields in which people are doing great be it online or offline. is providing opportunities to apply where one fits better according to the job fit and personality fit

  • At least somebody is there to counter the propaganda by paid online gang of PoTI, the B-Team of PPP.

  • Good to know our politics are going ahead and educated & professional people are replacing the conventional politicians.

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