PTA Selects Consultants For 3G, License Auction Likely in Early 2013

3G_AuctiondelayAfter two failed attempts in getting a consultant for 3G auction, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has now finally selected three consultants for 3G auction, which, according to PTA’s claims, is likely to happen by mid-January 2013.

In a Auction Supervisory Committee (ASC) meeting held yesterday, it was revealed that PTA has finalized the process of selection of consultant for 3G auction, told us a source with first-hand information on meeting.

Meeting, chaired by Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, Minister for Finance, was told that an advertisement was published on November 7, 2012 in the print media as well as PTA website to hire Individual consultant(s) for the auction of 3G license, tell us the source.

Source further revealed that in response to said advertisement, fifty one applications were received by authority, out of which only 27 applicants were qualified. Out of which, the shorting listing/evaluation and selection committee selected the three candidates for the following positions:

  • Mr. Rob Nicholls for the role of:
    • Valuation Advisor
    • Spectrum Regulatory Policy Advisor
  • Mr. Dennis Ward for the role of: Spectrum Auction Deign Advisor
  • Mr. Martin Sims for the role of: Auctioneer/Auctions Software Advisor

ASC meeting was told that all three candidates are hired for a short term advisory services, for which the total cost of three consultants will be USD 545,000 or PKR 51,775,000 for three months.

Later in the evening, Mr. Farooq Awan, Chairman PTA, announced that auction for 3G in Pakistan will be carried out by mid-January 2013. Mr. Awan reaffirmed that authority will arrange road shows in Far East, Europe and Middle East in order to attract potential investors towards this crucial transaction for Pakistan, which is essential to curb the balance of payment crisis.

Mr. Awan told the media that one of the consultant was assigned to prepare a software to bring open-ness and transparency in the auction, adding that government will also establish oversight committee comprising media persons and international observers to ensure transparency in this deal.

Chairman PTA said that Pakistan is expecting to make USD 900 million from 3G auction.

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    • u can use internet on ur phone with a broadband speed , plus video calling with phones that have tht feature

      • 3G will bring revolution to Pakistani internet industry. Internet will become cheaper and with the passage of time, it will be accessible and cheaper for more and more people. There will be revolution in youth. Every child will be using internet and it will be common. Moreover, people will be broadminded and they will know the reality of our recent A$#)** leaders, hence they will not vote these Mr. 10% like people.

        Tsunami will be hit. Youth will be the leader of this country. Corruption will be uprooted and there will be no difference in Punjab and Balochistan. After these all revolutions, there will be industrial boost in our country. GDP will increase and per capita income will increase hundred times than this time.

        After few years, this country will stand with China and other G-8 countries. Foreigner investors will die to come in Pakistan and they will beg visa and chance to come in Pakistan.

        Due to awareness and these modern developments, we will be having better relations with rest of the world and Eurpeons will respect our norms, social and geological values.

        After that, a time will come when this country will become super power. It will stand with other Islamic countries to stand the voice against brutality of westerns to Middle east and other countries.

        In short, 3G license auctioning will make this country peaceful, powerful and prosper.

        A hopeful Youngster,

    • ” 3G can enable a student in a far-flung area of Balochistan to benefit from online lectures of top global universities from the palm of his hand. A farmer in a remote area could explore new techniques of harvesting without having to travel long distances. A lady health-worker in a rural area could bring state of the art health care to every doorstep by linking her digital ultrasound machine with a specialist doctor stationed hundreds of miles away. Access to 3G mobile connectivity will empower people by bringing essential and richer communication to their doorstep. As per the World Bank study, every 10 per cent increase in 3G broadband proliferation leads to a 1.4 per cent growth in a country’s GDP. In short, it is a digital revolution that will not only benefit the country at large, but also the people at every tier of society.” – Dr Basit Riaz Sheikh , Express Tribune

    • Not so happy by it. If they’re so late to launch 3G. Might as well just invest the money in 4G-LTE.

      However my friends in telecom companies tell me that most companies have already invested and installed Or are in the process of installing 3G equipment because license grants are expected in very near future. And most companies don’t want to waste anytime when the 3G licenses are awarded.

      Considering that majority of the users now have 3G capable phones, it’s a win win for the telecom companies plus end users.

  • what a wonderful investment climate, bombs going off, people being killed like flies, services being suspended illegally, packages being regulated on moral grounds, staff being kidnapped for ransom, no electricity for 8-10 hours and increased price of feul weekly … perfect for planning a billion dollar investment …

    Frankly, no investor should waste money till such issues are not resolved permanently and idiots like Malik put in a cage next to the vultures

  • January 2013 mai ye article publish hoga yahan ki 3g auction postponed for 1 year. Aur jab baqi dunya “G” sa nkl k ksi aur technology ma ja chki hogi tb hoga auction.

  • Good News if it happens actually , however 3G prices will be much higher initially and not sure about unlimited data or data in GBs, hopefully prices will come down after some time…:P

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