PTCL Upgrades 1 MB Student DSL Package to 2 MB

PTCL-logoStudents of Pakistan are going to love PTCL for this: All student package holders (who could previously not get more than 1 MB speeds) will be allowed to upgrade their DSL speeds to 2 MB, that too without any additional charge till September 30th.

After September 30th, 2012, student package holders having DSL speed of 2 MB will have to pay Rs. 1,299 per month, or alternatively they can downgrade their internet speed back to 1 MB DSL before September 30th, 2012.

However, there’s a catch: New price for 1 MB student package would be Rs. 1,099 per month, which was previously Rs. 950 per month.

This means, all DSL student package holders with 1MB package will have to pay Rs. 1,099 after September 30th, whether they upgrade their package to 2MB now and revert back DSL speed back to 1 MB or even if they don’t upgrade.

New Tariff Details:

  • Student Basic Package: 1Mbps Student Basic Package @ Rs.1,099 per month
  • 2Mbps Student Package Promo: 2Mbps Student Promo Package @ Rs.1,299 per month


  • Subscribers who will opt out/revert on 1Mbps Student Basic will be charged Rs.1,099 per month.
  • This promotion will not be applicable for Broadband student Bundle package customers.