Initial BB10 Smartphones to Sport Touchscreen and a Keyboard Respectively

Blackberry 10Whether you like BlackBerry or not, you’ve got to agree to the fact that RIM arguably makes the best QWERTY keyboards for smartphones on this planet.

These QWERTY keyboards are a BlackBerry smartphone’s key selling points and have only gotten better with time. So it hasn’t come as a surprise that one of the two launch models of the new BlackBerry 10 operating system will sport a QWERTY keyboard.

The two phones will be launched in early 2013. The second phone of the starting line-up of BB10 OS smartphones will be a full touchscreen phone, similar to the one on which RIM demonstrated the new BB10 OS several months back.

“BlackBerry 10 is for real, the hardware is there and the software is there,” said RIM CEO Thorsten Heins who said that the new BB10 phones are coming soon. He further said that these phones will be divided into three categories: High-end, mid-range and lower-end with several phones which will be targeted at different markets.

RIM CEO has already revealed the devices to quite a few prominent tech journalists of USA. Joshua Topolsky, the editor-in-chief of The Verge noted:

At the meeting, I saw two of the new phones the company will offer in the first quarter of 2013 (a date which was delayed from Q4 2012 so that the company could refine the OS). One is a long, full-touchscreen device, the other a new variation of the classic, QWERTY-keyboard BlackBerry phones which executives referred to as the "Nevada."

Strangely, no one was allowed to take snapshot of any of the phones. RIM CEO also said that as many as six devices will be launched next year in 2013. Looking at all the speculations so far, we get a feeling that BlackBerry 10 smartphones will be an important event in RIM’s history.

Source: Phonearena / The Verge