Scam: MNP Requests Being Processed Without Customer’s Consent

Have you ever heard of an instance when a customer’s SIM get blocked or in-active, and when contacted the service provider – he/she is confidently told that mobile phone connection has been ported out to other network?

Yes, I have seen such several cases – and here’s one of them;

One day, my friend’s Zong SIM suddenly stopped working, when inquired from Zong’s service center they told him that his SIM has been ported out to Mobilink network upon his request; which he had never made.

My friend was obviously shocked to hear this because he had never sent any MNP request at Mobilink’s end, neither he had any plans in past or in the near future for doing so.

Poor and helpless – my friend went to Mobilink service center where he was told that his number was ported to Mobilink network, however they didn’t know who took his new SIM card, “now what you can do is – get a SIM replacement against your newly ported-in number and that’s it”, he was told by Mobilink service center.

This is one of those rare stories where mobile connections are ported to other networks without customer’s consent or even without their knowledge.

Here is how it happens:

Upon investigating the issue, and after discussing it at least a dozen officials, franchise dealers and mobile phone customers (who were victim of this), we have concluded following:

There are SMS messages being sent from unknown mobile numbers to cellular users which say

“You have won free balance of Rs 1000, to get your prize kindly send an SMS writing MNP to 667 and forward incoming message to our number 03XXXXXXXXX”

When a customer follows above steps to gain free mobile credit prize, receiver telecom operator quickly processes customer’s MNP application (of course with incomplete details i.e. no customer signatures).

I personally myself received such MNP scam messages which was intending me to port-out my numbers to other networks.

I don’t know whom to report, as obviously cellular operators would know this (and for fact I can confirm that they know of such activities), so the only authority left is PTA – which is so busy in counting the number of SIMs that i can’t see anything else happening in the market.

  • Yea! Happened with me.
    Previously i received a message from Mobilink, that a request has been received from Ufone & it has been processed.
    I never requested for Port In to Ufone.

  • A positive thing to highlight this but you have written the same in a very very bad manner!

  • .. This thing is happening via retailers..e.g if u go for ezload they will secretly send mnp message and will get commission by company .and secondly whole lists of complete user detail are easily availaible for franchisees and retailers to process..employee of telecom companies sell these lists for money…

  • I also got this type of sms but fortunalty my number is already ported to there request may get rejected.

  • Its not crap story. It also happened with me. I also received a message like this but it didnot responded to that message so my number was not ported. Thanks Aaqil for writting this

  • Friends i’m working in the well known cellular company’s call centre, and you can believe this that i receive more than 10 calls per shift out of 240, for such issues and most of them number ported out on Mobilink or Ufone. But customer says they never requested for port out, mostly retailors also do such kind of activity for getting their incentive. So that is happening around. Take it serious.

  • Soo…… America Murdabad… America is doing all this
    Amreeka bhagao, ghaddar hatao muhim ka saath do P!!!!

  • Me Also Victam,

    I Have A jazz Golden Number which is not in use from 2 months,When I insert it in phone ” sim card Registration Failed ” Appere on screen,, Then I call my Own Number some one pick the call and told me that he buye this numbr at 30000 in karachi.when i investigate , my number is in zong network and still my name,i instantly replace the number and next day i port out to ufone from zong,mobilink and zong are very fraud compines bcoz of this activity that with out customer ,customer CNIC and orignal Sim How can they port out or in a number?

  • WTF?? its the stupid awam that responds to these sms. Dont respond and this wont happen, simple!! :-/

    btw also write an article on those SMS that are sent as vCard by the name of a girl, but instead they are codes to share ur balance!!!!!! Stupid awam call these numbers and then complain that they have been cheated!!!! :-/ :-S

    • well,
      awam is not stupid. The looters are stupid.

      well, the looter try other ways as well e.g. they send message containing info about winning “Mala Mal” and say to dial this code to win free balance. EVen i got a message containing info that type this code else your SIM will be bloked on account of non verification of sim ownership.

      Basically we have to guide the awam and has to catch such culprits with the help of mobile companies.
      Unfortunately this not happening in good way.
      Beleive me, i have recorded a large number of coplaints with mobilink since Dec 2008 but till date they have not taken any serious step to stop such activity (The easiest way is to change the command format of balance sharing). I beleive that their some officals of mobilink involved in such frauds.

      Once i made complaint to ufone about such activity and they contacted me after more than 90 days !!

      Even islamic teaching says that oe can not take even a singe rupee from other without others consent.
      May Allah guide us all. Amen

  • As Salam Alaikum Wa Rehmatullah Wa Barakatuh,

    A li’l over a year ago I bought a very good number, Alhamdulillah — the network was Mobilink, few days later I woke up one fine morning to see a “Sim registration failed”, message. Upon calling Mobilink’s helpline I was informed that my sim had been reissues (bear in mind that the sim is in my name and could not be issues with the original NIC being submitted to the service centre. After giving their managers a mouth-full I didn’t waste anytime to port my number out to Ufone. Alhamdulillah, it’s been a year and I’m a satisfied costumer. Mobilink, has lost its trust in my book.

  • I m already enjoying a lot :(
    MNP warid 2 telenor, suggest me which network is best in services after MNP to tht network

  • dear all,

    could u please send the information for thsoe numbers which is being ported without the consent of the subcribers. so PTA can take up the matter with the conerned operators. please lodge ur complaint on “[email protected].Ă­f u have already file complaint with pta, please do send the complaint number to US.We will resolve the issue.

    it has observed, all the comments are too general.

  • PTA is also a department of some……….. i have complained about a network`s overcharging as they gave on there website with the screenshots of those. But just a series of email was issued to keep me busy and to refrain me to complaint such type of issues. Well done all.

  • It has happened so many times that ur numbr iz ported out without ur permission,especilly mobilink network is too bad cose it has opened jaz shop which replace the sim any body with out any CNIC any permision, i suggest that a strict action should be taken against mobilink.

  • I hear the son of a big PTA official who has a number of franchise is the leader of this scam. So I dont hold much hope for PTA to do anything about this

  • receiving almost alternate day same kind of sms and operatros contact center told me to use block SMS service

  • It is bad when call centers tell to use call blocking service in such cases especially telenor. Like those call sms block services are being given free of charge.

  • ye numbers bohot tang karte hain mujhe plz help me

  • Great this has happened to me!!…….can someone please explain the procedure with which i can get my zong number back!i am living alone and i cant go to any service centres….please help!

  • yaar telenor sim ko jazz main convert karnay k liye mnp wala sms kis code par forward karty hain

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