Ufone Offers 2 Numbers in 1 SIM

Ufone is now offering this unique service, which allows its customers to operate two Ufone numbers on one SIM. This feature can be handy for those having two numbers at a time, maybe one for personal use and another for business usage.

With this service you will get a virtual number on your original number. Meaning two numbers on one SIM. With Double Number you can switch off your business number while keeping your other number open for family and friends or simply operate two businesses with one SIM.

How to use this service:
Subscribing to this service is simple. There are multiple ways to subscribe to this service:

Send SUB to 660
Dial *66# from your Ufone number

Once you subscribe to the service the system will randomly select an idle number from Double Number inventory. An SMS will be sent to your number:

“Your Double Number is 033XXXXXXXX. Charges Rs.30 + Tax / Month. Please dial 66 followed by any number and make calls from your Double Number.”

Example: if your assigned Double Number is 03335100011 and you want to make a call to 03331234567 you will dial 6603331234567. The receiver will receive the number from 03335100011.

Similarly to send an SMS to 03331234567 you will write the SMS and send it with the prefix “66” i.e.

Type message: “How are you?” and send it to 6603331234567.

The receiver will receive the SMS from 03335100011.

Both users can talk to each other whereas billing will be done to primary number on per minute basis.
If 03331234567 want to make call or SMS to 03335100011, user will simply dial 03335100011 and the call/SMS will be routed to 03335100012 (the primary number).

Additional features of the service are as follows which can be accessed through IVR 660:

  • Users can switch off/on their Double Number any time or for specific time period.
  • Bar a Caller – You will not receive calls from selected number on your Double Number.
  • Bar All Callers – All incoming calls on Double Number will be blocked
  • Unblock All Callers – All incoming calls on Double Number will be allowed
  • Unblock a Caller – You will start receiving calls from number that you blocked.


  • Subscription Charges: Rs.30+Tax/Mon (Re.1+Tax/Day from next month)
  • Call Charges (On-Net/ Off-Net): Rs. 1.30+Tax per Minute
  • SMS Charges (On-Net/ Off-Net): Rs.0.50+tax/SMS
  • 660 IVR Charges: Re. 1+Tax/Minute

Terms and Conditions:

  • Service will be available for both pre-paid and post-pay users.
  • Users can get a Double number through an SMS/IVR & USSD.
  • Only one Double number can be mapped against one primary number.
  • Double Number will be provided to Ufone customers from an inventory, which is specifically reserved for this service.
  • Billing will be done on Primary number only. Service is not designed for Incoming/Outgoing international roamers.
  • International calls & SMS from double number will not be allowed.
  • Double Number will be assigned against the primary number. Assigned MSISDNs will not be available for anyone else.
  • Since Double number will be attached with active primary number hence customer’s record will also be available in Cares. Customer’s NIC or Passport Number is not required for the activation. Customer does not need to visit any Ufone service centre or franchise to obtain the DN.
  • Balance transfer is not possible through Double number, as it will only be used for CLI purpose.
  • Users can’t avail SMS and voice buckets on Double Number.
  • Users having SMS buckets will be charged Rs.0.50/SMS for each sms they will send to Double Number.
  • Users cannot port-out their Double number.
  • Double number will automatically become idle after 6 months once the primary number port-out.
  • If user has voice & SMS bucket & makes call or send SMS from DN then will be charged as per DN charges.
  • Other VAS services cannot be used through DN.

    • Yeah Looks like a good initiative from ufone. This will be useful.

  • Warid is offering almost same service but with different conditions. Check it out; “http://www.waridtel.com/consumer/product/dual_number_sim/index.php”

  • interesting but tooo much confusing :) but lets see. one thing that needs clarification is that lets suppose i have sms bundle active on and i send a msg on some ones double number then i will be charged .50/sms. is this so. if it is like that then its unfair as how can some body know that it is double number.

    • similar issue with MNP these days..

      baichara larka larki ka phone number lehta hay…
      night package active karta hay Rs100 ka card load karkay hoping 5 raatein khoob meethi meethi baatein karega larki say..
      baicharay 1 he raat mei adhay ghantay mei luuta jata hay :p

  • extremly useless service, v’l b having same service(specially signal strength issues), same package, same operator issues etc……. what is the use of other number ? again a pathatic service from ufone……..

    • i don’t see it as a favourite VAS among ufone’s users either.
      esp when the number is also RANDOMLY chosen than offered to be selected from say a list etc.

    • i totally agree with omer ……….. useless service …. just another tactic to gather money

    • No you will get random number & when you turn on your mobile you’ll get option to which number you wanna use. China mobile offering much handsome then this service but UFone is best at his own

    • No it would not. Dual SIM phones are future. Samsung is coming out with a touchscreen phone with Dual SIM. Even, Nokia is introducing new budget line phones with dual sims soon.

  • A really good and unique offer bu Ufone.
    But 30ruppes+Tax will be charged per month.
    And a randomly number will be allocated.

  • If I remember correctly, Warid’s service was much more user friendly. This sounds really complicated. The utility of the service is definitely there for a niche group, but if the usability is not good, it might not fly.

  • It seems everyone is commenting simply by reading the article, i on the other hand have used the service and feel it is incredible. this is going to be a big benefit especially to the ladies who are afraid to give out their numbers. plus one can block any number or all incoming calls on their double number. its simple you dial 660 and you have access to blocking anyone you like. the biggest benefit is that one does not have to give out their actual number at any given time this will help avoid all those your wish to keep at a distance.

  • This offer has its some good points but really complicated and costly.
    Dual sim phones are now so common in markets why to pay this much for double number.
    Comparitively warid dual number sim is much better if u really wanna keep a dual number sim.

  • so Ufone making things easy to cheat lie and make other suffer from different uses of this offer

    • hamza and other fellows, i dont think that mobile users now a day are so simple and ignorant what hamza sb thinks. i personally think, its all about offer. All operators offer convenience to the customers. Get that offer what suits you, and simply dont subscribe to the offer which doesnt suites you. SIMPLE!!!!!! We need to see the ‘half glass full’ instead ‘half glass empty’. :) Be positive jinaab.

  • i still not understand why ufone promoting these kind of services? it only can be used to make people fool nothing more, its disadvantages are more, I hope PTA will take any strong action against this

    • Brother you don’t have solid reason to stand against this offer if any mobile company offer new service its good for you! in sense you said there is disadvantages there is disadvantages of mobile phone also. What say you? PTA should put ban on all telecoms companies in Pakistan.

      • I am talking about this service only not about all others,

        this service is only used to make fraud, nothing more, this service is only stupid nothing more

  • Hell with Ufone.
    They keep making advertisements millions of worth.
    They keep promoting insanely stupid services.
    I suggest: Ufone,work on your networking problems.Place some signal towers here and there.Because as far as i can tell,your friggin network does NOT work in any major area properly.
    Then think about other stuff.

    • o dk sb, the millions what you are talking about, are these millions going from your pocket? we people are made for criticism only. aur haan!!! aap ne towers ki bhi baat ki. Kya tower aap ne ufone se apne ghar pe lagwana hai???

  • Ufone needs to focus on the wide network and voice quality. In the city of Lahore, signal and voice are not clear in some areas. Ufone is just spending money on the heavy advertisements, not focusing on the network quality and 30sec tariff. Due to such kind of policy, Ufone now on 3rd position. If they did not change then one day they will behind the market place…….. simply

  • Nice offer… Ive got my double SIM. It works nice for me exclusively. Master SIM for my fnf and the double SIM number will be on my CV for job searching… YES!!!!!! :)

  • Warid’s service is useless because it is only for PostPaid and requires you to go to customer care and get a special sim. Also only one number can be switched on at one time.

    Ufone’s service is good for privacy reasons and also because 2 people can share a phone if they cannot afford to purchase a phone on their own

  • Now Pre-paid and Post-pay subscribers of Double Number service will be able to make on-net calls (Ufone to Ufone) on hourly rate of Rs.9.99+Tax. In order to initiate Double Number Hourly call, users will dial 67 (Prefix) followed by Ufone number. Example: 6703331234567.

    src: http://ufone.com/mobpro_doubleNumber.aspx

  • This service is very effective and unique. But there should be sms and call packeges available with double number also.

  • i just dont understand one thing that for double num they charge u from real num or other one? or do u have to recharge both num?

    • “Can I transfer balance from my Double Number?

      Balance transfer is not possible through Double number, as it will only be used for CLI purpose.”
      src: http://ufone.com/mobpro_doubleNumber.aspx

      According to the above statement, the charges will be deducted from Real Number.
      So u re-charge only the Real Number.

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