Ufone Double Number – a Must for a Select Group of Professionals

Ufone-logo-lowBy Muhammad Ashraf

Technology, if it keeps speeding up with such a pace, then man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger. I am reminded Frank Wright’s famous quote when I caught the buzzword, Ufone – Double Number in one SIM.

Its technical details go like this:

The option may be subscribed though dialing *66# or sending SUB to 660. Once you are done, then the computer will send you a new number out of its inventory and important instructions to follow.

Once double number is allocated against primary number – that it is. You do not have to subscribe for the service over and over again. Both prepaid and post-paid subscribers can avail the double number facility.

By profession I am a lawyer and am extremely excited to take advantage of this convenient service. Double number gives me complete control over my privacy and allows me to separate my work/professional life from my personal life as I can switch off my double number after work hours.

I would like to congratulate Ufone on such a wonderful addition to their large bouquet of value added services, the features available include switch double number off/on any time or for a specified time period. Bar all callers, bar all SMS, bar SMS from specific number, unblock one/all callers and time based activation and My Tunes. I believe Ufone is the only operator offering this service and has hence become my favorite cellular provider.

I recommend that individuals or professionals who wish to keep a balance between their professional and personal life to definitely use this service and look forward to spending quality time with their families after work hours.

For more details on Ufone Double Number, click here.

Author is a lawyer by profession from Vehari.

  • I fully support the views of the writer.It helps various professions to separate their professional and private lifetime

  • ohhh kiya service hai yar…..
    deakho may nay ufone ke tareef kardi hai ab jo amount mila hai ufone ke taraf say us may mera b share banta hai…….D:

  • I dont think so Warid has launched the same service years ago. The same was offered on single sim. just visit the warid website for Duel Number SIM.

  • Dear Team Ufone

    For God sake plz kindly first emphasize more to improve ur technical services rather than selling it and introducing these VAS offers.UR service ____ big time…Thanks god um not a ufone user and inspite of all this ma BP hypes up if i have to call a Ufone number reason being… Apke Matluba number se rabta mumkin nahi… Barae Mehrbani thodi dair bad try karen… Um using a Ufone corporate number with an MNP and v much satisfied with Warid…No one is interested to njoy ur funny ads if the product is not worth while and in reaility its not!

    [comment Edited]

    • dear farrukh,

      by making such a pathetic comment, you prove yourself to be of double standard, hypocrite, judgemental and frankly a bit of illiterate. you are saying bad things about ufone, yet the same time, the same negative comments apply to your narrow minded views as well. people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones! lastly, be thankful to Allah ta’ala that you are having a job which allows you to have corporate number, not like thousands of others roaming streets hungry and putting their lives on line for 2000rs. besides its your corporate number, if you are so mature and responsible, get your company to replace it – but strangely no, kaam chori zindabad! yea? inside ur heart must be happy that u dont have to make or receive work related calls coz of ufone right?

      i have been using ufone, telenor and warid for 7 years now. call reliability of ufone (at least in major cities, where i live or visit) is always 110 percent. however, ufone recently has begun charging way too much for their calls. in this regard, i find warid better. but on warid signals are always problem. telenor is compromise on both price and signals.

      • Dear Mr Imran

        Request u to read the lines properly before replying.It clearly states that we are no more a Ufone user and secondly if ur so much loyal to Ufone kindly ask ur dear company not to market their billing lines and emphasize more on Pre paid stuff.

  • There should be a way to add second number of our own choice instead of automatic allocation of the number. Such if anyone has already 2 ufone numbers he/she should be able to add both on one sim.

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