PTCL Upgrades 1 MB Student DSL Package to 2 MB

PTCL-logoStudents of Pakistan are going to love PTCL for this: All student package holders (who could previously not get more than 1 MB speeds) will be allowed to upgrade their DSL speeds to 2 MB, that too without any additional charge till September 30th.

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After September 30th, 2012, student package holders having DSL speed of 2 MB will have to pay Rs. 1,299 per month, or alternatively they can downgrade their internet speed back to 1 MB DSL before September 30th, 2012.

However, there’s a catch: New price for 1 MB student package would be Rs. 1,099 per month, which was previously Rs. 950 per month.

This means, all DSL student package holders with 1MB package will have to pay Rs. 1,099 after September 30th, whether they upgrade their package to 2MB now and revert back DSL speed back to 1 MB or even if they don’t upgrade.

New Tariff Details:

  • Student Basic Package: 1Mbps Student Basic Package @ Rs.1,099 per month
  • 2Mbps Student Package Promo: 2Mbps Student Promo Package @ Rs.1,299 per month


  • Subscribers who will opt out/revert on 1Mbps Student Basic will be charged Rs.1,099 per month.
  • This promotion will not be applicable for Broadband student Bundle package customers.

  • PTCL is nothing but a fraud…
    I opt-in for Ramadan Package and was converted on 31st of July, 2012. But till 10th of August they hadnt upgraded my ports.
    I am fed up with them totally.
    I want to leave PTCL but I cant as no other DSL ISP support my PTCL line.

    Please dont converts to 2 MB guys….

    Its my sincere opinion. :'(

    • just write down the email about this to PTA. i have the same problem earlier but not now. after PTA takes action on it. ;)

    • I had the same problem, upgraded my 1mb to 4mb but till 10 days they did not upgrade my ports.
      I complained every 24 hours 3-5 days but all in vain. then finally at 11th day since my first upgrade request, I got 2mb speed. which remains the same for further 5 days. someone called me from PTCL mandi bahauddin exchange, tells me to take back my 4MB request as I might never get it in near future, because they don’t know what’s the problem. I’m still on 2mb package. but sometimes get only 1mb downloading speed. that’s totally ridiculous. PTCL is A Pain but As Asif sajjad said, can’t avail any other internet service because it’s not supported in my city either.

    • very well said but Asif you are requested to visit your nearest exchange and there you ask broadband SDO to upgrade your port to 4mb he’d do it on the spot or in the next couple of hours… same happened to me and then after 2weeks finally i visited my nearest exchange and problem solved


      • Zurain I called the SDO and what he said is:

        “PTCL Ramadan Package is Fraud. Please go back to 1 MBps. You will not be upgraded…”

        Thats what you expect from an exchange SDO?

        • nahi yar… how it could be possible
          first of all you need to place an order by calling 080080800 and ask the operator to change your package to Ramadan Package and if your current package is 1MB then He would change it to 2MB so that it would become automatically 4MB after the up gradation… you can call 0800-80800 when you are right at ptcl exchange and then He (SDO) would see the order being placed by the operator. now he would call the another DSL department to change your port to 4mb

          *You are not Eligible for Ramadan offer if you are on student Package

          where are you from?

    • I’ve been using Link Dot Ned since last 3 years and having no issues with their services.. No doubt, they are providing very best services. I’ve also referred it to many friends and they all are satisfied with their services. I also suggest you to switch to LDN for better DSL experience…:)

    • The Ramadan package is free, so you are complaining over a free upgrade. even if its only for 2 weeks, its free, you muslim.

      >I want to leave PTCL but I cant as no other DSL ISP support my PTCL line.

      You can leave them. You can do with______ ptcl or no internet at all. No one is forcing you to pay them..

      And your sincere opinion is worth sh*t. PTCL works good in some places, bad in other places. Find out if your line is the issue or if your backend is the issue. You can possibly change lines, I had problems, PTCL was useless in diagnosing the problem, I got a new line and its been working fine.

      Muslims like you make me sick. you are the______ of the earth. May you always live in a muslim country surrounded by your brothers.

      (comment edited)

      • Hey hey… Be in ur senses man.
        Moderator… How can you allow such replies?

        Ramadan package is not a free upgrade. You have to pay 50 Rs. each day. On student its only 30.

        Mine PTCL landline is on fiber optics. I have ping of only 48ms. Go ask any technical person how great is mine line. PTCL senior technical themselves said that my line can handle 8Mbps easily.

        Thirdly I am a Master of Information Technology with Specialization in Network Engineering.

        So dont tell me what to share with my friends and what not…

        • nope man you are wrong Dear Asif
          Ramadan package is free upgrade… you have to pay charges of 2mb i.e; 1499 per month to to avail downstream of 4mb and it’s valid till 30th september after that you would be charged Rs1999 per month OR downgrade your package to your desired package before 30th sept to avoid any inconveniences

  • i want to know current charges of student pacakge is 999 if i dont upgraded to 2mb my charges remain same or i have to pay 1099 i confirm many times on helpline bt they also dont know ?

    • Yes why only copy paste we can get this info from magzines and website

      but propakistani was suppose to mention all the hidden details about this pkg

      someone answer sager question

      also what if someone dont upgrade to this pkg can he upgrade to this pkg at discounted price in future.

      also i have iptv what about my discounted price if i upgrade my pkg ?

      or if i dont upgrade my pkg price will remain the same ?

  • That’s good and finally PTCL realized about us poor students too… BTW, my recent bill shows Rs. 999/- for BB while the last month’s bill is Rs. 979/- why the increase in bill without the customer’s consent?

    • I’ve been using Link Dot Net since last 3 years and having no issues with their services.. No doubt, they are providing very best services. I’ve also referred it to many friends and they all are satisfied with their services. I also suggest you to switch to LDN for better DSL experience…:)

  • I also opt-in for Ramadan offer and was upgraded within 4 days(they told me it’ll take 6 working days) along with the upgradation of ports.
    Enjoying the speed :)
    PTCL is awesome!

  • its very bad news b/c student are already poor and paying Rs 950 for 1mb its additional Rs 150 which is very bad news for students ptcl going to devlop the policey that dsl not for poor student its for rich people so plz take ur decision back b/c its not in favoure of poor student and we requst if possible plz low the price of student package as Rs 400 for sake of poor student its will be flourish this dsl service and also for improvement of pakistan

    plz dont upgrade this packge remain at same prize 950

    and provide 2mb for Rs 800

  • As far as I can understand it’s in the same price till 30th September. After 30th September all 2 mb connection holders will have to pay Rs. 1300/-? Even if we upgrade now? Or we will have to pay Rs. 1099/- even for the 2 mb connection. I bit confused.

  • Yar, 975 was too much for me to pay from my pocket,with a line rent of 199. Now the increase in 124 is an extra burden on students!

  • Well I was having 2mb pkg and converted it to 4mb ramzan offer and it works great speed is almost 450-500 kbps…what else do you want ptcl is great…

  • i recently change my package 2 mb to one 1mb normal packge then i converted my one mb package to basic student package….can i eligible for this offer??? plz tell me admin????

  • اگر آپ اردو کی ویب کو آپ ڈیٹ نہیں کر سکتے تو اس کو بند کر دیں

  • PTCL’s infrastructure is not capable enough to provide more than 1Mb speed, DSL always gets disconnected on higher speeds, @PTCL first upgrade your infrastructure then upgrade the speedS!

      • In balochistan, you people probably have new born infrastructure, that’s why you’re getting such speeds, but in most the areas of different provinces, the copper lines and equipment in exchanges are ages old, like in my case, line shows awesome SNR margins, but when you upgrade, whole DSL goes unstable!!!

  • With the passage of time Ptcl is reducing the gap of prices between student package and normal 1mb package nothing else, in early times here was a big gap

  • Still not upgraded and they have increased the charges from 849 to 1100 ?? This is not good .. and now there website is down as well

  • why they charge me PRK 999/- every month ? If the current price 950 per month :X
    any way to inform and get it corrected? plz?

  • Dear any how 1 mb or 2 mb internet port…. when pakistani student will find time to study or simply used the internet (facebook, youtube etc)….. I think being expert of I.T only few %age of student need internet but rest of using just for time killing purpases..

    • Hey, I totally agree with you. People watch movies, play games all the times and even waist their times on facebook, flurting fake girls or trapping others by becoming girls themselves. I too, like you, wonder when we are going to change? We don’t want to be like western people, nor we should try of becoming that. we have a beautiful culture and solid ways to progress, but we totally ignore them. Overall my brother, We, the Pakistani, are shameless!

  • I just wondering, prices of bandwidth is decreasing in the whole world, while it is increasing every year in Pakistan by PTCL. Strange …..

  • I have call 1218, they said sorry we cant help try caling 1236

    i call 1236
    they said sorry we cant help u try contacting ur relevant xchange, i call my xchnge they said we dont know about any such offer

    Who the hell know about this and to whom should i forward request to upgrade my port to 2 mb?

  • PTCL is increasing rates every month for student package without any information, in last 4 months they have increased about Rs.100 and another increase of 100 is there!!!!! there will be no benefits for students as they will be paying higher than EVO Sindh employees scheme of Rs 1000 per month

  • Well, I don’t know about their student package but I have 4mb net and when I download anything from torrent I normally get 450+ speed. So I have no complain about the speed and also uptime is very good no DC and 24/7 connected.

    PTCL is best from my side. As I am not student that’s why I normally spend 16hrs working on computer and I have both 4MB PTCL and 2MB Qubee wifi and PTCL uptime is very good.

    But I once got problem when I need to update my 2MB net to 4MB. I think they take 4-5 months to update my DSL.

  • I am a PTCL user as well as PTCL employee . I have very bad experience of using PTCL n working with PTCL. If there is a effective consumer court in Pakistan , i will take company into court and try by best to remove crap from company on simply ban if they can’t improve services and reduce changes

  • I am a PTCL user as well as PTCL employee . I have very bad experience of using PTCL n working with PTCL. If there is a effective consumer court in Pakistan , i will take company into court and try by best to remove crap from company on simply ban if they can’t improve services and reduce changes.

    • In Sb Ko Goli Mar Do, In ________ Ko, Sb __________ Hn Ooper Sy Neechy Tk, __________…..

      Mulk Ka Bera Gharq Kr Dia Hy….

      [Comment Edited]

  • I have also been upgraded to 2Mb but my port is still same….have been complaining and they just say “Ma ny apki complain forward kr di ha” :@

    Now I am also starting to get DNS lookup problems as well and this is indeed port issue!!!

  • There is no any rule of PTCL…only leeching money from customers and students…..where is PTA authorities sleeping to home not doing any thing nor taking any action or monitoring what PTCL doing with customers and students…

    • dear.i want to get ptcl internet connection.broadband econemy pakage plz tell me about it .give me some information.plz

  • Hi look after reading this i called them yesterday at 1236 seeing that my speed hadn’t upgraded. They said it would take 7 days, later at night shockingly my speed had increased but not 2mbps rather 4mbps i called them today to confirm my package they said its 2mb promo as per request. I am very happy right now. The PTA can’t do anything PTCL currently controls the telecom and broadband market of Pakistan. Example Evo.

  • Still not upgraded

    And The Ptcl Line Center Technician asking stupid question how you check what speed coming i told them throw network connection and router ip the stupid Technician don’t know about network connection PTCL You Really Sucks

    • Sb Haram Khor, Ollu K Pathy Bethy Huy Hn, Stupid People, Nikamy Safarshi Hn

      PTCL …….. Feel the Nonsense…..

  • i hv read all the comments mentioned above ,my conclusion is PtcL is too bad in things like customer services .but providing cheap services all over in pakistan ,

    guys kam paisaoo de kr complain nahii krtay :p

    (comment edited)

  • i just called help line, he said they will automatically updating 1mb to 2 mb if your line supports 2mb connection… m still getting 1mb speed… he doesn’t have that info when they will do update, he said check your exchange for more info..

  • Why did rehman baba thought of imposing curfew in these cities , would be better for security reasons . A whole

  • Honestly speaking, no matter how PTCL service is. If you want to enjoy REAL unlimited downloads. You gotta need PTCL. Even if it is worst, it will work for you if you need unlimited downloads. PTCL is also offering cheapest internet in Pakistan. If you compare it with any other like witribe, wateen or qubee, you are fool. They are all limited. I think when we talk about internet, it is about access to the world without limit. limits are only for immature users of the internet.

  • yes same problem with me 1 week passed still not upgraded….and operator said your problem will solve in 24hrs…what the hell PTCL

  • yes if you dont upgrade to 2mb then u will remain on basic package that will cost u same RS.999 but once u upgraded to 2mb then before 30th sep u downgrades to 1mb then you will have to pay RS 1099 instead of Rs 999. so dont upgrade to 2mb if you have plan to downgrade again because it will cost you Rs 100 extra for 1 mb after sep…

    • @ASIF
      i called the Help line at 0800-80-800

      they said after 30 Sept 1 will be 1099
      & 2mb 1299 for every one

      either you upgrade or not.

      by the thay there system is upgrading everyone to 2mb automatically

  • but i also called helpline 1236 they told me that if you dont upgrade then will be stays at basic package that will cost the same 999…??? thats why i didnt updraded ……….operaters are just confusing me !!!

  • my packge is still not upgraded they said we r checking line suppo.we will change to 2mb ………….ptcl 100% faraud

  • Only an lliterate person can think of abuses like that..All of you are using the services of ptcl and yet bashing it..Makes no sense at all.If you dont like it,move onto some other isp..Ptcl never forced you to use their net.I myself am waiting for the upgrafe which is yet o be done here.But rather than abusing,one should wait for a while

    • but the one takes such premium prices for shitty internet on the name of broadband, this is rather a betrayal for all of us, if the one can’t keep up the service premium, that the one shouldn’t be providing internet, we would like to use expensive internet but not the one which is pain in the fudgin Ass >>.<<

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