Honeymoon is Over, PTCL’s Student Package Ends

Just one day after PTCL announced WiFi DSL CPE (router); here comes the bad news, largest broadband internet provider is discontinuing student discount above 1 MB links.

We have received multiple emails confirming this, however, we couldn’t contact call center ourselves.

Reportedly, all student package holders who are availing 2 MB links are informed via phone calls that student package offers above 1 MB links are discontinued, and that their speed has been downgraded to 1 MB link.

So guys, honey moon period is over – let’s get back to normal broadcast.

It will be interesting to watch how other companies will respond to this move. If they will compromise revenues over the new subscriptions they are likely to get if their retain student packages?

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  • Shaharyar K. Kureshi

    It means that the subscribers of 1 MB will remain using their package…

  • Erslan

    D D D .. i already have 1Mb package

  • lol! Love the tweet! :D

  • lol! Love the title of post. And by the way the guy also said that “It was limited time offer”. I never heard before that this was a limited time offer :S That was a lame reason.

    • admin

      yes, it was never a limited time offer – however, companies can pull services any time, if properly informed.

      Despite, not a very promising move

    • sk90y

      yeah.. same… LIMITED TIME OFFER… :-(

  • iftikhar

    thats not fair hum to charh gai na phr……..

  • sk90y

    got the same call… i was bummed… since only last week i refused an offer from LDN giving me 30% off perminently, if i switched :s… this is just plain old @#$%$#@… now we gotta suffer 100% bandwidth loss…

  • Usman

    That sucks big time.
    I am one of those who are enjoying 2MB student package.

    I hope PTCL will come to its senses and will at least keep its current users on the same deal.

  • K. Shahzad

    Yet another from ptcl :-p, Same is the reason I don’t have PTCL dsl on PTCL landline, well its also time for some other service providers to pull some student dsl subscribers who use 2MB or more.

  • adnan

    well if it is so then its easy for us to move to wi-tribe or wateen as i was using ptcl just because of student package as difference in price is more with respect to other companies. further ptcl has pathetic customer services

  • محمداسد

    I think 1MB is enough for the students. So, REAL STUDENTS don’t have to worry. :D

    • Aamir

      Yes … You are saying right, real student should not be worry, I think only that person is worrying, which are using in shadow of students :)
      Thanks PTCL for such a nice policy.

      • Waqar

        Yes, I agree that no real student need above 1MB connection.

        • Tahoo

          Nope … wat abt one house 3 students and 2 computers(+wifi) …!! is 1mb enough ..??

          • sajid

            Yes my dear, even then its enough. I am using 1mb LDN connection with student package discount.I m doing masters from UET and my brother doing MIT from Virtual uni. And we r more than satisfied…believe me…

            • sparton

              ohh i have 1 mstudent i think it to slow for students idiot

  • RehanB

    I m am REAL STUDENT of a Government Institute…So 2Mb is what i want & use….

    at least they should Allow 1 package per name, or check validate the REAL students, or just offer to government or big universities (leaving out Private small colleges)…

    This is what is justice to Students, DSL & PTCL also…

  • RehanB

    wanna know one more thing is that…
    if i move from 2mb to 1mb connection…will my Pings go high on online multiplayer Legit games such as:
    Dawn of War 2
    Company of Heroes
    counter strike
    team fortress 2
    etc etc etc…..

    i know it wont much effect RTS games, but what about FPS games???

    plz Amir Attaa bhai provide detail, because MOST 2mb & above DSL speed users are GAmers like my self…net surfers are happy with 1mb, But NOT the Multiplayer Online Gamers!!!

    • admin

      I am not a gamer myself, but i can ask experts on this. But expect high latency on 1 MB link, as compared 2 MB – pretty natural.

      • RehanB

        just please confirm that,
        Pings depend on Upload speed more or Download speed.

        Because 1mb & 2mb have different download speed, but same download speed at 256 kbps.

        • c0d3r

          No, pings are INDEPENDENT of Upload / Download speeds. Pings are dependent only on the server location, and your DSL Profile (which is known and set by ur isp only) and since the paki servers of MbL/wateen/Braintel are placed in pakistan, u wud get the same ping whether u have a 512k connection or 4MB connection.

          • UNKNOWN

            yeah! you are right ping depends upon server location but also depends upon connection speed

    • omer

      not sure abt other games but Counter strike and MOHAA run smooth on 1Mb link

    • Zubair

      It will not make any difference as on both 1Mbps and 2Mbps the up-link speed is only 256 kbps.



  • BAD NeWs…….

  • Jibran Hasnain

    Shift to LDN. they are still offering 30% discount on all packages

  • Muhammad Ali

    1MB is enough for student… but students who live together effected from this decision… at least 2 MB will remain for students package.

  • Freelancer

    most f student were already using 1mb instead of 2 .

  • Pakistan IT forum

    package is still available..just talked to ptcl help line and they confirmed

    • RehanB

      There is no law about updating your websites to keep the consumer out of shadow in Pakistan…

      if you saw Telenor.com.pk web site with talkshawk package, it still stated that you have 3 sms package choice of:
      Rs 10 – SMSes 250
      Rs 20 – SMSes 500
      Rs 30 – SMSes 1000

      But “Rs 20 – SMSes 500” had been discontinued for last 6 months, but it still appeared on talkshawk telenor website for 6 months as if its still available.

      Such misleading Acts are normal in pakistan, because we don’t have any Laws against it.

      • Waqas

        Read it carefully , its updated http://www.telenor.com.pk/prepaid/smsFulltime.php

        I think 1MB is enough for study purpose but most of us use it for entertainment . Its still not fair , without any notification such action is such a pain.

  • most of the people are using 1mb so its not a pretty big deal anyways

  • bad news guys…thanks God I am still sticked to 1mb..

  • fadi

    well they should have an grading system for students package like

    1-10 class + college = 1 mb

    graduation = 2 mb

    masters & phd = 2 mb above

    • Umer Bajwah

      how abt 10mb after marriage ? :DDD

      • Kashif

        And 20mb after marriage!

  • hassan

    its a joke. it confirmed it dear and they them self dont know when did ptcl announced this news.

  • Hassan Latif

    It is truth PTCL’s CRO called me and told me about my package details. It is Pakistan and everything is possible here. When we have such kind of govt then everything possible. On other side PTCL Broadband will not lose a BIG amount of clients due to their QoS on Broadband (not customer support). I am using Wateen WiMax services too. It is costly. Recently I subscribed to link.net and their QoS and customer support both are fucking. I am getting 35~75 KB/s variable download speed on a 2Mbps connection. I am blaming myself “Why I pay money for such services?” Regarding services only 7 days after I’ve launch complaint in PTA and I got an email from PTA too regarding my complaint. But still my complaint not resolved. So, the thing is that PTCL will not lose much clients.


      i agree with hassan its Pakistan so every thing is posible

  • Faisal

    1MB is enough for Real Students, it is not meant for playing multiplayer online games. Plus if there is more than one user in a house than you must pay more for higher bandwidth.
    Everything has a price nothing comes free and PTCL should not suffer for this.


      guys who’s saying 2MB or 4MB packages was not for students everyone wants speed either he is a student or some one else but ptcl will have to bear loss of this decision because most of us people were using ptcl just for broadband not for calling for this purpose 6 mobile companies are working in Pakistan.if we look at real speed of ptcl broadband its 106kb/s at 1MB and 256kb/s at 2MB and 400to500kb/s on 4MB but wateen is giving 256kb/s on 1 mb package now its up to you.

  • Saad Waseem

    Honestly guys, the point here is backing out on an offered deal (which if I remember correctly got most of the people converted to PTCL in the first place), and not whether a ‘real student’ needs more bandwidth or not. Next you’ll want PTCL to block sports sites (e.g. soccernet) on Student Package so that students can ‘actually study, and pay more for entertainment’. Get a life.

  • kala

    yadi kao speed taz karo


    Important !!!
    PTCL Land Line Does Not Support More Than 1mb As 2mb Supports But It is Not Available Due To Doubling it To 4 MB Even In Some Sectors Of ISLAMABAD Fiber Optic Is not Available Which can support Upto 10Mb Connection or More So People Do not Use PTCL Dsl & Switch To Any other Network Like Link Dot Net As They Are giving 2Mb Package in Just 2000PKR With No Installation Charges As Ptcl Is Charging 500PKR PER Connection.
    [email protected]

  • imran

    why student package is over?

    • imran

      coz game is over

      • Imran

        Student package is not over for 1Mb Internet users. Only For 2 Mb .

  • kashif

    Since when PTCL privatized i never trust on there polices and packages because they can be changed anytime without any notice , which i also see in Ptcl landline packages, ufone packages and now its also affect internet packages too.

    ……So guys never trust/belive on any PTCL packages because they can be changed anytime without any notice. and this is the worst part of PTCL company.

  • fucker

    you are all losers . ha ha ha

  • Nehal Khalid

    What Ever PTCL is best….

  • decode