Neon and Trakker-NAV Launch Portable GPS Navigation Devices


With the expansion in Pakistan road infrastructure, On-road navigation assistance is now an important requirement, especially considering the deteriorating law-and-order situation due to which drivers are hesitant to stop and ask for directions.

Worldwide, over 70% of all Vehicle owners prefer to have their cars installed with PNDs due to the convenience to reach the destination using optimum routing and in shortest time.

If you were specifically waiting for such a Car Navigation Device, which could assist you find your destinations with turn by turn voice guided help, then here is a good news for you:

Neon & Trakker-NAV have launched multiple models of Portable Navigation Devices (PND) bundled with Trakker-NAV Pakistan Maps, which they are claiming as first ever Portable Navigation Devices for cars that are made available in Pakistan.

Portable Navigation Devices, which are mountable on car windscreen are available in 3 models including 5″ LCD, 7″ LCD (with WINCE Operating System) and 7″ LCD (with Android Operating System & internet connectivity).

Portable Navigation Device Prices:

  • The basic model N-5000 is priced at Rs 12,999/-
  • Up-spec model N-8000 with Android Operating System & wifi connectivity is priced at Rs 15,999/-


The Trakker-NAV map covers more than 100 cities all over Pakistan and offers over 200,000 Destinations & Points of Interest (POI). Trakker-NAV has developed the Pakistan map in collaboration with Sygic, which is one of the leading European companies specializing in mapping technology.

The PNDs have initially been launched in Karachi market and are available with selected dealers.

The Launch in Punjab is scheduled in the second week of October.

The Trakker-NAV maps, which are being installed in Toyota Corolla Altis version by Indus Motor Company Ltd., has received tremendous customer response on account on its utility and user-friendliness.

More Information:

Information on the outlets can be obtained from the Toll Free Hotline No 08000-2626 or you can visit their website here.

  • That’s sygic in the pic. I already own a crack sygic on my HTC Desire, going to buy a mobile mount/holder for my car (1k-2k) and thats the best gps solution ever.

  • they show on their website all their devices use Windows CE 6 operating system. can’t find any device with android. plz confirm admin

  • its not first ever,we had launch same device 2 years ago with the name of N2. National navigation. i had youtube link but cant access to show you that. price is almost same 12000

      • google maps are just maps not a navigation system, in this device you can listen voice prompt for guidence and navigate to your destination

  • I have Sygic maps for Pakistan installed on my iPhone and its a best gps solution ever.
    If u have a jailbroken iPhone you can have this application for free

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