Ufone Double Number – a Must for a Select Group of Professionals

Ufone-logo-lowBy Muhammad Ashraf

Technology, if it keeps speeding up with such a pace, then man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger. I am reminded Frank Wright’s famous quote when I caught the buzzword, Ufone – Double Number in one SIM.

Its technical details go like this:

The option may be subscribed though dialing *66# or sending SUB to 660. Once you are done, then the computer will send you a new number out of its inventory and important instructions to follow.

Once double number is allocated against primary number – that it is. You do not have to subscribe for the service over and over again. Both prepaid and post-paid subscribers can avail the double number facility.

By profession I am a lawyer and am extremely excited to take advantage of this convenient service. Double number gives me complete control over my privacy and allows me to separate my work/professional life from my personal life as I can switch off my double number after work hours.

I would like to congratulate Ufone on such a wonderful addition to their large bouquet of value added services, the features available include switch double number off/on any time or for a specified time period. Bar all callers, bar all SMS, bar SMS from specific number, unblock one/all callers and time based activation and My Tunes. I believe Ufone is the only operator offering this service and has hence become my favorite cellular provider.

I recommend that individuals or professionals who wish to keep a balance between their professional and personal life to definitely use this service and look forward to spending quality time with their families after work hours.

For more details on Ufone Double Number, click here.

Author is a lawyer by profession from Vehari.