Fire Erupts Outside Warid Islamabad Office

Warid_LogoA fire broke out outside a commercial building in Blue Area, which also hosts Warid’s Islamabad head office, reported various TV channels.

Reportedly, rescue officials and fire brigades had reached the area and were trying to cover up the fire in damaged building.

When asked from Warid about the fire, a company spokesperson confirmed ProPakistani that fire had erupted outside of Warid’s Islamabad office.

Spokesman said that the cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained pending investigation by local Police and Fire Brigade. He noted that no casualty or loss of human life occurred due to stringent precautionary measures in place by the Warid management.

“Warid’s Security team was able to evacuate all employees in under 7 minutes which was only possible because of routine evacuation and fire safety drills carried out to educate and train employees in case of such incidents”, he concluded.

This is a developing story.

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  • Please dont post bawaks news. its IT Blog so post only IT News. dont spoil this blog by posting this kinds of news

    • Thanks God, this one does involve any loss of life, due to advance preparation. I wish all Pakistanis think like Warid and make safety of life priority number one. Ameen.

  • well said “stupid”
    admin dont act like geo news by sharing such news!! agar warid na hota tuo aap ne share nai karna tha ye! so dont b biased n stop promoting warid

  • Government must do emergency arrangements to deal with Fire, accidents and disasters. government need modernization in Fire department.

  • Well probablhy the best thing Warid & Wateen have is fire drills …lol.. Question shall be why the fire took place at the very first place and why appropriate precautionary measure were not taken.

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