Zong Tops MNP Charts for Last Three Months

Zong has received more MNP customers than any other cellular operator in last three reported months with 483,239 mobile phone subscribers porting-in to Zong from June to August 2012, reported Pakistan Telecommunication Authority in its recent most MNP stats.

MNP or Mobile Number Portability is a facility through which mobile phone subscribers are allowed to change their network while retaining their numbers.

Mobilink received 278,874 customers while Telenor was able to grab 215,129 Mobile Number Portability customers in previous three months.

Ufone stood forth in acquiring MNP customers with 170,151 numbers while Warid got 48,999 MNP customers.

Ufone and Mobilink turned out to be largest MNP donator as both companies sent out around 320,000 MNP customers to other networks.

269,954 customers from Zong decided to move on to other networks in three months while Telenor sent 171,571 customers to other networks.

Warid processed 114,956 MNP requests for moving out of its network.

Check below graph for up-mentioned figures:

MNP_August 2012

Mobile phone operators keep offering lucrative deals and packages for new and MNP customers to increase their subscriber base.

It maybe recalled that local channel partners, such as retailers and franchisees, are often found involved in MNP Scams, i.e. they initiate MNP requests without users’ consent.

It merits mentioning here that not all MNP requests are entertained for reasons such as: SIM not Registered, incomplete documentation, outstanding balance and others.

Following graph shows the number of total port-in requests initiated by customers and rejected requests by all operators:

MNP_August 2012_01

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  • Zong has started a fraud campaign.
    They ask you we will give you a Zong sim for free. If you nod in affirmitive they take your mobile and port it to Zong. And you leave cursing them. This happened to many!
    Zong Booths everywhere indulged in cheap marketing stunts!

    • Pls explain more.

      Sim card dealers of Ufone, Mobilink, Zong can port sim cards with just two SMS, without the need of any sim verification document or CNIC.
      They gain dealership points and free balance when a MNP is successful.

    • What reason Zong told you of rejection?

      They can’t say “chal yaar, nahi janay dena network say, betha reh”

      zaroor koi wajah batai ho ge. Main to Zong ka number aram say dosray networks main liyay phir raha hon.

      • Jo number booked kar k purchase kia ho.. 1 year se pehle aap use port nahi kar skte.. huh @ Anyway i didn’t argued with them, and bought a new sim.
        P.S: 1 year already guxar chuka tha,

        • mujhay bhi unho nay same reason per reject kea tha do dafa. main nay is per likha bhi tha blog delete ker dia laiken post ye hay http://goo.gl/AxlgK

          main nay PTA ko complain kar kay apni jaan chudwai the. main nay PTA ko email main mention kea kay Zong nay aisi kisi koi policy ka zikar nahi kea, na connection form, na service center sim letay waqt, na number book karwatay waqt.
          PTA nay Zong ko kaha bachay ko port honay do to Zong nay foran sim port ker di :P

      • Jo number booked kar k purchase kia ho.. 1 year se pehle aap use port nahi kar skte.. huh @ Anyway i didn’t argued with them, and bought a new sim.
        P.S: 1 year already guxar chuka tha,

  • Just an observation on the figures. It may be a coincidence But Telenor and Mobilink have exactly the same number of port ourt requests. What is the chances of this happening???

  • As per industry intelligence, Zong’s port in are the shortest lived in terms of porting back out and numbers being inactive once ported in

  • Thanks to Musharaf time and MNP technology. I have enjoyed all networks on my same number multiple times. I am really saving money while enjoying best services of all networks without changing my number.

    Changing number gives headache to both user and friends.

    • waisay Zong kay signals nahi arahay aj kal bilkul bhi. Zong load walay logon ko balance kernay say bethay rehtay hain shop kay andar signals na anay ke wajah say. PTA ko complain karwa kay 3, 4 saal pehlay Zong tower lagwaya tha muhallay main. Shayad us main aj kal koi masala agaya hay. Masla jab nahi bhi tha tab bhi ghar kay andar Zong kay signals mushkil say he atay hain.

  • By the way what is authenticity of this MNP data Aamir Bahi ? Becz its not available on PTA website nor shared by Mobile Operators ….???

  • If we check the authencity of these MNP sims mostly on Zong sims Rs.100 are Loaded by some retailers because Company reimburse the retailer rs.90 on first card recharge + free airtime of Rs 75 and they utilize it in pco and then the sim is kept aside for two months ready to be ported out to telenor for Rs 40-50 which gives free air time of 100-150 and so on to other operators. But unfortunately non of the figures are accurate if analyzed, mostly the sims ported out from one company are ported in after a specific tenure meaning people are making money by porting in and porting out sims from one company to another.

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