Poll: How Do You Rate TV Shows on Telecom Topics?

pak-mediaElectronic media, that specializes in sensational reporting on political issues, rarely touch topics related to Telecom and IT industry. It’s a dilemma, however, that’s how it is.

However, whenever these mighty TV anchors or news reporters try to cover a topic related to telecom or IT industry, they often end up embarrassing themselves (that’s what I think, you can differ with me here).

This is probably because of the fact that these TV anchors and news reporters try to sensationalize everything that comes across them. They try to pick the negativism, corruption and all sorts of bad things that they come across in other various sectors (mainly the politics).

During this they forget the fact that Telecom industry is one of the most transparent sectors in the country, which usually doesn’t bear such large scale scams that other sectors are familiar with. This is probably why Mr. Latif Khosa didn’t stay here much – rather he was forced to leave the place.

I am here not denying the fact that telecom industry is corruption-proof, but let’s not call it as corrupt as our politics is.

Getting back to TV Shows on Telecom issues, anchors are usually not aware of technological terms and telecom ecosystem and hence they mess up with the dots.

You may disagree with my viewpoint here. That is why we have a poll below to take your input. You can rate these shows in this poll – along with sharing your thoughts in comments section.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK