Ufone Reaches Out to Flood Affectees

Ufone Flood Relief

Ufone announced today that it recently distributed a consignment of relief items worth hundreds of thousands of rupees in the flood hit areas of Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur. The purpose of the activity was to reach out to the plight of the flood affectees in the area.

The relief goods contained 500 tents and hygiene kits to cater to 1500 families which were distributed equally in both the districts. Alongside, a number of Mobile PCO’s have also been set up in both areas so that flood affectees can make free calls to their loved ones and remain in touch through this testing time. This activity shall help give relief to the bereaved flood victims by providing shelter and save thousands of flood affectees from various health hazards. The distribution of relief goods was done in collaboration with Rescue 1122 in DG Khan and RDPI in Rajanpur.

Abdul Aziz, President and CEO Ufone in his message said “Ufone is committed to help the flood hit people of Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur and wanted to convey to them that Ufone is fully aware of the difficulties the people of DG Khan and Rajanpur are going through.  Ufone would like to assure them that it will always be there for them, whenever need be.”He reiterated the commitment of his company and employees to utilize all available resources for rehabilitation of the flood victims.

This comes in continuation to the first of its kind flood awareness campaign taken up by Ufone. Being sensitive to the safety of people during the rainy season; Ufone had redefined its long standing partnership with Plan Pakistan and embarked upon a mission to carry out flood awareness campaigns to help spread basic pre and post flood information in 7 districts across Punjab and Sindh.

During the campaign, Ufone set up an IVR service which gives easy access to information for floods simply by dialing 3733, alongside Ufone in collaboration with Plan Pakistan distributed communication material in the form of booklets and posters in all 7 districts as part of the awareness drive to help spread messages on health and hygiene, child protection, evacuations to safe places and linkages with key stakeholders like district government functionaries, humanitarian organizations, local philanthropists’ etc.

It may be recalled here during the floods of 2010 and 2011 Ufone took part in the crises management phase and provided relief items and survival kits to the flood victims. This time around, owing to the early flood warning, for the first time the company decided to venture into an awareness drive which proved more beneficial and indirectly helped save millions of lives.

The scale of the flood disaster has overwhelmed the government and flood victims had urged the non-government sector to come forward to help them in flood hit areas as early as possible to strengthen the relief activities.

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